Best Ukulele Under 100 Dollars

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Best Ukulele under 100


You may not know Don Ho

But he used a nice ukulele in his act for over 40 years. You may not be able to buy a good ukulele but you can afford one of the best ukulele under 100 dollars. if you are not sure which of those instruments falls into that category, just continue to reward our article.

It is filled with reviews and other pertinent information you need to know about before you buy. Even cheap ukuleles can produce some great sounds. That top sound is all in how you play the instrument and what kind of talent you have.

Before you spend big bucks for an expensive ukulele, try one of the best ukulele under 100 dollars first. That way you will know if you are gifted to play or not without spending a lot of money.

Top Twenty (20) best ukulele under 100

#1. Hricane Tenor Ukulele

This 27-inch bargain ukulele comes with a little cut-out to give it a more grown-up look. With its smooth and large size frets, you should not have any buzzing nor hit two chords at the same time. Also, the seamless construction makes this instrument top quality.

An ultra-thin design helps you hold onto your new instrument and be able to play it without straining your hands. That thin size is not going to harm the sound you make. Instead, it should be as good as a thicker model.

made from walnut and using nylon strings, this instrument should last you for some time as well as look good in your hands.


  • made from real wood.
  • very thin.
  • easy to hold.


  • construction quality not that good.
  • some buzzing occurs.
  • not well made.

#2. AKLOT Tenor Ukulele

Made from mahogany you should be able to make a great sound once you start strumming this instrument. With all of the accessories included, you should be on your way to mastering the ukulele in no time.

Also, you get a tuning machine to help you keep the strings on the notes they should be playing. Plus, the strings are made from nylon and are pre-tuned before the ukulele is shipped.

Designed in the traditional way, you should have no trouble holding or playing this model. Then with the free ukulele lessons you get with your purchase, your music ability should be on its way to perfection. Embedded ribs reinforce the neck for durability.


  • made from mahogany.
  • comes with lots of accessories.
  • nice to look at.


  • knotted ends inside the ukulele.
  • has buzzing issues.
  • mold and mildew on the case, etc.

#3. Ranch Concert Ukulele

12 free online lessons come with your purchase. That helps get you started in learning how to play this instrument. Measuring 23 inches long, this ukulele is designed for the concert class so its sound should be top-notch.

This traditionally styled ukulele is made with Sapele wood and nylon strings. Once you pluck those strings you should hear a great sound. part of your purchase package is a tuner, strings, cleaning cloth, strap, and carrying case. The soft cover case should help keep your uke nice and clean.

It is a great starter ukulele for those children or adults who want to learn how to play a guitar-like instrument without the weight of a guitar.


  • lightweight.
  • has good looks.
  • free lessons.


  • tuner may not last.
  • may warp after a while.
  • not well made.

#4. Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele

Beautifully carved, the girls should faint at the sight of you holding it. Its design brings out the best in you and in the look of the ukulele. Plus, the mahogany would construction material helps give you those tones you like to hear.

Following the Hawaiian tradition in looks, it also has that Hawaiian influence when it comes to sound. Strum a few bars to hear those rich tones. made for right-handed people only but it does have its own carrying case which can be held in either hand.

Then shark’s teeth are used to help build the frets. It is a unique design that produces a sound that everyone wants to hear.


  • beautifully designed.
  • made from mahogany and walnut.
  • has a great sound.


  • a bit on the small side.
  • thin wood used.
  • strings are inferior and cheap.

#5. Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

This is a good concert ukulele for beginners and intermediate players. It is made from mahogany with pearl-handled tuning pegs. That not only looks good when you take it out of its case but makes the instrument easy to tune.

On top of that, you are buying a handcrafted instrument given the best decorative touches possible. It is a solid ukulele that should last you under normal treatment. The nylon strings should be durable as well as responsive to your touch.

When not in use, its lightweight and smallish body can be stored safely just about anywhere in your home. if the concert size is not your thing, you can find this ukulele in the soprano and tenor sizes.


  • look great.
  • lightweight.
  • easy to hold.


  • The sound is not that good.
  • neck installed wrong.
  • country twang sound.

#6. Kala Official Learn to Play Ukulele

For those musicians who like the higher notes, this soprano ukulele offers you that and more. This ukulele is one of the top best ukuleles under 100 for the following reasons– etched rosette, satin finish, Graphtech NuBone nut, and saddle, & Aquila Super Nylgut string.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to buy this model then nothing will. Make sure to try it out and listen to the sound the instrument plays. Also, you get a free tuner, and free lessons to get your child on the road to music success.

It comes with its own box and carrying case so transporting it to another location is easy.


  • great components.
  • nice look.
  • how to play booklet.


  • the app is only for 4 days.
  • need a credit card to sign up for free lessons.
  • download tuner.

#7. Kohala Soprano Ukulele

Another soprano option that gets you up and moving towards a great musical life. Learning to play should be easy as you get a songbook to help you learn new songs. A tuner is included with your purchase to help you stay in key.

Also, you get a soft cover carrying case. It will protect your instrument from bangs and dings while keeping the dirt and dust away. Then there is a DVD included to help provide you with some tips on how to play great.

With all the help you get and the great looks, your ukulele playing experience, or your child’s, will be good.


  • added accessories.
  • nice carrying case.
  • nice entry-level instrument.


  • hard to tune.
  • low-level quality construction.
  • cheaply made.

#8. Mahalo Ukuleles MR1BU Rainbow Series

Its called the rainbow series because you can get this instrument in a variety of colors.

If you are going for a certain look, then this company can help you out by making sure you get the color you need.

Nylon strings are part of the overall package helping you have the right sound when you strum your new uke. You also get a handy protective carrying case to keep your nice ukulele safe and sound.

Plus, you can use the included password card to download one 3/4 of an hour lesson that gives you the basics of music playing on the ukulele. If you don’t like the different colors, there is a traditional brown color available.


  • come sin many different colors.
  • lightweight.
  • easy to play.


  • sound not that good.
  • need to tune right away.
  • strings are weak.

#9. Kmise Tenor Ukulele

Tune this nice instrument with the 18:1 tuner that is included with your purchase. Plus, you get carbon strings to help you produce a top-quality sound even when learning how to play. Those strings also stay in tune longer.

In addition to those features, you have an alight brown stain finish that makes you think you are playing a traditional Hawaiian uke. The included carrying case is a soft cover but seems thick enough to handle normal drops and bangs without harming your instrument.

A strap, extra strings, and free online lessons are yours when you take this nice ukulele home. Playing the ukulele is no longer a pipe dream with this model around your house.


  • strong strap.
  • good carrying case.
  • extra strings included.


  • fretboards are not smooth.
  • unfinished edges.
  • making a buzzing sound.

#10. Donner Tenor Ukulele

Light colors tend to brighten any room and this light-colored ukulele will help you brighten any room you play in., It is made from mahogany and has a nice design to it. Plus, this instrument is supposed to be easy to tune.

With the included picks and cleaning cloth, you can protect your fingers while playing and keep the uke nice and clean. Its chrome-plated tuning pegs make sure your instrument stands out from the crowd.

A carrying case, strap, tuner, and extra strings round out this package and provide you with the tools you need to keep playing good music. The padded case makes sure no harm comes to your new instrument.


  • 4 extra picks.
  • padded carrying case.
  • light color and weight.


  • strings may hurt your fingers.
  • not sanded properly.
  • the bridge is weak.

#11. Lohanu Ukulele Concert Size

Beginner video lessons, a tuner, extra strings, and picks help make this ukulele package a success. With all the right tools in hand, you can learn how to play this top ukulele with ease.

Plus, the light brown color stain gives a professional look to this instrument. Not only do you have the tools to learn, but you will also look good doing it. This 24-inch ukulele is made from Sapele wood and has widely spaced frets for better finger control.

In addition, there is a lifetime warranty on the instrument and the accessories. That makes your purchase safe and relaxes your mind so you can concentrate on learning how to play.


  • lifetime warranty.
  • lots of included accessories.
  • good for beginners.


  • make funny sounds.
  • the video has distracting sounds.
  • bridge not aligned.

#12. Hola! Music HM-21BU Soprano Ukulele

This model of ukulele comes in 9 exciting colors. You can have one to match just about every performance outfit you own. If that is not enough, you get 3 picks and a playing strap to help you make great music.

Nylon strings are tuned by the silver geared tuning pegs and 12 silver nickel frets help you strike the right chords. made from maple your sound should be extraordinary. The fingerboard is made of rosewood for added strength and durability.

Once in your hands, you should be able to play those Hawaiian harmonies that made the ukulele famous. A drawstring carrying case completes this package and gives you somewhere safe to store your uke when not in use.


  • nice color variety.
  • extra picks to use.
  • good playing strap.


  • cheaply made.
  • fragile.
  • doesn’t stay tuned.

#13. Enya Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

Shaped like pineapple, this top ukulele provides you with a different look when you are on stage. The shape should not deter the quality of sound you like to make when playing this instrument.

Also, you get a fair amount of accessories when you purchase this package. Even a capo has included something the others on this list do not offer. Made from mahogany and fluorocarbon strings, this top-notch ukulele should last you a while.

On top of that, you have a tuner, strap, picks, and a good carrying case to help you look like a musician. The case is soft but that does not mean your uke will be hard once placed inside.


  • you get a capo.
  • lots of other accessories.
  • nice shape.


  • tuner may not work.
  • fret buzz.
  • twisted neck.

#14. Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

A walnut fingerboard, mahogany neck and brass frets all combine together to help this instrument play a great sound. They are helped out by Italian nylon strings. Once you pick this lightweight ukulele up and start playing you will feel and hear the difference.

Its satin finish makes sure that you have a nice Hawaiian-looking ukulele. The design has been around for almost 20 years and each year it has produced high-quality notes for an entry-level instrument.

Plus, its small size allows you to take this ukulele and play it while at the beach, camping, or on a nice mountain hike. If brown is not your best color, try the black or blond model.


  • made with quality craftsmanship.
  • nice components.
  • durable.


  • only good for beginners.
  • the tone is a thing.
  • made from cheap materials.

#15. Kala Satin Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

You may think that all ukuleles are the same but once you play this top instrument, you may form a different opinion. Made from mahogany and given a rich satin finish, you have an instrument in your hands that makes a great sound.

The soprano is the most common size of the ukulele so it is not a surprise that many appear on this list. This model should not disappoint a sit is made by Kala. Its warm-bodied tone is music to just about anyone’s ears.

Silver nickel-made frets and chrome-plated tuning pegs round out the construction of this nice ukulele. Playing should be fun and this instrument knows what fun is.


  • good craftsmanship.
  • nice warm tone.
  • chrome-plated tuning pegs.


  • E string tuning issues.
  • comes with scratches on it.
  • low-quality sound.

#16. Makala Soprano Mahogany Ukulele

This model is right at that $50 benchmark meaning that it has better quality and sound than those cheaper than this model. Made by Kala it comes with Kala’s commitment to quality and nice soprano sound.

The walnut and mahogany as well as the brass construction materials make sure the sound you hear is good. Plus, you get a durable ukulele for a lower cost. The Italian nylon strings make their contribution to that nice sound as well.

This traditional-looking ukulele was modeled after the many top ukuleles that were made over 100 years ago.


  • built on tradition.
  • has a nice stain to it.
  • Italian strings included.


  • high action strings.
  • needs lots of pressure to play.
  • can make a buzzing sound.

#17. Fender Grace VanderWaal “Moonlight” Soprano Ukulele

It has a great reputation for guitars and its ukuleles benefit from that reputation. With gold as the main theme in the design of this blue-colored ukulele, it looks good and makes you look richer than you are.

Plus, the Fender quality standards help make this a top ukulele on this list. This instrument also has Fender’s ear for tone, sound, and quality of notes. Plus, the Fender reputation for quality construction.

The strange thing about this ukulele is that it doe snot come with accessories or any warranty. It is a great name brand but the details are suffering.


  • made by Fender.
  • easy to change strings.
  • very comfortable to hold.


  • weak tuning pegs.
  • gold may be a sticker, not inlay.
  • output jack not working.

#18. Protege U100CM Concert Ukulele

Mother of pearl tuning pegs adds a touch of class to this best ukulele under 100. In addition, the body is made from mahogany to help it deliver a top-quality sound and a rich tone. The satin finish makes this lightweight instrument look good.

On top of those features, this model comes with lots of needed accessories. Once you get them out of the box, you should be able to tune your ukulele and play right away. The carrying case is large enough for your new instrument as well as all the included accessories.

Your items are safe and sound inside. Plus, normal treatment should not damage any one of them.


  • made with mahogany.
  • has mother of pearl pegs.
  • nice sound.


  • carrying case was a drawstring sack that was paper-thin.
  • hard to tune.
  • pegs did not work well.

#19. Oscar Schmidt OU2 Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Mahogany and Rosewood are the two main kinds of wood used to make this top ukulele. It may cost under $100 but it looks like $1000. The satin finish and chrome tuning peg complete the great look of this ukulele.

In addition to those items, you have a ukulele that is made to produce a great sound. Plus, its carrying case should be thick enough to protect the instrument from normal bangs and dings or drops.

Pre-tuned, you should be able to play this ukulele once it arrives at your home. Also, the smooth frets should not harm your fingers as you play. This company has been making instruments for over 130 years.


  • made by a long-term company.
  • great look.
  • nice carrying case.


  • nut out of place.
  • poor quality construction on the case.
  • The e string has a buzz to it.

#20. Caramel CT207 Acacia Tenor Acoustic & Electric Ukulele

This tenor ukulele comes with a zebra-like design. Plus, its light coloring makes it a lively and happy instrument to play. With a truss rod inserted into the neck, you can make the needed adjustments if something is not quite right.

In addition, buffalo bone is used to create the nut and saddle. That means those items should be nice and strong. Rosewood makes up the fingerboard so it should be nice and sturdy and ready for the pressure your fingers provide.

This 26-inch ukulele should be easy to hold and handle while you play. When not in use it should be stored in its handy carrying case, as should all the accessories that come with this model.


  • light color and zebra design.
  • truss rod inside.
  • good size for easy playing.


  • bridge set up wrong.
  • action is stiff.
  • not a good tone.

Factors to Consider When Buying a ukulele under 100

There are several factors that are involved when you are looking for a starter ukulele. Those factors help you find the right instrument without having to pay a lot of money upfront.

Keep in mind that almost all ukuleles under $100 will sound pretty good but will not match the quality of the sound production of those instruments costing several hundred or several thousand dollars.

Here are some factors to look for:

  • Cost- do not go below $50 when buying a ukulele. Those are too cheap and very cheaply made.
  • Condition- look for any flaws that may undermine your music production or damage the instrument when you play it. avoid them at all costs
  • Construction- rough braces and scratchy frets are okay. you won’t find perfection in a ukulele for under $100
  • Accessories- take what you can get as this level of ukuleles does not come with a lot
  • Sound- make sure the instrument plays the level of sound you want. Ukuleles come in 4 varieties- tenor, soprano,concert & baritone
  • Finish- look at the finish and construction materials. those upper-level ukuleles will have better materials and finishes than the ones under $50

Best Ukulele Under 100: FAQs

#1. What’s the best cheap ukulele?

There is no real best cheap ukulele. All of those made that cost between $50 & $100 are well made and sound fairly similar.

#2. How much should a decent ukulele cost?

If you are looking for a decent one that is not expensive then find one in the $50 to $100 range. If you want to find a real decent ukulele, you are going to have to pay several hundred dollars for one.

#3. Where should I buy my ukulele?

if you want one for under $100 then Amazon or similar marketplaces are good options. If you want a good one, then go to the music stores that sell instruments

#4. Will the ukuleles all be in perfect condition when I buy one?

No, expect to see flaws in the cheaper models. Even the ones costing several hundred dollars will have some type of flaw to them.

#5. How will I find one that is the best?

Actually, you won’t find one that is the best for under $100. If you are stuck at that price range, just find the one you like the most and buy that one.

Some final words

Finding the best ukulele under 100 dollars is not going to be that easy. It is not because that one is not made but because, as you can see, there are so many good ones made at that price level.

There is no real one best at this price range and you will do just as good with one as you would with another. While some companies do stand out, the cheaper the ukulele the lower the quality and the lower quality of construction materials.

These are all good starter models and should be treated as such. With the included accessories and carrying case, you are getting a lot for your dollar. Plus, the carrying case makes sure you have good protection even for these cheaper instruments.

Use these to learn to play while you are saving your money for a more expensive model.

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