Best Viola Strings: An Ultimate Guide In 2022

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Best Viola Strings


One of the most important components of a viola would be its Strings. After all, the only way to make the unique music that a viola is known for would be through using the proper Strings.

It might come as a surprise to you that there are actually many different viola Strings on the market today. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Like everything else in life, there are people who swear by one particular brand and can’t stand another.

Brand loyalty can be very strong when it comes to viola Strings, so how do you go about finding the right one? One of the ways would be by comparing viola Strings on violin in a number of areas and taking an Individual look at some of the specific brands. When it comes to finding and maintaining good viola Strings, you should keep some of these considerations in mind.

Viola Players Often Have More Than One String They Are Looking For

Best Viola Strings

First of all, the four viola Strings are comprised of the letters A, D, G, & C, and nine times out of ten violists will pick a different String for each letter.

Moreover, there is no one “perfect” String combination that all violists will agree on. It all depends on what your priorities and goals are for each viola Instrument you have in mind. This leads us to our first point; In order properly locate the best viola Strings, you need to be aware of what some of the best combinations are.

Viola Strings

The most common combination to be aware of would be Larsen A, Larsen D, Spirocore Tungsten G, and Spirocore Tungsten C. What makes it even more confusing would be the fact that there are often better brands for each different String!

Viola Strings Are Usually Reviewed On More Than One Characteristic

Best Viola Strings

In order to obtain a good viola String, most individuals will be looking at a number of important characteristics, inducing the following:

Gauge and Thickness:

The widths and gauges can affect the tone of the sound that the viola String putting out. There are options such as thicker Strings, which are renowned by hobbyists for putting out a fuller and richer sound this can help a violist to differentiate themselves from a violinist for sure.

The Sound Created From the Materials:

Nowadays, the material of the String will impact the sound. You need to do your research to determine what type of material your String is made from, but normally they are usually made out of synthetic materials.

Ball vS. Loop End:

All of your Strings will either have a metal ball or a loop on the end. If you are utilizing fine tuners to maintain your Strings, you should be aware that only a ball-end variety will need these fine tuners.


Yes. Strings can be expensive. You should expect to have to pay around $100 annually in order to ensure your violas have the newest String accessories. Moreover, you will want to talk to an expert to make sure that you get a version that still has the best sound for the price you pay as well.

How to Install a Viola String:

Strings installation on your viola can be a crucial task. This video can help you to learn the methods of installation and replace them yourself with this guideline.

How To Install A Viola String

The Best Viola Strings on the Market Today:

What Are The Best Viola Strings?

Although it can be a bit perplexing to try to determine just which viola Strings are the best on the market, there are a number of guidelines that can help find the right one for your needs. First and foremost, you should always group the best viola Strings according to the ability level that they represent. Here are some of the best examples:

best viola strings
viola strings

Viola String: Thomistic-Infeld Dominant

Skill Level: Intermediate

Thomistic-Infeld Dominants are a sold example for those who are interested in producing a stable and warm pitch. A lot of Individuals rave over this String because it will usually work excellent with many different types of D, G, and C Strings. Yes, their price is rather steep.

However, the Thomistic-Infeld brand has distinguished itself for many years by being an extremely durable viola String brand. The Thomistic-Infeld has set the standard for how other synthetic viola Strings are produced. These are both adaptable, and stable, and can also provide a warm and excellent pitch.

Viola String: Prelude

Skill Level: Beginner

The Prelude viola String Is the perfect set for those who are just starting out and learning how to play viola well. It can produce a stable sound that will suffice for even the most discerning of tastes.

Additionally, the prelude Strings won’t break the bank. Unlike the Intermediate or expert Strings that average upwards of $80 apiece, the prelude Strings will usually only set you back $30 or less. Simply put, it’s a great way for you to learn and also minimize the financial risk at the same time.

Viola String: Thomastic-Infeld Spirocore

Skill Level: Intermediate

These is classified as steel core strings, and they are popular among both experienced and beginners alike. The Spirocore version can work well with the Larsen when it is a G and C arrangement and they are an excellent match for Jargar as long as the arrangement is either an A or D String.

The Spirocore is also great for providing a remarkable sound that is both great for a single-string C pair and also many other String sets. It also comes in three different sizes: light, medium and heavy gauges.

Viola String: Pirastro Passione

Skill Level: Expert

Pirastro has truly redrawn the viola map with its remarkable passion line. The Pirastro Passione has first of all distinguished itself by redrawing the normal fluctuations in temperature and humidity that normally exist among stringed Instruments such as the viola or violin.

Additionally, Pirastro also has set itself apart by winding the aluminum by hand. They also work on making the gut core in this example as stable as possible.

Indeed, one of the main reasons that so many accomplished viola artists are drawn to this example would be because of the freedom they have in playing it. There is no fear of a breakdown here!


Keeping all of this information and these tips in mind will definitely ensure that you will enjoy all your viola Strings activities for many years to come.

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