Best Violin Strings for Beginners

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Best Violin Strings for Beginners


Violin is not an easy instrument to play so as a beginner, you undoubtedly need a string to help you speed up your learning process. The strings you choose will help create a quality sound and keep you encouraged through the learning curve.

In this article, we review a couple of Best Violin Strings for Beginners. Strings that will add immense value to your violin helping you make great music.

Top 5 Best Violin Strings for Beginners:

1. D’Addario Prelude Violin Strings

D’Addario Prelude Strings give overall best value. These violin strings are relatively quality strings that will bring great improvement over the default strings that come with your new violin.

They come in 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 3/4 scales and full size. These violin strings also have light, medium or heavy tension options depending on the sound you want to create. This gives them a wider range of string variety as opposed to many other brands.

They are made with a solid steel core design that makes them unaffected by temperature and humidity changes. They are built to create the warmest sounding strings.

This combination of their unique blend of warm tone; consistency, low prices and durability makes them the most preferred by teachers choice for student strings.


– The D’Addario’s provide a great value for money. They are made of solid steel core that gives it durability and resilience therefore ensuring long life for all the strings. Excellent quality for their prices.

– They create an exquisite smooth sound that keeps violin players entertained regardless of their expertise level.

– They are most especially great for beginners and they are available in under 20 dollars therefore affordable to families such that if you break one, it is not the end of the world.


– Occasionally, consumers complain about not getting the correct sizes or tension level. This happens a lot as it is almost impossible for consumers to measure sizes before hand.

– Some mention receiving bent strings on their orders.

To avoid such issues, ensure you know what policies apply to get the strings replaced and make sure the company has an easy way to contact them in case you happen to encounter any problem.

2. Fiddlerman Violin Strings

These high quality strings come in 3/4 scale and full size.

They are synthetic core strings made of medium tension applicable for most players. These violin strings are warm while being more resistant to humidity. They are soft, produce clear tones and are rich in overtones.


– These great violin strings settle quickly which means you save a lot of time re-tuning them to keep the correct notes.

– They have a consistent tone which makes it easier to know when you need to replace your strings.

– They produce a smooth sound that will be sure to soothe the ears of the individuals who listen to you play.


– There are quality issues sometimes when it comes to Fiddlerman violin strings.

– These strings can easily break so you have to be extremely careful when tuning and playing them. They need extra care when putting the new strings onto your instrument as well.

For your peace of mind, always make sure you understand return policies when looking for new strings. That way if a problem arises, you can quickly reach out to your sellers and resolve it.

3. Vizcaya Violin Specs

The Vizcaya violin strings are available in both 3/4 scale and full size. They provide a cheap option for those players who don’t want to spend a lot on replacing their strings. These violin strings are available for under 10 dollars.

They are built with a high quality solid steel core that allows durability and produces a nice, warm tone. These strings are flexible and soft, making them easy to use for players of all levels.

The package for Vizcaya violin strings comes with a total of 12 strings, you will not have to worry about getting new strings for quite a while.


– Vizcaya violin strings are so easy to use and replace with other strings

– They do not have a complicated process to put on your violin thereby no struggle and less time to replace.

– These strings are cheap, you get a lot of strings for your money for this set. Keep in mind the saying, cheap is expensive.

The cost, durability and number of strings makes them a great choice of violin strings for beginners.


– Since they are cheap strings, it is possible that they have low quality than other brands

– There may be some breakages since there are so many strings in one package

– Some consumers say the strings are difficult to tune and don’t produce the best tones.

4. Stravilio Violin Strings

Stravilio Violin Strings work on 3/4 scales and full sized violins and are available for about 13 dollars.

This set comes with four high quality violin strings each with a different note. Each string features a little higher quality than the other thereby making it less likely to break.

They are made of high quality steel core great and applicable for all violins. Recommended by most violin teachers as best for beginners.


– Despite coming in low costs, they are noted for their high level of quality by consumers.

– Great sound for a good price. This makes them very convenient for violinists of all expertise levels.


– Even though they are considered decent strings, understand that you get what you pay for.

– Less expensive strings will probably have an issue with breakage or have difficulties in tuning.

Either way, it is good to know that you can get good strings at a cheap price for your practice play.

5. Artisans Violin Strings

Artisan Violin strings come in both 3/4 scale and full sizes. They produce the best mellow tone.

They are made with a stainless steel core giving them durability and superior strength. These strings create warm, bright, clear tones that will make beginners sound like pros. They provide a stable pitch which means less re-tuning is required.


– They come with a no risk 30 day 100% money back guarantee so you are safe to try them out.

– They are versatile, suitable for all players; beginners to advanced.

– They come at a friendly price, normally just under 20 dollars.

– They require less tuning which makes them convenient as you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting the violin to sound right.


– Strings are tricky so it is possible to hear complaints about string breakage if not handled with absolute care.

However, with Artisan you are guaranteed outstanding customer service in case of any problems with newly purchased strings.

Final Verdict:

This article is here to assist you get a good feel for your violin strings as a beginner. They come in different range of prices so you can choose which one works best and fits your budget.

A general rule for violinists is to always have backup of strings set because a violin string can break at any time.

Best Violin Strings for Beginners: FAQ

Q: How often should I change violin strings?

Violin strings should be replaced every 4-6 months. However, depending on your strings condition, extended practice times and durations can lower the time frame to around 1-3 months.

Q: Do violin strings make a difference?

Yes. The strings you use on your violin determine the type of sound you are able to produce. They impact how easy or difficult it is to get around and match those sounds produced by your violin. Different strings have different features build to produce different outcomes.

Q: What strings should I get for my violin?

Incase you are a beginner taking lessons, do not buy violin strings without seeking advice from your teacher. In most cases the educators have specific preferences depending on the sound they want to produce. Also, different kinds of strings exist for separate expert levels.

Q: How long does it take violin strings to settle?

When you put in a fresh set of strings, it is advisable to tune them often, like every 10 to 15 minutes for the first couple of days. It will take about 3-7 days before the strings really settle in.

Q: Why are violin strings so expensive?

Mainly because of the materials used to create good consistent quality and the skilled labor. It takes specialized machines to manufacture them.

Q: Is it hard to restring a violin?

Learning how to restring a violin is a valuable lesson that will save you time and money. Instead of trying to find a luthier to restring your violin, you can carefully follow the step by step guide to restring them yourself.

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