Cecilio Electric Violin: Ultimate Choice For The True Violinist

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Cecilio Electric Violin


If you didn’t know

Cecilio’s electric violin company was named after the patron saint of musicians and music. They hope that act brings them special luck in business and enables them to play your music better than ever. Having a top electric violin will certainly help you produce the quality of music you know you are capable of making.

To find out about the different Cecilio electric violins just continue to read our Cecilio electric violin review. It provides you with the information you need to make the best choice. Take a few minutes and get up to speed on these top violins that produce a wonderful sound.

My Three Favorite cecilio electric violin

There are always top products even if they are built by the same company. In this section, you will be introduced to 3 of the best manufactured by Cecilio electric violin company.

#1. CEVN-3NA

Direct from the company, this top electric violin has it all. Carved from solid maple and given a red mahogany metallic finish makes this instrument sounds good as well as looks great. The price is the cost direct of the company and it should be worth every cent you pay.

The fingerboard, pegs, chin rest, and tailpiece should stand up to your playing style. Plus, it comes complete with a Mongolian horsehair bow, a bridge, rosin cake, and headphones. Everything is kept inside its hard flexible case for safekeeping.

It is a complete Cecilio electric violin setup.


  • Made from maple.
  • Top-quality bow.
  • Ebony parts throughout.


  • Headphones are not of great quality.
  • A little heavy to hold.
  • Pegs may slip.

#2. CEVN-2BK

CEVN 2BK model of the silent violin also is made from solid maple and comes in a black metallic finish for those who want more of a Goth look. The ebony arts include tailpiece, pegs, fingerboards, and chin rest.

The back of the CEVN 2BK model violin has the control panel where you insert that battery as well as adjust the volume and tone of your instrument. With the included rosin cake and Mongolian horsehair bow, you should be able to start playing right out of the box.


  • CEVN 2BK model is Quality craftsmanship.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • All the accessories needed are included in the CEVN 2BK model.


  • The case seems cheaply made and flimsy.
  • The bow of the CEVN 2BK model is fragile.
  • CEVN 2BK model violin doesn’t fit all hand sizes.

#3. CEVN-1NA

Like its two counterparts on this shortlist, this model is also made from solid maple and carved to make sure its shape is pleasing to the eye. Plus, it has all the features that the other two have, ebony chin rest, pegs, tailpiece, and more.

Headphones and an on-off switch help keep the neighbors from getting angry at your playing. The controls are all located in an easy manner and are easy to adjust when needed. Plush-lined nylon carrying case helps you protect your new electric violin and makes sure your accessories do not get lost.


  • Nylon case.
  • Nice carved shape.
  • An on and off switch.


  • Strings placed too high.
  • Strings slip when tuning.
  • Rosin is of low quality.

Top seven (7) Cecilio electric violin review

If you are not sure about those three, there are 7 more options you can choose from. You should get a complete Cecilio electric violin set up with each one.

#1. CEVN-1W

For those who like to present a nice clean-cut image, then this pearl white designed electric violin is for you. It comes in a great color plus it is hand-carved to make sure your music is as good as the violin looks.

An ebony frog bow comes with this violin model helping you reach those high notes without a problem.


  • The color.
  • The power.
  • The bow.


  • Made from the same materials.
  • Color is the only unique thing.
  • Maybe a bit heavy.

#2. CEVN-2Y

It may look like half the violin is missing but be rest assured half the music tone and quality are not. You should be able to play to your heart’s content when you pick up this instrument. Carved from maple, it has ebony parts that make this violin look special.

The tailpiece is curved in the traditional fashion lending an air of class to the style of this electric violin. With the easy-to-use control panel, you should be able to fine-tune the tone and volume without too much trouble


  • Carved tailpiece.
  • Overall look
  • Volume controlled.


  • Only takes a 9-volt battery.
  • May lose power too quickly.
  • Bad headphones.

#3. CEVN-3W

The design makes this electric violin look like a broken 8 numeral but that doesn’t mean that the sound or the tone is broken. Once you put the battery in and plug in those headphones, you should be able to produce the music you want at the level you want.

This violin also comes with all the accessories you need to keep your violin in top shape. The vinyl or nylon case is tough yet flexible. Then the horsehair bow is from Mongolia and the rosin should keep that bow in top shape.


  • It is a complete package.
  • The style is nice.
  • Good accessories.


  • No creativity in design.
  • Needs a better color.
  • Quality control may be inferior

#4. CEVN-3Y

The yellow maple stain is what makes this electric violin. The look is similar to the fiddle of the Charlie Daniels Band members and it is a professional style. Then with the ebony chin rest, the tailpiece, the pegs, and the fingerboard the yellow maple color just stand out.

It too is a 4/4 violin size which may make it hard for some good users to work with. Not all hand sizes are the same but people can adjust with a little practice. The 4 string instrument should be easy to tune and place weight on those strings.


  • Professional look.
  • Ebony features.
  • Nicely carved.


  • One size fits all hands.
  • Maybe on the heavy side.
  • Not enough power.

#5. CEVN-4BK

The shape of this model is more banjo-like than the violin type. That is okay as you can give your brand a unique look, as well as sound when you show up carrying this top electric violin. The all-black coloring is done more in a matte than a glossy style making sure the violin does not upstage you.

With the standard parts and accessories built into this instrument or included in the setup, you should be good to go once you get it home from the store. The case should hold everything safe in its protective hands.


  • Nylon-covered hard case.
  • General overall look.
  • Looks light.


  • Weak bow.
  • Rosin is not good.
  • Headphones of low quality.

#6. CEVN-4NA

Red mahogany has a classy, sophisticated look that helps just about anything look better. This electric violin comes in that style and makes sure when you play it you look as classy as it does. Its lightweight should make it easy to hold and its 4/4 size should fit most adults with medium to light hands.

The included backpack straps help you move this violin and its accessories from place to place without tying up your hands.


  • Classy look to it.
  • Possible lightweight.
  • Backpack straps included.


  • The strings might be a bit high.
  • Hard to press the strings.
  • The case may not be durable.

#7. CEVN-4W

Last but not least, this electric violin comes in with top-quality parts and looks. Its pearl white coloring goes with any outfit you will have on and the black ebony parts make that white color stand out. With all the accessories you need to get started playing, you have no excuse to put off learning this instrument.

Plus, you have good pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece, and chin rest to make sure your hands and body are nice and comfortable. Made from maple, the durability of this instrument should not be questioned.


  • Durable and solid instrument.
  • Has all the accessories you need.
  • Nice carrying case.


  • No originality.
  • Volume may not be strong enough.
  • The tone may be a bit off.

The company carries on the tradition most violin makers follow. They handcraft each one in their own factory. This brand has designed its standards so that their violins and other instruments make the sound you want to hear & at a tone that is not hard on the ears.

This electric violin brand makes its electric instruments to be used in places regular violins are found. This company has had a lot of experience in making violins and that experience shows.

How to choose Cecilio electric violin?

Choosing Cecilio’s electric violin is like choosing any other violin. You need to make sure it fits properly and you are not stretching too far to reach the strings. Plus, you should not have your arms bunched up either, crowding your movements.

The Cecilio electric violin setup takes time to perfect as there are many adjustments to make. The pegs should be tight to make tuning easier. Then you should watch the height of the strings as the taller they are the harder they are to play. Make sure the sound post fits accurately and gives you as enough surface as possible.

Finally, double-check the bridge and the tailpiece to make sure they are at the right height and length. All distances should be precise. Anything that i snot, your sound will change.

Cecilio electric violins FAQs

#1. Are Cecilio violins good?

Yes, each one is handcrafted and then double-checked at their warehouse for quality before shipping. However, violins are fragile so shipping may put them out of tune, etc.

#2. Can you plug headphones into an electric violin?

Again, yes you can and depending on the quality of the headphones the sound you hear may or may not be good.

#3. Who plays the electric violin?

There are a lot of professional electric violin players out there. Mark Wood is one, Vanessa Mae and Jason Yang are too more.

#4. Are electric violins as good as traditional ones?

It is possible but more professional players prefer the sound and feel of the traditional violin and think those are better

#5. Are electric violins expensive?

They can be and some models rival an original Stradivarius in value. That means they reach millions of dollars in cost

Some final words

Electric violins are becoming popular. If you are interested in finding one to play check out the top-quality models made by Cecilio. They have a wide range of electric violins that should fit your playing style. Plus, they are not that expensive.

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