Expensive Ukuleles You Can Procure In The Market

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Expensive Ukulele


The ukulele is an enchanting musical device that many people like because it is easy to carry and play. The instrument has been around since the 19th Century and has been popular since then. Although the instrument has changed slightly over the years, the ukulele is still fun and enjoyable.

Virtually anyone can use the ukulele; children, adults, beginners, and professionals can play it with ease. The issue that arises is which type and brand of ukulele you should buy. It might be tricky to select the ideal ukulele, even if you had prior knowledge of playing other instruments.

A short story of the world’s most Expensive Ukulele

A ukulele may seem like a trivial cheap musical instrument, but it can be quite pricey. Although you can get a good cheap ukulele with roughly $50-$100, high-end ukuleles are also available. Would you believe that the most expensive ukulele in the world costs $26,000? The instrument was created in 1930 by the famous john D’Angelico and was bought on eBay back in 2007.

Nowadays, most pricey ukuleles are those that have a price tag of over $300. Costly ukuleles come with quality sound and material. Many people opt to buy a pricey ukulele because it is a worthy investment.

Expensive ukulele Brands that offer Quality products

If you are a music lover or want a high-end ukulele, then choosing an expensive ukulele brand might be your best option. Below are five ukulele brands that offer costly high-end products.

1. Cordoba

Cordoba was founded in 1997 by a renowned musician. The brand mainly produces nylon-stringed ukuleles but also makes classic guitars. They offer a wide range of ukuleles with varying price tags. Cordoba produces classic instruments, many of which are crafted from mahogany.

Nowadays, the brand has ventured into manufacturing modern ukuleles. Such instruments come with additional features, for instance, a pickup, which allows you to amplify the sound through an external speaker.

Cordoba is one of the most influential ukulele brands in the market. Their products are of excellent quality and high-end that last for a long time. Cordoba’s ukuleles are ideal for a live show or music recording studio. Expensive Cordoba ukuleles are priced from $500 to $700.

2. Fender

Fender is a brand that is widely known for manufacturing guitars; however, they also produce high-quality ukuleles. The brand’s ukulele range is quite impressive, and it comprises classic ukuleles and a ukulele version of several guitar variants.

If you love the fender brand, you will definitely enjoy its range of products. You can procure a popular guitar variant such as the Telecaster in the form of a ukulele.

Fender also produces quality original ukuleles on top of building the miniature electric guitars. Some of their ukuleles are crafted using the traditional Hawaiian technique and even utilize Koa or other traditional wood such as Uke. Fender sells its high-end ukuleles from $350 to $500

3. Mr. Mai

Mr. Mai is a Chinese brand that specializes in crafting various ukuleles. The firm started to produce ukuleles back in 2015 after three years of research and testing. The brand founders compared multiple types of existing ukuleles to come up with superior, reliable ukuleles. The brand produces ukuleles of good build quality that offer superior clear acoustics.

Mr. Mai offers a wide range of products, most of which are made through the traditional Hawaiian method. You can buy original Tenor Koa wood ukuleles with an optional colorful headstock and fingerboard pattern from the Mr. Mai brand. The brand’s ukulele price range is from $230 to $600.

4. Luna

Luna was initially a guitar producing firm, but now it is very popular for its Ukuleles. This brand offers a lot of variety when it comes to ukuleles, some of which come in fascinating and exceptional designs.

The Lana brand co-founder, known as Yvonne de Villiers, is a famous artist who brings her artistic touch to its products. Luna products are mostly made from tonewoods that ensure the ukes produce excellent sound.

A benefit of buying Luna products is that customers can join the Luna social community, a platform where brand consumers can learn ukulele playing skills and interact with peers. Quality Luna ukuleles are priced from $119 to $450.

5. Martin

The martin brand was founded back in 1833 and is the leading expensive ukulele brand in the world. The brand produces professional, high-quality sound instruments, including great ukuleles. Such ukuleles also come at a hefty price; some of the martin’s ukes are priced at roughly $5000.

The brand has a long history of developing and selling ukulele and has long since perfected the skill. Martin crafts its instruments using only the finest materials, including tonewood. Their ukuleles have beautiful craftsmanship and are perfect for recording and professional work, and the price tag ranges from $500 for a standard ukulele to $5,000 for a classy martin 5k ukulele.

Expensive Ukulele: Frequently asked Questions

Q: Does the ukulele brand name matter when buying a Ukulele?

A significant factor that people consider when buying ukuleles is the brand name. There are various ukulele brands available in the market, and some of them are very famous for producing quality products. However, if the ukulele is crafted perfectly, there no need to be apprehensive of unpopular brand names.

Q: Does the ukulele brand location matter?

Many people, particularly music lovers, also consider the brand location when buying a ukulele. The ukulele is traditionally associated with the Hawaiian heritage. The original ukulele was crafted traditional Hawaiian wood, for instance, the Koa tree. Some individuals like to buy ukuleles from brands that operate out of Hawaii and the USA’s west coast area.

Ukulele companies are located all over the globe. Some Chinese brands offer quality ukuleles at low and expensive prices. Such ukulele brands may offer reasonably priced ukuleles, but they may not be traditionally crafted.

Q: Are Older ukulele brands better than recent ones?

Old ukulele brands have plenty of experience crafting instruments. However, it doesn’t mean that old brands will always have the best ukulele. When buying a ukulele, don’t focus entirely on the brand age.

Final Thoughts:

A ukulele is a unique acoustic instrument that is easy to carry and play. People of all ages can use the musical tool. Playing it is entertaining and fun. Many people often struggle when choosing an ideal ukulele. Buying a costly ukulele may help ensure you get a quality, dependable product that lasts long.

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  1. Now this record has been broken by a Myanmar artist (Han Htue Lwin @ Kyar Pauk) who made an artistic paint on a Ukulele by KARA and it was sold by an auction started from 1000$. Final price given from a buyer is 27500$. And this money will donate to the Myanmar Government (NUG_National Unity Government of Myanmar).


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