Lohanu Ukulele Review: Your Ultimate Choice

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Lohanu Ukulele Review


A lot of people are huge fans of Lohanu; the lifetime warranty on their products, quality, and amazing prices make it hard to ignore this particular brand, especially when shopping for a Ukulele. Lohanu makes a wide array of Ukulele designs and each of their models has something amazing to offer.

Lohanu is a company that is responsible for producing the LU-C and with a lot of Ukulele in the market; this brand has very recommendable customer services and produces products that are favorable for beginners and fun for professionals. Its sound at such an affordable price is also something that is an impeccable thing about this brand. So, if you are looking for a good brand to purchase your Ukulele from then this brand should be top of your list. This lohanu Ukulele review will give some insights into their top-rated Ukuleles from Lohanu.

Top 8 lohanu ukulele review

1. Lohanu LU-T Tenor Ukulele

This Ukulele is among the most affordable Tenor Ukulele in the market right now for many good reasons. Here are some of the Key Features of this Ukulele:

  • Material-The top, back, sides, and neck of the Ukulele are made of Sapele /Mahogany with a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. The Ukulele also has handmade ABS bindings and pre-installed strap buttons. Its string is made of Nylon and is 21cm long.
  • The Ukulele has chrome dye cast tuning gears with some accessories that include: a padded case, and extra Aquila Nylgut strings. Uke Hanger and Leather pick and a Tuner.
  • Sound-The Sound of the Ukulele is enhanced by its arched back which ensures that the Ukulele produces a loud, deep, long, fuller sound than the typical flat-backed Ukulele.
  • In addition to all these features, Lohanu also provides free step-by-step Tutorial videos for beginners as a bonus which is exclusive to the buyers. Also, Lohanu provides an unconditional lifetime warranty on their products which is also very attractive.


  • The company gives a lifetime warranty and very good customer service.
  • It has a nice sound due to its arched back.
  • Its playability is also good form when it’s unpacked.
  • The Ukulele is well-finished and has great fits.


  • The plastic picks that are included in the packs are pointless.
  • Its Gigbag is not that impressive.

2. Lohanu Cutaway Electric Ukulele-concert ukulele

Are you looking for a good acoustic concert Ukulele, look no further. The Lohanu Cutaway electric Ukulele might be a great fit for you. Some of the great features of this Ukulele include

  • The body and neck of the 24 inches long Ukulele are made of Mahogany/Sapele with a

Rosewood fingerboard. it also has ABS bindings which are handmade and chrome dye cast tuning gears that help to keep the Ukulele in tune

  • The unconditional lifetime warranty also applies to this ukulele same as the customer service and free video tutorials for beginners.
    • The Ukulele has an amazing sound due to its arched back which makes it able to sustain a longer and fuller good sound.
    • The Ukulele is also installed with quality Aquilla strings and accessories like two-strap pre-installed buttons, extra Aquilla strings, a Paracord hanger, and two plastic picks.

This electric Cutaway is one of the top-selling concert Ukuleles and if looking for a concert Ukulele this is highly recommendable.


  • It is well-built and finished.
  • This Brand also has an unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • It has an amazing sound


  • It might require some minor setup on arrival.

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3. Lohanu (LU-B) 2 Ukulele Baritone

The Lohanu Baritone is also another outstanding Ukulele from the Lohanu brand. It also has some good features and is highly recommendable for a person looking for this kind of Ukulele. Some of the key specifications that the Baritone Ukulele has included:

  • Sound- the Ukulele has an amazing sound with a back that is arched to give it a long sustainable fuller sound.
  • The Ukulele has two pre-installed strap buttons and also comes with some accessories like Tuner, I leather pick, an extra set of strings, and 2 picks.
  • The Lohanu Baritone Ukulele is a 30-inch whose body (back, top, sides) and neck are made of Sapele/mahogany, has a Rosewood fingerboard, and quality Nylon Aquila strings. It has ABS binding finishes and a chrome dye cast tuning machine.


  • It has reasonable sound and sustains.
  • It is affordable.
  • The Ukulele is perfectly finished and well-built.


  • It can be loose footing during strumming sometimes.

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4. Lohanu Spruce Top Zebra Wood Sides & Back with All Accessories Included! (Concert Size)

Lohan spruce Top Zebrawood Concert Ukulele is among the top picks in this Lohanu Ukulele Review. The Ukulele has some top-notch features which merit it being on this list. Some of the key features of this Ukulele include:

  • Body Material- it has zebrawood sides and back and its top is made of Laminate spruce with a fingerboard that is made of Technical wood. It’s made of quality Aquila strings, handmade ABS binding finishes, and chrome die-cast tuning machines that help to keep Ukulele in tune. The Ukulele is 24 inches long in length.
  • The ukulele has an already installed two strap buttons and comes with accessories packed like an extra strap, case, extra Aquila strings, Paracord Hanger, two plastic picks, and one leather pick.
  • Sound-the Ukulele sounds amazing and has an arched back which ensures it gives it a longer sustain and a much fuller sound. The spruce top of the ukulele also gives it additional merit over the others because it produces a brighter sound than the ones made of Sapele.
  • Additionally, the unconditional lifetime warranty is also available for this instrument plus top-notch customer services and free video tutorial lessons.


  • Have a very classic design and solid construction.
  • It has a great sound.


  • The Ukulele is quite expensive.

5. Lohanu (LU-S) Ukulele Soprano

The Lohanu Soprano Ukulele is a perfect instrument is perfect for children and adults with small hands. Like the rest reviewed in this article, it also has some cool key features which include:

  • Additionally, it also has an unconditional lifetime warranty with perfect customer service from lohanu.
  • The Ukulele also comes with complete accessories which include two pre-installed trap buttons, extra Aquilla strings, a padded case, a tuner, picks, a Uke Hanger, and a leather pick which are of high value if bought separately.
  • It has a perfectly arched back which ensures that the instrument produces a louder, deeper, longer sustained fuller sound that is bright and clear.
  • Its body and neck are made of Sapele wood and around these parts are premium white binding with shiny chrome tuning gears which ensure that it tunes perfectly and a rosewood fruitwood. Its strings are made of nylon and the Ukulele is 21 inches in length.


  • It is built of quality materials.
  • This brand has a reasonable price.
  • It has an arched back which ensures a rich sound and volume.


  • It requires some setup after arrival for it to work.
  • The gig bag that comes with it is of low quality.
  • The Ukulele is not perfected for high-end use.

6. Lohanu Spalted Maple With Armrest Glossy Finish-concert size

The aesthetics of this instrument from Lohanu is among the key features that make it stand out from the rest of the concert Ukuleles.

  • The Ukulele also has an unconditional lifetime warranty with the best customer service from this company.
    • The Ukulele also comes packed with accessories like two already installed strap buttons, an extra strap, Tuner, 2 plastic picks, a case, extra Aquila strings, a paracord hanger, and one leather pick.
    • Sound-it produces a clear, bright sound and also features an arched back that ensures the Ukulele gives a long sustained, and full sound.
    • Its body and neck are made of spalted glossy maple which makes it very beautiful to the eye. It also has a glossy finish and a traditional rosewood bridge and binding which complements its body. The tuning gears are covered with gold and Ukulele is 26inches long.


  • The quality of this Ukulele is top-notch generally.
  • It produces a bright and sunny sound.
  • The Ukulele has incredible looks.


  • After purchasing there might be a need to adjust the instrument before playing it.

7. Ukulele from Lohanu Cutaway Electric With 3 Band EQ & Pick Up With All Accessories Included! (Tenor Size)

The electric Cutaway Tenor ukulele version is one of the best tenors selling Ukulele. It has a Cutaway head and body, an electric pickup, and a three-band EQ with an inbuilt tuner. Some of the key features of this Ukulele include:

  • It also has an unconditional lifetime warranty and the best customer service plus free ukulele video tutorials for beginners.
    • It has two ready-installed button straps and accessories like a paracord hanger, a tuner, two plastic picks, straps, a set of Aquila strings, and a leather pick.
    • Sound- just like the other lohanu Ukulele it also has an amazing sound due to its arched back that ensures long sustain and a full sound.
    • The body of the Ukulele is 26 inches long and its top, back, neck and sides are made of Sapele/ Mahogany with a Technical wood fingerboard. Its string is made of Super Aquila Nylon material with handmade ABS all round bindings. The tuning gears are chrome casted which helps to maintain the tune of the Ukulele.


  • The warranty helps in covering the users and reassures them to get their money in case they aren’t satisfied.
  • This brand has an amazing sound.


  • The Ukulele is a bit costly, especially for people who are buying on a budget.

8. Ukulele From Lohanu Amazing Looking Spalted Maple With Armrest Glossy Finish With 3 Band EQ & Pickup With All Accessories Included! (Tenor Size)

This is also another masterpiece from the Lohanu brand, it is one of the top-selling tenors Ukulele in the market and is highly recommendable. Some of the key features of this instrument include:

  • The unconditional lifetime warranty and best customer service make this tenor ukulele the best choice.
  • The Ukulele comes with pre-installed button straps and other accessories like 2 plastic picks, a tuner, a case, a paracord hanger, an extra set of Aquila strings, and 0one leather pick.
  • Sound-the ukulele sounds amazing due to its arched back which ensures it gives a long and full sound.
  • The body and neck of the Ukulele are made of spalted glossy maple with a technical wood fingerboard. It is installed with Aquilla strings, great bindings, and slot-headed tuning gears.


  • Its construction is solid.
  • Its sound is great.
  • It has a great and classic design.


  • The Ukulele might need a few adjustments after being unpacked to set it for use.

Lohanu electric ukulele review

The electric cutaway version from the lohanu brand is among their top sellers they exist in two ukulele types the concert and tenor types. They have a cutaway body and head, 3band EQ, and an inbuilt tuner. Here is some common key feature of this Ukulele:

  • The electric cutaway version also has an unconditional lifetime warranty and free ukulele tutorial videos for beginners.
  • The Ukulele has an arched back that gives it a long sustained and fuller sound making it produce an amazing sound.
  • The Ukulele comes with two readily installed strap buttons and accessories like a tuner, strap, 2 picks, case, Paracord hanger, and an extra set of strings.
  • The body and neck of this Ukes are made of Sapele/Mahogany, a rosewood fingerboard, quality Aquila strings are installed on it, chrome dye cast tuning machines to keep the UKU in tune, and around it ABS handmade bindings. The Ukulele is 26 inches long.


  • It has an amazing sound.
  • The Ukulele generally has a solid construction.


  • The ukulele might need some set upon arrival.

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Lohanu Ukulele Review: FAQs

1. What is the cost of the Lohanu Ukulele?

The Lohanu brand is fairly priced and most of them are priced between $100-$200. With an entry-level as cheap as $40 What is the meaning of the name Lohanu?

2. Where are Lohanu Ukulele made?

The lohanu Ukuleles are made in China.

3. Are Lohanu Ukulele beginners friendly?

Yes just like the other instruments this brand has beginner-friendly items like their Soprano and concert Ukulele and a step-by-step video free tutorial exclusive for its customers.

4. Are Lohanu Ukuleles a good choice?

Absolutely! The Lohanu Ukuleles are a good choice; they feature a wide array of instruments which is friendly for beginners and also for professionals. They are also well built with very quality materials and reliable solid craftsmanship.

5. What is the meaning of the word Lohanu?

Lohanu means love, ohana (family), and Unity.


In this article here are the lohanu Ukulele review and the Lohanu electric review, When buying a Lohanu Ukulele there is a lot to consider depending on the tastes and specifications that an interested buyer will choose from. Generally, this is a very recommendable brand, and it’s suitable for players on all levels.

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