Lost World Audiobook and Jurassic Park Audiobook: The Ultimate Guide

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In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, you may be busy at school or work meaning that you do not have the time to pick up a storybook and read. But that is a thing of the past because nowadays we have audiobooks which can help you listen to a book that was difficult to physically read due to time constraints.

If you have never heard of the term ‘audiobook’ you might be confused about where to begin. Well for starters you can try listening to a free version of audiobooks before you invest in another that you like. The best thing is that the market is flooded with both fiction and non-fiction audiobooks, meaning that you can always find something that you like.

For now, we are going to look at two famous audiobooks: the Lost World audiobook and Jurassic Park audiobook. These two audiobooks are almost similar and if you are a fan of dinosaurs then it is good you stick around and know which one you are going to choose. Luckily these audiobooks are available for free downloads, so you don’t have to worry about buying an audiobook that does not suit your needs.

The Lost World – Audiobook

The Lost World is not just suitable for school-going children who love pure fiction stories but adults as well. This is a follow-up to Jurassic Park that inspired The Lost World in addition to the popular King Kong. The fast and gripping story of The Lost World begins after 6 years of ignorance among scientists and people who believed in dinosaurs come together for another breakthrough experiment.

In the past, the news showed that dinosaurs were extinct but now experiments show that there might be a few dinosaurs that may have survived. The dinosaurs on the island are much hungrier compared to their caged predecessors, making them more dangerous to humans. In this audiobook, you will get the thrill when you hear flying dinosaurs attacking humans from the sky and taking them to their babies for dinner.

Windows on a Lost World

If you are looking for a different sci-fi that is quite engaging and full of suspense just like Jurassic Park and the Lost World, then you should get this audiobook. Windows on a Lost World begins when Captain Kirk, Chekov, Spock, and the archeological team explore the ruins of a prehistoric civilization on a planet dubbed Careta IV that is uninhabited.

Here they discover strange things that resemble windows. But the alien windows seem to be more than they look when the landing team from Starship Enterprise enter them and disappear into a different world. All of a sudden they find themselves in a world of aliens and they need to fight with all their might so that they can survive. The pro is that the story flows well and is well narrated. The con of this audiobook is that it lacks an accent thus the story can be forgettable.

Jurassic Park – Audiobook Free Online

If you are looking for literature and fiction which is free online then you will not go wrong with Jurassic Park audiobook free. This adventure and action-packed audiobook begin in the new world where dinosaurs have an opportunity to enter the human world, and you guessed it right what would happen next. But the million-dollar question is whether it is the right thing for dinosaurs to live with humans or not.

The Jurassic Park audiobook free takes listeners to a world that dinosaurs existed and as the name suggests, the dinosaurs are kept in a park where they can be visited by people in protected vehicles.

However, compared to other wild animals in the jungle that can be tamed in a cage, the dinosaurs are not ready to buy the idea. Therefore, a looming war starts between the dinosaurs and humans because they have different looks at life and each other.

Additionally, carnivorous dinosaurs are not willing to exist with other species and they start a fight amongst themselves.

The first pro of Jurassic Park is that it is a great book inspired by captivating storytelling.

Second, the dinosaurs are quite frightening and the story is full of suspense.

Third, this amazing audiobook is available for free download to your phone.

THE LOST WORLD by Michael Crichton read by Scott Brick

The Lost World by Michael Crichton is a precursor to the famous novel Jurassic Park. It sets out where Jurassic Park ended, and scientists try to explore a remote plateau where it is rumored that some dinosaurs may have survived. It is now 6 years since the hidden disaster at Jurassic Park occurred, and now a group of explorers begins a dangerous and harrowing mission to try and figure out if the rumor is true.

Scott Brick’s narration is quite good as he tries to bring to life the dinosaurs making it an action-packed audiobook. In this sequel to the famous Jurassic Park, Scott delivers the book’s pseudoscience and science in an authoritative and clipped manner, which makes the audiobook quite accessible. The pros of The Lost World by Michael Crichton is that it is fast and gripping. Also, it is an edge-of-the-seat story that can only be matched by a few fiction stories. Another pro of this audiobook is that it is full of harrowing thrills for all ages. The con is that it is quite a scary audiobook for small children.

Jurassic Park v The Lost World

However similar they may sound the Jurassic Park and The Lost World are two different audiobooks. The Lost World is a sequel to Jurassic Park and has scenes that are rehashed compared to the original latter. But compared to Jurassic Park, the Lost World by Michael Crichton uses the horror scenes much better. Compared to Jurassic Park which has exciting characters (some that even did not deserve to die in the novel), The Lost World has flat characters.


Q: Where can you buy or download the above audiobooks?

There are many places online where you can get audiobooks. If you want to listen to the Lost World or Windows on a Lost World, then it is available for free download.

Q: Which audiobook app should I get for my audiobook?

Audible is a good app that you can use to listen to the above audiobooks. Also, you can try Overdrive which has free audiobooks for all ages.

Final thoughts

If you find it hard to read a novel, then worry no more. With the Lost World or Jurassic Park audiobook, all you have to do is sit back, relax and listen to your favorite storybook. So, I highly recommend that you listen to the above audiobooks if you are into sci-fi novels.

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