Mitchell Ukuleles: The Musicians Ultimate Paradise

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Mitchell Ukuleles


When it is about music, you have to always rely on the best. And Mitchell’s line of world-class instruments is the most reliable that you can possibly get. One of the most prominent instruments that are a hot favorite with most musicians and bands is the Ukulele.

The music instrument named Ukulele is an instrument of a member of the lute family. This instrument is the Hawaiian version of the Machete which is an instrument of the Portuguese origin. This is a small guitar-like instrument that was introduced to Hawaii by the Portuguese.

Since its invention, this instrument has had many companies who have been making it but one of the companies that have been making a mark and has been extremely popular is – Mitchell. Mitchell Ukuleles have been a popular name in the world of Ukuleles and some of its products such as Mitchell MU40, Mitchell MU70, and the Mitchell MU75 NM concert have been the top-rated instruments with musicians far and wide.

In this Mitchell Ukulele review, we will go through the pros and cons of the Ukulele of this brand and why each one of these instruments is so good.

Mitchell Ukulele Review

In general, the Mitchell range of products are known for their superior quality and finish. Lets’ list the pros and cons of the Mitchell Ukulele in general and what works and what does not with these instruments. Let’s have a look.

What You Like :

  • Impeccable finish and build quality.
  • Exquisite designs and styles.
  • Made from high-quality mahogany, rosewood, and spruce material.
  • Available in all price ranges.
  • Available in various models.
  • Features vary with the price range.
  • Authentic sound quality, filled with a rich tone.
  • Almost all models boast easy playability.
  • All models come with a user’s manual

What You Dislike:

  • Some models may get pretty expensive
  • The strings may need to be replaced for better sound.

Let’s have a look at some of the Ukuleles by Mitchell

Mitchell Ukulele MU40C

The first one in the list is the MU40C. This one is the concert version of the MU40 and hence comes in a much larger size. Under a $100 it’s an absolute beauty and is an instrument of choice for all player levels.

The body as we pointed out is concert-sized and hence larger that gives it a pretty good hold and grip. The body is carved out of Lindenwood that lends it that bright tone and that natural-looking finish. The fingerboard is bound which makes it easy to play for all skill levels.

The MU40C is known for its snappy and bright tones due to the use of Lindenwood in the top and the neck. The bigger concert-sized body was specially provided to lend it a stronger and bigger sound and an excellent projection. You get a blend of music and craftsmanship and beauty all under $100.


  • Extremely affordable under $100.
  • Fit to be played for all player levels.
  • Beautiful and premium looks.
  • Concert-sized with pretty good grip and hold.
  • Strong and rich sound with excellent projection.


  • Strings may need replacement based on usage.
  • Fret adjustments and tunings are required.

Mitchell Concert Ukulele Review (MU75NM)

This Ukulele is the Natural Mahogany variant of the highly popular MU75BK. This is priced at a little over $100 and is good for everyone who takes their music seriously right from a curious beginner to an expert musician.

The body features an all Mahogany body concert type body that ensures that it gets a warm and rounded tone. The finish is glossy along with an abalone rosette and purfling. The use of mother-of-pearl mini dots lends it a classic look.

The large concert size lends it easy playability with a large sound and projection for all playing situations. It features a compensated saddle that helps to improve the tuning and the intonation.


  • Extremely affordable under $100.
  • Fit to be played for all player levels.
  • Beautiful and premium looks.
  • Concert-sized with pretty good grip and hold.
  • Strong and rich sound with excellent projection.


  • Strings may need replacement based on usage.
  • Fret adjustments and tunings are required.

Mitchell Ukulele MU70

This one is an affordable mid-range Ukulele made by Mitchell for players of all skill levels right from beginners to experts. This is an under $200 Ukulele and is quite popular for people who want a little more than what a beginner’s instrument may have on offer.

The body and the neck of this instrument are beautifully made in abalone rosette that adds an expensive look to the instrument. The design is classic and timeless that adds a rich yet subtle look and feel to it. This one is a concert Ukulele so it is pretty big in size and its arch design makes it easy to hold and play.

The gloss finish looks excellent and the Aquila strings used to make it an excellent string instrument straightaway. Besides the sound of this ukulele is authentic. So this one has all you need from design to sound to craftsmanship all in one.


  • Affordable mid-range Ukulele under $200.
  • Fit for all skill levels.
  • Classic design that makes it look premium.
  • Rightly sized for easy play.
  • Authentic and rich sound.


  • Strings may need to be replaced.
  • Frequent adjustments and tunings need to be made.

Mitchell Concert MU80XCE Ukulele

Mitchells Concert Ukuleles include the MU80XCE Concert Acoustic and Electric versions. This concert Ukulele is a top-notch product made with a lot of attention to detail to cater to everything a musician would be needing out of it.

It is made out of high-quality components and Maplewood that makes it look exotic and upscale. The body is made to make it easy to hold and play. It is a cutaway Ukulele, the body is made of Maplewood, the neck is made of Mahogany, and the fretboard of Rosewood. It comes with 26 frets and 4 strings.

Coming to its sound, this one comes with a preamp from Fishman Kula and an EQ that helps you get the right sound. It also includes a chromatic tuner that lets you tune up whenever you want so that you never have to find a tuner again. With many other unique features, this one can be an asset to any musician who loves his music. The price is a little over $200 but with all that it offers its worth every penny.


  • High end Ukulele model by Mitchell.
  • Appropriate for intermediate to advanced player levels.
  • Made out of Maplewood, Mahogany, and Rosewood.
  • Exotic and upscale looks.
  • Concert-sized with pretty good grip and hold.
  • Comes with preamp and EQ features.


Price is on the higher side.

Not fit for beginners.

Settings and tunings may look complicated to first timers.

Mitchell Ukulele FAQs

Here are certain FAQs around Ukuleles that may come handy to answer a few questions if you have any.

Q: How fast can I learn Ukulele?

A: Depends. It really does depend on your passion and perseverance on the time taken to learn. However, you can learn the basics in a single day and a little more every day.

Q: What kind of Ukelele is mine?

A: There are four types based on size:

20 inches – Soprano

23 inches – Concert

26 inches – Tenor

30 inches – Baritone

You can start with a Soprano as a beginner and then upgrade to Concert and the Tenor versions. Concert versions are the best if you wish to play solo.

Q: How often do I need to restring my Ukulele?

A: If your Ukulele is in constant use, you will have to restring it every 6 months lest the strings will wear out. The Mitchell Ukuleles provide high-quality strings so there is no need to restring immediately.

Q: How much does my Ukulele cost?

A: Based on your skill level and based on the Ukulele you choose; the cost of the Ukulele will vary. Mitchell’s range of Ukuleles are available right from under $50 to over $300 and more based on what you need.

Final Thoughts

In our Mitchell Ukulele review, we find this range of instruments to stand out and apart from the rest in the lot in terms of build quality, body finish, sound quality, and many other features. Why don’t you browse through some of their amazing Mitchell Ukuleles here and get one for yourself?

Try it out and you will certainly not regret setting out on this musical journey.

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