Best Viola Strings In 2020

Best Viola Strings


One of the most important components of a viola would be their Strings. After all, about the only way to make the unique music that a viola is known for would be through using the proper Strings.

It might come as a surprise to you that there are actually many different viola Strings on the market today. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Like everything else in life, there are people who swear by one particular brand and can’t stand another.

Brand loyalty can be very strong when it comes to viola Strings, so how do you go about finding the right one? One of the ways would be through comparing viola Strings on violin in a number of areas and taking an Individual look at some of the specific brands. When it comes to finding and maintaining good viola Strings, you should keep some of these considerations in mind.

Viola Players Often Have More Than One String They Are Looking For

Best Viola Strings

First of all, the four viola Strings are comprised of the letters A, D, G, & C, and nine times out of ten violists will pick a different String for each letter.

Moreover, there is no one “perfect” String combination that all violists will agree on. It all depends on what your priorities and goals are for each viola Instrument you have in mind. This leads us to our first point; In order properly locate the best viola Strings, you need to be aware of what some of the best combinations are.

Viola Strings

The most common combination to be aware of would be Larsen A, Larsen D, Spirocore Tungsten G, and Spirocore Tungsten C. What makes it even more confusing would be the fact that there are often better brands for each different String!

Viola Strings Are Usually Reviewed On More Than One Characteristic

Best Viola Strings

In order to obtain a good viola String, most individuals will be looking at a number of important characteristics, inducing the following:

Gauge and Thickness:

The widths and gauges can affect the tone of the sound that the viola String putting out. There are options such as thicker Strings, which are renowned by hobbyist for putting out a fuller and richer sound this can help a violist to differentiate themselves from a violinist for sure.

The Sound Created From the Materials:

Nowadays, the material of the String will impact the sound. You need to do your research to determine what type of material your String is made from, but normally they are usually made out of synthetic materials.

Ball vS. Loop End:

All of your Strings will either have a metal ball or a loop on the end. If you are utilizing fine tuners to maintain your Strings, you should be aware that only a ball-end variety will need these fine tuners.


Yes. Strings can be expensive. You should expect to have to pay around $100 annually in order to ensure your violas have the newest String accessories. Moreover, you will want to talk to an expert to make sure that you get a version that still has the best sound for the price you pay as well.

How to Install a Viola String:

Strings installation on your viola can be a crucial task. This video can help you to learn the methods of installation and replace them yourself with this guideline.

How To Install A Viola String

The Best Viola Strings on the Market Today:

What Are The Best Viola Strings?

Although it can be a bit perplexing to try to determine just which viola Strings are the best on the market, there are a number of guidelines that can help find the right one for your needs. First and foremost, you should always group the best viola Strings according to the ability level that they represent. Here are some of the best examples:

best viola strings
viola strings

Viola String: Thomastic-Infeld Dominant

Skill Level: Intermediate

Thomastic-Infeld Dominants are a sold example for those who are interested in producing a stable and warm pitch. A lot of Individuals rave over this String because it will usually work excellent with many different types of D, G and C Strings. Yes, their price is rather steep.

However, the Thomastic-Infeld brand has distinguished itself for many years for being an extremely durable viola String brand. The Thomastic-Infeld has set the standard for how other synthetic viola Strings are produced. These are both adaptable, stable, and can also provide a warm and excellent pitch.

Recommended Viola String Model:

Thomastik-Infeld 141 Dominant Synthetic Core Viola Strings
Thomastik-Infeld 141 Dominant Synthetic Core Viola Strings

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Thomastik-Infeld 4125 Dominant, Viola Strings
Thomastik-Infeld 4125 Dominant, Viola Strings

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings
Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Recommended Vision Viola String Model:

Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Thomastik-Infeld VIS200 Vision Solo Viola Strings
Thomastik-Infeld VIS200 Vision Solo Viola Strings

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Thomastik-Infeld VI200 Vision Viola Strings
Thomastik-Infeld VI200 Vision Viola Strings 

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Viola String: Prelude

Skill Level: Beginner

The Prelude viola String Is the perfect set for those who are just starting out and learning how to play viola well. It can produce a stable sound that will suffice for even the most discerning of tastes.

Additionally, the prelude Strings won’t break the bank. Unlike the Intermediate or expert Strings that average upwards of $80 apiece, the prelude Strings will usually only set you back $30 or less. Simply put, it’s a great way for you to learn and also minimize the financial risk at the same time.

Recommended Viola String Model:

Prelude Viola D String

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

D'Addario Prelude Viola String Set
D’Addario Prelude Viola String Set

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

 D'Addario Prelude Viola String Set  Long Scale
D’Addario Prelude Viola String Set Long Scale

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Viola String: Thomastic-Infeld Spirocore

Skill Level: Intermediate

This is classified as steel core strings, and they are popular among both the experienced and beginners alike. The Spirocore version can work well with the Larsen when it is a G and C arrangement and they are an excellent match for Jargar as long as the arrangement either an A or D String.

The Spirocore is also great for providing a remarkable sound that is both great for a single-string C pair and also many other String sets. It also comes in three different sizes: light, medium and heavy gauges.

Recommended Viola String Model:

Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings (S20A)

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Thomastik-Infeld Thomastik S20
Thomastik-Infeld Thomastik S20

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings (S24)
Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings (S24)

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings (S22)
Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings (S22)

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Viola String: Pirastro Passione

Skill Level: Expert

Pirastro has truly redrawn the viola map with its remarkable passions line. The Pirastro Passione has first of all distinguished itself by redrawing the normal fluctuations in temperature and humidity that normally exist among stringed Instruments such as the viola or violin.

Additionally, Pirastro also has set themselves apart by winding the aluminum by hand. They also work on making the gut core in this example as stable as possible.

Indeed, one of the main reasons that so many accomplished viola artists are drawn to this example would be because of the freedom they have in playing it. There is no fear of a breakdown here!

Recommended Viola String Model:

Pirastro Eudoxa Rigid Viola G String
Pirastro Eudoxa Rigid Viola G String

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Pirastro Tonica Viola C String - 4/4 size
Pirastro Tonica Viola C String – 4/4 size

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Pirastro Chromcor Viola Strings - Set
Pirastro Chromcor Viola Strings – Set

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon


Keeping all of this information and these tips in mind will definitely ensure that you will enjoy all your viola Strings activities for many years to come.

Viola Strings On Violin (2020)

Viola Strings On Violin


Most musicians agree that in an orchestra, viola strings have a significant effect on both the intonation and tone of the viola.

However, finding the right set of viola strings can be challenging, especially if you are buying for the first time as there are many varieties available for purchase. furthermore, keeping this instrument in tune is rather difficult hence why it often is a source of ridicule among other members of an orchestra.

Since you cannot try out all the different kinds of strings in the market, we are going to take you through some key features to look out for in viola strings. Eventually, though, the best viola strings on violin depend on your technique, the style of music you play plus your personal preference.

Points considered for Viola Strings On Violin

There are some essential elements you should be looking out for when looking for viola strings. So discussed below are some of the things you must consider when purchasing viola strings.

Pick the Right Gauge

Most viola strings have different thicknesses, and this is known as gauges. Usually, with thinner strings, you get a brighter tone which has reduced carrying power, whereas thicker strings produce more volume which centers more to the sound.

Nevertheless, most musicians prefer the viola strings on their electric violin to be somewhat in between the two. But occasionally you will find a musician with a preference of one over another.

Therefore, the gauge you decide to use eventually depends on your choice. If you find that your viola is struggling to project sound, you should buy a thicker string, and a thinner string if you are aiming to project light, bright sound.

It is vital that you seek advice from your viola instructor on further guidance regarding which gauge you need to test out first.

How Often Do You Need to Change the Strings?

It is a vital factor you always need, and whereas some manufacturers claim their viola strings last longer in comparison to its competitors, there lacks any definitive proof.

Therefore, the most crucial factors which consequently affect the lifespan of viola strings is how strings are affected by your body’s chemistry plus how regularly you play your viola.

viola strings on violin

Typically, if your sweat contains a high concentration of acidic content, you might be necessitated to replace the viola strings on violin more often unlike someone who plays just as often as you but has lower acidic content.

So, you need to replace your strings whenever they are visibly deteriorating or damaged or the sound being produced is dead or dull.

How Often Do You Need To Change The Strings ?

What Material Is the String Made from?

Viola strings are of three main types, that is, the steel core strings, the synthetic core strings, and the gut core strings. Additionally, of these different type of strings has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are an amateur musician, synthetic core strings are ideal for you because they offer you a perfect combination of affordability and comfort. Additionally, because it has a synthetic core, the tone unlike with gut strings is more consistent; nonetheless, it does lack several tonal qualities.

With steel core strings, the pitch produced is very stable, and it necessitates minimal tuning, and the subsequent sound it produces is somewhat different from that of the gut strings. It is because steel core strings usually produce a direct and clear sound which features extremely little complexity, whereas gut strings are full and warm.

As already stated, the sound that the gut strings typically produce is warm, features rich overtones, and filled with complexity. Nevertheless, these strings often go out of tune, and about one week after installation, it requires to be tuned preferably daily. Also, these strings are susceptible to changes adjustments in temperature and humidity.

How To Change The Viola Strings

It is essential that while changing the viola strings on electric violin, you do it one string at a time. Moreover, whereas the others are up to pitch, you need to maintain the tension at the top. Before you start the installation of the string, make use of a soft pencil on the bridge’s and nut’s groove because graphite acts a lubricant which minimizes the risk of the string breaking.

It is vital that you ensure that you do not push the strings against the pegbox as well as tightening them more than the usual pitch. In case your instrument’s grooves are uneven or broken, the breaking of the strings will be much easier. So in case of any issue, always consult your music instructor on what you need to do.

How To Change The Viola Strings

The Brand and Your Purchase Criteria

When looking to buy viola string, you need to consider a few exceptional brands such as Jargar, Spirocore, Dominant, Larsen, and Evah Pirazzi.

If you are a professional violist, you most likely use more than one kind of string to replace specific strings, thereby making it tricky to recommend you one brand which works on all string.

Therefore, to get a better understanding of the different combinations, you need to test out several brands to attain the specific sound you desire from your viola. With the guidance of your instructor, there are some recommended sets which you can buy and consequently save some money.

Usually, these brands feature more than one strings brand put in a combination which is identical to many of the frequently used sets found on the market.

Your Style of Play

Having at your disposal several sets of viola strings allows you to play different styles as well as the customization of your strings for every performance.

So, if you are a soloist, you most likely will require more than one string type as you need to have more control over your playing characteristics and sound. Nevertheless, if you are an orchestral player, for all the performances, you can make use of the same set of viola strings.

Nevertheless, because viola strings are relatively affordable, it will not be uncommon if you buy numerous different brands and style of strings to customize the impeccable viola sound. Likewise, having high-quality viola strings is much better as it saves you plenty of time replacing your old strings.

Effects of putting viola strings on a violin

It is possible to put viola strings on the violin and still be able to play the violin. By doing so, you subsequently are creating a fractional viola. Nevertheless, the strings have reduced tension, which is necessary to achieve C, G, D, A, therefore, resulting in poor responsiveness, lack of tone, and the strings having a spongy feel. Additionally, these strings are susceptible to getting rattled while on the fingerboard.

The effects of putting viola strings on an electric violin is a pitch which is marginally lower as viola strings are meant for relatively longer suspended playing length. Putting viola strings on a violin suspends the length for an inch, and this consequently causes the pitch to increase by a step.

To counter this, you will have to reduce the tension to lower the pitch at that specific length, and this might result in a slight pitch bend at the start of every bow stroke because of the reduced tension.


Therefore, having gone through this article, you now are better placed on some of the critical things you need to consider when looking for the ideal viola strings.

Consequently, when you make your purchase, you get to enjoy every minute when playing your instrument due to the impeccable sound being produced. In this article, you can also learn possible techniques to put viola strings on the violin.

Singing Bowls For Sale: A Complete Guide (2020)

Best Singing Bowls


Investing in your first singing bowl or expanding your collection can be daunting when you see all of the different singing bowls for sale. If you’re new to the market or simply looking for a different variety than you already own, this product guide will provide some of the basic information regarding the pros and cons of each variety of singing bowl.

I also provide my choice for each category to cut out some of the guessing work and help you find great products.

Variety of bowls:

Singing bowls are a variety of standing bells that are played differently. Most standing bells are played by striking the instrument with a mallet. Singing bells are played by running a mallet around the upper edge, or rim, of the instrument. This will produce a long musical note.

The note produced depends on the type and size of the bowl. Different notes are best for different uses, so it is important that you know what effect you wish to achieve and what note will help you achieve it before making your purchase.

Most of the singing bowls I review below come in several different notes. If you like my choice but need a different note, you will likely be able to find what you are looking for from the same sellers that I list.

In this overview, I discuss antique singing bowls, large singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, glass singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, and used singing bowls.

When looking for purchasable singing bowls, these are the most common varieties you will find. For a quicker breakdown of my choices, please refer to the comparison chart towards the end of the article.


antique singing bowl for sale
antique singing bowl

You may desire an antique singing bowl because of its added historical and cultural significance. Finding genuine antiques can be tricky. When looking for antique singing bowls for sale, you must also consider whether or not the seller is trustworthy and has a good reputation.

I have done a bit of this work for you, and provide my top choice for quality antique singing bowls for sale.

My Choice:

6.25″ Medium Antique Singing Bowl with Faint Engravings

Price: $449.00

Recommended Antique Singing Bowl Models:

Nepal-engraved with 5 buddha-Real antique singing bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

8.5″ Hand-hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl
(Antique Finished)

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ Antique Design

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Joseph Feinstein offers a collection of rare, antique singing bowls from Nepal. His products receive high ratings from customers. Each product available on this site provides a sound clip allowing customers to hear the instrument being played before purchasing.

In addition, each antique singing bowl comes with a certificate of authenticity, two free mallets that were personally selected by the seller, and a free handmade cushion. Until 2019, this antique collection was considered part of his Singing Bowl Museum.

While the website does include the information that they, as a company, have been in business since 2001, they do not offer details regarding how old the singing bowls actually are.


singing bowl for sale
Large singing bowl

When looking for singing bowls for sale, one must consider the size. Smaller singing bowls may be desired for their portability. But larger singing bowls offer deeper vibrations, which can be desirable for meditation practices.

Large singing bowls are also useful when playing in a group, as their sound may resonate more than a smaller bowl. Large singing bowls are typically 12″ or larger. Some companies make singing bowls that are several feet wide, but these are certainly not ideal for travel.

It is also important to note that it is not guaranteed that a larger bowl will produce a deeper note than a smaller bowl, as thickness will also affect the note.

A thicker bowl likely means a higher note. In looking for large singing bowls for sale, I have sought out a thin bowl that will produce a deeper note. I’ve also chosen one that is 12″ because, while it is not as portable as smaller bowls, it is still possible to transport it if necessary.

My Choice:

12″ B Note Singing Bowl

Price: $139.00

Recommended Large Singing Bowl Models:

9″ G Throat Chakra Old Tibetan Singing Bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

10″ Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl for Master Chakra Healing

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

8″ Solar Plexus Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl~ for Meditation,

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

The online company, CVNC, offers a unique look to their singing bowls. They are made of frosted quartz and look more modern than traditional singing bowls.

CVNC offers many different singing bowls for sale, including this larger bowl that plays a strong B note. They include a mallet with every purchase. Compared to other large singing bowls for sale, this bowl is sold at a low price.


Tibetan singing bowl

If you are seeking a Tibetan singing bowl for sale, you most likely value tradition and authenticity. Some websites will claim to sell Tibetan singing bowls in reference to the style of the bowl rather than its origin.

I have found a trusted seller who provides bowls made in Tibet. Traditional Tibetan singing bowls are made from a blend of 7 metals, although there are varieties that include 2-4 metals.

The range of metals will contribute to the notes produced by the singing bowl, and 7 metals will create a range of sound and vibrations that is both beautiful and relaxing.

Tibetan singing bowl

My Choice:

Kathmandu Valley Collection Singing Bowl

Price: $199

Recommended Tibetan Singing Bowl Models:

Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Reehut 4.2” Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Innovahome Handmade palm-size Meditation Yoga Singing brass Bowl Set

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Because these bowls are handmade in the Kathmandu Valley, an exact size cannot be guaranteed, but this bowl is approximately 6-7″. The company guarantees ethical treatment and payment for their craftsmen, who hand hammer their bowls with a unique blend of 7 metals. These Tibetan singing bowls for sale offer clear, beautiful notes that can be sampled online before purchase.


himalayan singing bowl

While Himalayan singing bowls may include Tibetan singing bowls, they can also refer to singing bowls from Nepal or India. When looking for Himalayan singing bowls for sale, this may create some confusion.

One distinction between Tibetan and Nepalese preferences is color. Often, Tibetan bowls are a darker copper while Nepalese bowls are a lighter gold. My choice for Himalayan singing bowls for sale was made in the Nepalese tradition and is golden in color.

My choice:

5.5″ Golden Singing Bowl in F#

Price: $74.00

Recommended Himalayan Singing Bowl Models:

8″ Solar Plexus Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

10″ Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl for Master Chakra Healing

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

5.5″ Energetic Chakra Healing Yoga Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

As with my other choice from Joseph Feinstein’s collection, this bowl comes with two free mallets and a free handmade cushion. It also provides a sound clip that allows the buyer to sample the note and tone produced by the bowl.

This site offers other Himalayan singing bowls for sale if you desire a different size or thickness to produce a different note.


 singing bowl

If you are in search of glass singing bowls for sale, you may have some difficulty. Any search for glass singing bowls will show, instead, listings for crystal singing bowls for sale. This is because the glass will not produce the right sound and buyers do not want to provide glass singing bowls for sale if the quality cannot be guaranteed.

Do not be dismayed, however. There are many types of crystal singing bowls in different colors and sizes that are incredibly beautiful and high in quality.

If you desire the appearance of glass, I have found crystal singing bowls that are clear and shining that mimic the look of glass.

My choice:

Clear Quartz D Note Crystal Singing Bowl 7″

Price: $299.98

Recommended Glass Singing Bowl Models:

440HZ 8″ A Third Eye Navy Blue Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Musical Instruments Crystal Singing Bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Sunreed offers a variety of clear quartz singing bowls. So you will find the size and note you need with the appearance of glass.

As of right now, it does appear that crystal bowls that have been made to look similar to glass are pricier than more standard crystal bowls. So you may want to consider how important it is to you that your singing bowl resembles glass.


crystal singing bowl

Metal singing bowls are more traditional than crystal singing bowls and produce a medley of notes that come together to make complex music. Crystal singing bowls are a modern creation and produce one long, clear note that many people use for meditation.

Certain notes are considered to be aligned with specific chakras, so if you need specialized healing, crystal is the best option for you. There are many different options when it comes to crystal singing bowls for sale.

For example, my choice listed above for a larger singing bowl is made of opaque, pearl-colored quartz, which means that it resides in the crystal family.

Crystal singing bowls can also come in a range of colors, so you are not limited to the lighter pearl tones. One advantage of finding crystal singing bowls for sale is the variety available, and I will sample a few of those here.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Multi-colored Crystal Singing Bowls

Silver Sky Imports offers a fun and vibrant variety of crystal singing bowls that are sure to please the eye.

However, they are significantly pricier than most crystal singing bowls, ranging from $900-$2,000. If you are looking for something unique to add to your collection and are willing to spend a great deal of money, these may interest you.

However, they are not my choice, simply because this price is so high compared to the many crystal singing bowls available online.

My Choice:

TOP FUND Crystal Singing Bowl Violet A# Note 8″

Price: $109.99

Recommended Crystal Singing Bowl Models:

TOPFUND C Note Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

432Hz Perfect Pitch F Note Heart Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

TOPFUND D Note Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

If the color is still what you seek, TOP FUND offers a solid violet or solid blue singing bowl for a significantly lower price than most places that offer colorful crystal singing bowls.

The bowl comes with a wooden-handled mallet that is not as ornate as some options. But it is never required that you use the mallet that comes with your singing bowl.

The company offers free replacement for bowls broken during delivery, which is a big perk when it comes to ordering delicate products online.


used singing bowl
used singing bowl

Looking for used singing bowls for sale is a different process than looking for antique singing bowls for sale. If you are looking for used singing bowls, you are likely to consider budget over cultural significance. It need not be old or “antique,” but rather affordable.

However, quality is still an important factor. Nothing is more upsetting than finding and purchasing a used singing bowl for sale just to discover upon arrival that it is beaten up and fails to produce the desired music.

Oftentimes, sellers of used singing bowls will use the words “vintage” or “antique” in the descriptions for their singing bowls for sale. This is something you will want to look out for.

If you are purchasing a used or pre-owned singing bowl in order to find a lower price, I suggest looking for singing bowls that cost less than $60. For $60 or more, you can easily find a lovely, brand new singing bowl.

You will also want to make sure that the seller has good ratings from previous customers and has some type of guarantee for the quality of their products. eBay is a particularly good site to browse because they ensure that buyers will get their money back if the purchased product is unsatisfactory.

My Choice:

Singing bowl + striker, 5 1/4″

Price: $45

Recommended used Singing Bowl Models:

SHANSHUI Singing Bowl, 5 inch Meditation Tibetan Set

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

3 Pcs Tibetan Singing Bowl Standing Bell Set

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

There are a few reasons why I like this used singing bowl. It is simple. The seller has provided several images from different angles that allow me to see that it is in fairly good shape.

Finally, it has a money-back guarantee if it arrives damaged. These are all things you will want to look for in a listing for used singing bowls.

However, the seller does not say exactly what note the bowl plays, which is one of the drawbacks of buying used singing bowls. There are certain luxuries you are not guaranteed, and that can include notes, materials, exact measurements, and origins.

If these are things you are not willing to sacrifice, you might want to consider saving up a little more money to purchase a new singing bowl.

Hopefully, this product guide has provided some of the information you need to make an informed decision about singing bowls. Below, I have compiled the information about each of my choices as a review of everything you’ll want to know about these products.


Our Choice 






Historical and cultural value. Unique designs. 

Can be expensive. Can be difficult to verify authenticity.   




Bigger vibration. Louder notes. 

Not easily portable.   



Traditional. Handmade. Typically made from 7 metals. Several notes at once. 

Not one guaranteed size if handmade.   



Traditional. Potentially lower prices. 

Can be difficult to verify authenticity.   



Unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Not true glass. Closest option is clear quartz.   




Many options. Single, strong note. Good for aligning chakras. 

Not traditional.   




Lower prices. 

Less information available to buyer. Less options. Potential damage or low quality.    


I hope that you find the perfect singing bowl for you and that this guide helps you get started on your spiritual or meditative quest for peace and harmony. The journey of purchasing a singing bowl is a journey of self-improvement.

Finding the best available singing bowl for your needs will hopefully be a little easier now that you’ve done some research and seen the different benefits or drawbacks of each variety!

Crystal Singing Bowls: Healing with the Power of Sound

Crystal Singing Bowls
Crystal Singing Bowls


Singing bowls have been used for centuries to produce therapeutic healing sounds. Used in meditation and healing, they produce a range of sounds that restore the normal vibrational frequencies of diseased parts of the body as well as the parts of the body, mind, and soul that are out of harmony.

Traditional singing bowls are known as Tibetian singing bowls and are generally made out of copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver, gold and nickel. They are like an up-standing bell and play beautiful vibrating frequencies when rubbed around the rim with a leather-wrapped or wooden mallet.

History of Crystal Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls Crystal
Singing Bowls Crystal

Crystal singing bowls are a fairly recent enhancement of the singing bowl and have been used since the 1980s. Original alchemy singing bowls were made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz. The silica sand would be heated to 4000 degrees and spun in a centrifugal mold to set. They are more delicate than the ancient singing bowls, and also use a wooden or suede mallet.

The crystal singing bowls of late are superseding the traditional singing bowls, due not only to their aesthetic variety but to their alchemy. It is believed by many users that the crystal singing bowls’ sounds permeate the human body better since it is made of minerals that are more cohesive to our own bodies which contain water and a crystalline composition in our bones.

The entrainment between the crystal bowl’s sound and the human body is more fluid than that of the sound made from the copper bowl since the human body itself contains very little metal. Sounds of the original alchemy singing bowls pervade the body more fluently. 

What Are Crystal Singing Bowls Made From?

Crystal singing bowls can be clear, frosted, or a fusion blend of minerals: gemstones like amethyst, sapphires, and emeralds, precious metals like gold, silver, and titanium, platinum, and other precious crystals.

There are nearly hundreds of different crystal or mineral blends. The more common variety of crystal singing bowls are frosted and individually tuned to emit a specific frequency.

Therefore, multiple singing bowls can be used in the crystal set. Some crystal singing bowls are small enough to be played by hand, but medium and large-sized bowls are usually placed on a base ring. 

The original singing crystal bowls are made of pure quartz. Quartz is a vibrational transmitter that is used in most of our transmitting technologies today.

Human bodies are a perfect receptor: our cell membranes, tissues and organs respond well to the external stimulus of the sound made from crystal. Since the body is made up of 60-75% water, the body is imbued by crystal vibrations to a greater degree. 

Recommended Crystal Singing Bowl Models:

TOPFUND C Note Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

432Hz Perfect Pitch F Note Heart Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Musical Instruments Crystal Singing Bowl

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

TOPFUND D Note Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

440HZ 8″ A Third Eye Navy Blue Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

The Power of Sound

Have you ever experience an inability to concentrate while hearing high-pitched noise? Or perhaps changed the station from unwelcome sounds to another channel playing music more akin to your mood? Even the frequency of someone’s voice can produce calmness or irritation in another person.

Many people use noise to boost their productivity during work, exercise, and cooking. It sets the mood in parties and while traveling. In addition to being useful in leisure and entertainment, it is useful in crisis and distress.

One of the oldest baby tricks is soothing a crying infant with “white noise” and “shushing”. The soothing sounds present many frequencies that mimic the safety and environment of the mothers’ womb. The instantaneous response is a testament to the power of sound.

People are highly sensitive to sounds. Auditory conditions are the third most prevalent health issue in America. Terribly loud sounds can cause one to lose their hearing, temporarily or permanently leaving someone with a handicap.

While the damaging capacity is an extreme example, it allows us to visualize sound range on a scale with several functions. The scale contains sounds with corrective and healing functions.

Sound healing is quite established in Music Therapy for treating mental health conditions such as depression, trauma, and schizophrenia as a medium for processing grief, emotions and trauma.

The healing element of sound can not be underrated as a health-giving measure. Crystal singing bowls enable the common practice of balancing the stresses of everyday life. 

Crystal Singing Bowl Dynamics

There are a few factors at play when using crystal singing bowls. The singing bowls’ healing power is constituted by the material components of the bowl and the way the sound is received in the body. Receiving the sound evokes a transformation.

Upon releasing or clearing the mind, playing the notes and listening with the body facilitates the sounds with teaching the body a new direction. Often, this results in a shift in consciousness.

Some of the more popular benefits that crystal singing bowls generate are: relaxation, connection to the inner healer, reduction is stress and anxiety, less anger, lower blood pressure, better circulation, increased blood flow, pain relief, mental clarity, emotional clarity, stimulation of the immune system, happiness and well being, and chakra balancing.

Those who are working with different alchemy healing bowls often feel the acceleration. Different tones activate different organs and different chakras. 

How to Choose a Crystal Singing Bowl?

The tone or note of a crystal singing bowl varies upon the bowls’ size, height and thickness. When choosing a singing bowl, there are pitch variations to consider.

While some choose their tones are based on simple personal preference, others commonly chose bowls that are designed to heal a specific ailment, organ, and chakra. Just as people have different genre preferences, it is keenly so for singing bowls.

Perceiving sounds and detecting vibrations is contingent on the shape and condition of the hearing organs as well as the experiences supported by the human body and brain.

The Importance of Chakras

The chakras are centers of energies that are located along the midline of the body (also known as the meridian). The seven chakras correspond to different life functions and colors. Chakras are understood by the near organ system and vibration. This is what makes the crystal singing bowls so significant.

The frequency vibrations and musical notes from the different singing bowls communicate to the equivalent chakra and organ system. A balanced chakra reflects itself in a balanced emotional, physical, and spiritual life.

The seven chakras:

The corresponding chakras, notes, organs, and their colors and life functions are as follows. 

  • 1. The First Chakra is rooted in red and is linked to the person’s survival, willingness to live, as well as security and grounding; It is in tune with Note C and located along the base of the skeletal spine.
  • 2. The Second Chakra is rooted in the color orange and linked to the person’s emotions, sexuality, and desire; It is in tune with Note D and is located around the bladder and reproductive system.
  • 3. The Third Chakra is rooted in the color yellow and is associated with power, energy, vitality; It is in tune with the E Note and reaches the stomach and liver.
  • 4. The Fourth Chakra is rooted in the color green and promotes love, connection, balance, and circulation; It responds with the Note F and is located near the heart, lungs, immune system.
  • 5. The Fifth Chakra is in blue and is associated with expression, communication, creativity; It is responsive to the Note G and surrounds the throat and lungs area.
  • 6. The Sixth Chakra is in the indigo color and is linked to intuition, understanding, and clairvoyance; It is linked to Note A and located near the lower brain, the third eye, and sinus system.
  • 7. The Seventh Chakra is in violet and is linked to a person’s spiritual connection, high values, and enlightenment; It corresponds with the Note B and is located along with the upper brain, hair, and cortex.

Chakra Table:

1st Chakra Red Note C Survival/
2nd ChakraOrangeNote DEmotions/
Below navel    
3rd Chakra        YellowNote EPower/

4th ChakraGreenNote F Love/
5th Chakra     

Note G             


6th Chakra   Indigo Note A
3rd eye
7th Chakra        Violet Note BSpirituality/
Top of head             

To examine your imbalances, you may take a chakra test or have your chakra read in person by a life coach or chakra healer. Once you are familiar with your aura and have evaluated your imbalances and blockages, you can choose a crystal singing bowl that is specifically tuned to the chakra frequency, or buy a set to channel all chakras.

The sound frequencies are projected onto the dis-eased location, and the harmonic pattern can be restructured and restored to its normal frequency. Just as the chart shows, each chakra and related organ system has its own frequency that can be reached through the harmonies of the tuned singing bowl.

The calming sounds channel a sense of peacefulness, and the relaxation resonates through and beyond the physical body. Disease, chaos, tension, and conflict within the chakras ring into balance. 

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Crystal Singing Bowl

How to Play a Crystal Singing Bowl

The crystal bowls can be played together; however, too many bowls together in a small confined space can cause them to shatter. “Singing” the crystal bowls should be done in a large room, and your head should not be too close to the bowl’s opening.

Some bowls are quite fragile and heavy and are not meant to be used in your hand, so consider the size and make of the bowl being played.

Sit the crystal bowl on top of it’s stand, the base ring. Some people begin by striking the bowl about a third of the way down with the suede part of the mallet to produce a nice chime and get the vibrations going.

Chiming the bowl first helps begin the sound so that it can quickly be picked up by rotating the mallet around the rim. Without chiming the bowl, it could take a few times around the rim for the vibrations to build up and resonate louder.

To make the crystal singing bowl “sing,” take the mallet with its suede cover, and hold it down at a 45-degree angle. Allow the mallet to touch the rim of the bowl at about a third of the mallet’s length.

Some players also hold the mallet like a pencil. With firm pressure on the rim, circle the mallet around the bowl. The slower the movement around the rim, the lower the sound.

The faster the movement around the rim, the louder and more powerful the vibrations become. This simple movement around the rim of the crystal singing bowl creates vibrations. It is similar to taking a wet finger and circling it around a crystal wine glass filled with water.

Going too fast, hard, and long around the crystal singing bowl can cause damage, so it is best to be intentional and attentive. A few bowls can be played together by ringing around the rim a few times of one bowl, then moving to circle the next bowl, and also by chiming the bowls like a bell.

While some players say that the direction the mallet moves is not crucial to receiving healing benefits, most players agree that playing in different directions creates different energies.

Going counter-clockwise produces grounding energy that goes down into the earth while going clockwise accelerates and moves the energy upwards. One may also recognize the different direction of energy vibrations used in groups versus the vibrations used when alone.

When playing for a group in a session, it is best to play “out” into the audience space in a clockwise motion. When playing for yourself, it is best to play into your healing with a counter-clockwise motion.

It is also a common practice for users to write down their intentions, wishes, and prayers on a piece of paper and inserting it in the hollow of the mallet. This amplifies the intention and mantra within the bowl.

Most crystal singing bowls come with a suede mallet. It is important to note the ends of the mallet which have a silicone dip on them and can be used to sing the bowl. Sometimes the mallet will be half-dipped silicone and half suede.

The silicone part is not to be used to strike or chime the bowl. The silicone end is too hard and could break the bowl. Always use the suede part of the mallet to strike the crystal singing bowl. If using a wooden mallet with a rubber tip for the smaller bowls, do not chime the bowl too hard.

Use a dragging motion around the bowl to create a smoother and gentler sound. If using a glass mallet, do not use it to chime or strike the bowl since they are fragile. The glass mallets amplify the clarity of the bowl very cleanly and powerfully and are best for more experienced users.

Clearing one’s mind is a beneficial practice before playing. Even though the crystal singing bowls in themselves promote openness, the vibrational conversation can reach further if the path to healing is unblocked and uninhibited from the start.

Healing and restoration can make a deeper and more productive impact on a person who is open and clear to it, than on a person who is closed up and stressed.

How To Play A Crystal Singing Bowl


Crystal Singing Bowls’ hold the vitality of the mind, body, and spirit with great consideration. Your meridian’s chakras will experience the benefits of a long-held tradition that has been improved and enhanced in recent times.

They are perfectly suited for simple needs such as adding depth to simple meditation, and for more deeply-rooted causes such as restorative healing. Crystal singing bowls are a both a scientifically beneficial and elegantly beautiful addition to one’s health practices.