Robert Johnson 7 String Guitar: Mastering the Power of Extra Strings

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The Robert Johnson 7 String Guitar is a high-quality instrument perfect for blues and rock music. It offers versatile playability with an extended range of notes, making it a popular choice among guitarists who seek to expand their musical capabilities.

With its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Robert Johnson 7 String Guitar delivers a unique and expressive sound that resonates with players and audiences alike. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a dedicated enthusiast, this guitar provides a rich and dynamic musical experience that is sure to captivate and inspire.

As we delve into the features and benefits of the Robert Johnson 7 String Guitar, you’ll discover why it has become a go-to instrument for musicians seeking innovation and creativity in their craft.

Robert Johnson 7 String Guitar

Unveiling Robert Johnson’s 7 String Mastery

Mastery of the 7-string guitar by Robert Johnson is a testament to his legend in the blues music world. Transitioning from the 6-string to the 7-string guitar was a pivotal moment in Johnson’s career, revolutionizing his sound and leaving an indelible mark on blues music. The impact of this transition can be observed in the depth and complexity of his compositions, showcasing his unparalleled skill and innovation. The 7-string mastery of Robert Johnson continues to inspire and influence musicians across genres, cementing his status as a true pioneer of blues music.

History And Evolution Of 7 String Guitar

The 7-string guitar has a rich history, evolving from the lute to becoming a notable instrument in the world of music. Notable pioneers have contributed significantly to its evolution, shaping the instrument into what it is today. One such influential figure is Robert Johnson, who made substantial contributions to the advancement of the 7-string guitar. His innovative techniques and style left a lasting impact on the instrument and its place in the music industry.

Tuning The Extra String

Standard 7 string tuning methods involve the addition of a low B string to the traditional EADGBE tuning. This allows for a wider tonal range and enables players to explore deeper bass notes. Robert Johnson’s unique tuning approach to the 7-string guitar has inspired many musicians to experiment with alternative tunings and harness the full potential of the instrument. The benefits of the extra bass string include enhanced chord voicings, extended range for soloing, and the ability to create a fuller, more dynamic sound.

Technique Adjustments For 7 Strings

Adjusting to playing a 7-string guitar involves chord shapes and finger positioning. When playing lead, adapting to the additional string requires revisiting scales and patterns. Utilize slide techniques to effectively incorporate the extra strings, expanding your range and creating dynamic sounds. Remember to experiment with various fretting hand positions and ergonomic adjustments to optimize playing comfort and dexterity. Taking the time to adapt your technique to the 7-string guitar will open up new creative possibilities and enhance your musical expression.

Mastering The Power Of Extra Strings

Mastering the power of seven-string guitars can open up a world of musical possibilities. With an extra string, guitarists have the opportunity to expand their range, adding depth and complexity to their playing. This innovation is particularly notable in blues progression, as demonstrated by the influential musician Robert Johnson. His unique and innovative playing style showcased the potential of a 7-string guitar, inspiring future generations of musicians to explore the instrument’s capabilities.

Crafting Blues Rhythms With 7 Strings

Crafting blues rhythms with a 7-string guitar is an intriguing exploration that opens up a myriad of musical possibilities. The addition of the low B string in rhythm patterns challenges guitarists to find innovative ways of incorporating basslines into their riffs. This amplifies the groove techniques and syncopation, resulting in a rich, deep sound that mesmerizes the audience. Embracing this versatile instrument allows for the creation of complex and captivating melodies, transforming the conventional blues structure. Moreover, the 7-string guitar empowers artists to delve into uncharted territory, fostering a truly unique and compelling musical identity.

Lead Guitar Tricks With An Extra String

When it comes to mastering the 7-string guitar, scale extensions and utilizing the extra string can significantly enhance your lead guitar playing. By incorporating the additional string, guitarists can experiment with extended scale patterns, which creates new opportunities for imaginative and intricate solos. The impact of the 7th string on classic blues solos cannot be understated, enabling musicians to infuse their solos with fresh melodic ideas and dynamic range. This instrument opens up a world of possibilities for creating unique and innovative guitar solos. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or a beginner, exploring the potential of the 7-string guitar can diversify your musical capabilities and take your soloing skills to the next level.

Robert Johnson’s Legacy And Modern Players

The legacy of Robert Johnson as a guitarist has left a significant impact on the music world. His influence on future guitarists has been profound, inspiring countless artists to emulate his unique style and sound. In contemporary music, the use of the 7-string guitar has further expanded Johnson’s influence, with modern players incorporating its versatility into their own musical expressions.

Frequently Asked Questions On Robert Johnson 7 String Guitar

What Is A Robert Johnson 7 String Guitar?

A Robert Johnson 7 string guitar is a unique instrument that adds an extra low B string, offering extended range for players.

How Does The 7th String Impact The Sound?

The additional string enriches the harmonic depth, yielding a fuller and more resonant sound, ideal for jazz, metal, and other styles.

What Makes Robert Johnson 7 String Guitar Unique?

This guitar is distinct for its extra string, expanding tonal possibilities and enhancing versatility for all styles of music.

Who Can Benefit From Using This Type Of Guitar?

Both seasoned guitarists and those seeking to explore new sonic avenues can benefit from the extended range of the 7-string guitar.


The Robert Johnson 7-string guitar offers musicians a versatile and captivating playing experience. Its extra string opens up new opportunities for creativity and expression. With its rich history and exceptional craftsmanship, this unique instrument is a valuable addition to any guitarist’s collection.

Explore the 7-string guitar and discover new musical dimensions.

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