Singing Bowls For Beginners: An Ultimate Guide For 2022

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Singing Bowls For Beginners


Many people out there have found the use of a singing bowl helpful but from the start, how do you get it played. If you are a beginner and you are looking for singing bowls for beginners, take your time and get educated here on what you are looking for, how to use it, and what you expect to get.

These bowls are rated one of the best things that can change your life and even those of your close friends and even family members. They produce a tune and sound that is always soothing to the ear and directly to the soul.

You don’t have to get worried about how to play it, everything needs patience. But it is something that you can just learn in a matter of minutes. Let’s all be educated.

How to play singing bowl?

Singing Bowls

One major thing that you need to know about singing bowls, especially if you find those that have been designed with good and quality antiques, they have a lot that you will desire.

For instance, singing bowls for beginners have a range of sounds that are going to be best for your practice and also the listening experience.

The only thing that you need to know is how to play the singing bowls, and once you master that, you will be able to bring out those unique different sounds through the use of diverse ringing elements and different techniques too.

For you to be able to highlight the different aspects of a bowl, you need to have different sticks, mallets, sticks, and also different playing methods.

Beginner techniques for Play Singing Bowl

the simplest Way To Play Singing Bowls for beginners :

Let me bring you up to speed on the simplest 8 steps that you can use to play a singing bowl

Step 1 :

  • Use your palm or fingertips to hold the base of the bowl. You are only required to just have the base of the bowl in contact with either your fingers or the palm. Avoid getting into contact with the sides because doing so will just affect the vibrations that emanate from the bowl.

Step 2 :

  • You need now to tilt the bowl towards you at a slight angle. This factor will allow you to move your hand or fingers around the bowl in an easy manner. Don’t over-tilt the bowl because it will end up falling down, or your hand will be a bit uncomfortable.

Step 3 :

  • Use the mallet that was supplied with your bowl. Hold it with your fingers pointing in a downwards manner. While holding the mallet, you need to ensure that each finger is touching the mallet. The grip that you need to have should be firm but not too tight.

Step 4 :

  • Warm up the bowl for play. To do this process, all you are required to do is to strike the bowl gently by using the mallet in the side. don’t strike it too hard as that will cause interference with the kind of play that you are going to have.

Step 5 :

  • Your wrist should be kept in a straight manner always. When playing the singing bowl, it is advisable that your wrist should be in a straight manner. Just leave your arm to do the work for you. This way, you will avoid being fatigued.

Step 6 :

  • It is time now to rotate the base of the mallet in a slow manner around the rim of the bowl. If done correctly, you will realize that singing from the bowl will be becoming louder in a gradual manner.

Step 7 :

  • Use pressure that is even and constant speed to keep playing the bowl. The bowl has been manufactured in a unique manner. It should not be played too fast, lest it will produce or you will hear some friction between the mallet and also the bowl.

Step 8 :

  • You might have played the bowl for some time and you need to either take a rest. What follows is for you to remove the mallet from the side of the bowl. The bowl should continue playing for some time if you had played it long enough.

Why play singing bowl?

Some people might be wondering what is the need or the urgency of playing singing bowls. The kind of experience that you will get from playing is both relaxing and also invigorating.

You need to take your time out at least every day and play the bowl, maybe as part of relaxation or even for meditation.

The sound that is rhythmical is something that is very crucial and beneficial to our health at large. Get to enjoy that warm tone that emanates from gentle vibrations.

On the other hand, the harmonic vibrations will also give you many benefits that you even never thought of.

You can also share your experience with other people that are in your niche, like friends and even relatives. You can play the bowl either in a mediation meeting, or classroom, play with music, or even in yoga studios.

Never worry about where you can play it. Sound has many uses and even if you don’t have a reason to play it, you will realize that it is going to be a nice treat at all times.

The importance of the use of mallets and cushions

A singing bowl that does not have the correct size of the mallet is never going to be of too much help to you. The market has a wide range and variety of mallets that are made for each bowl.

Remember that the size and thickness of each mallet will have a greater effect on the sound that will be produced. When you get to buy a singing bowl, it must have a cushion and two mallets.

It is good to note that each bowl has been given the correct size of mallet and you can even get to test it out before you make your purchase.

Mallets that have been wrapped with wool are rated as the best when it comes to striking a bowl. You can decide to use the wood end for playing the bowl just around the trim.

You can also not underestimate the importance of cushions. When you have them put, you will realize that they ensure that the bowl does not slide when you are playing it. Like any other fragile item, singing bowls are fragile too. The use of cushions will prevent them from being damaged.

How to strike a singing bowl?

Singing Bowls

It is always advisable that you strike a singing bowl with care, and of course, with the use of a soft mallet. But if you want to get a more percussive sound or tone, then you are advised to use bare wood. This type of wood will emphasize higher harmonics.

When striking the bowl, strike it from one side, but always at the rim. Striking it too far down might produce the necessarily required vibrations fully.

The tone that you will get also varies from the use of different mallets that have different diameters and materials. If you are having a new singing bowl, you will realize that the tone will vary by up to a partial tone.

There is always a sweet spot in every singing bowl. The advantage goes to those people that quickly realize or even locate this spot. To find such a spot, just turn the bowl in slowly until you locate it.

This is the place where you will realize that the vibration is steadiest and also smooth. When you listen to the harmonic sounds, they will sound to be equal and other sounds pretty balanced.

Pros of using a singing bowl

  • A Singing Bowl will make you feel better
  • It aids you when you want to meditate, during yoga dances, or in the event of a spiritual exercise
  • Singing Bowl can also aid you in teaching
  • Healing practices also find the singing bowl helpful
  • Can be used as a ceremonial object
  • To soothe those children that are upset
  • It can get disorderly kids in a class come to order
  • It can remind you of something that you might have forgotten.

Comparison chart of the size of bowls

Some of the important tips that you need to remember about singing bowls for beginners

  • Your hand should be held close to the rim, failure to do that, then it is going to be hard for the bowl to sing.
  • The tone is produced by the pressure, not by the speed. For a better tone, you need to slow down and ensure that the pressure that is applied is even.
  • When you hear the bowl rattling, it means that you need to apply more even pressure. The rattling sound is brought by the stick that is vibrating against the bowl.
  • There are some bowls that are known to sing intensely. That means that you need to go over, very slowly as you apply less pressure.
  • There are different types of mallets. There are wood mallets and solid plastic rods. The rods are known for providing the highest harmonics. But it takes time and practice to achieve this.

The cleaning process of singing bowls

Singing Bowls For Beginners

When you want to clean a singing bowl, you need to focus on different aspects. The basic one is to ensure that dirt never builds up on the floor or surface of the bowl. Then you need to remember that the item should be cleaned at definite intervals.

Cleaning Process

To give it that new feel and look, always ensure that it is well polished. Here are some things that you need to note: –

  • Wiping the bowl is something that should be carried out frequently. This process is known to wipe off the dirt that has settled on the surface and leave it clean. By doing so, you are also helping the bowl not to develop tarnish as dust may contain chemicals and moisture.
  • The use of dry clothes is also accepted but the use of detergents/vinegar can be implemented. These detergents are vital as they will assist in the removal of the harsh chemicals or even fingerprints that might have accumulated on the bowl.
  • If your singing bowl has developed tarnish and you need to remove it, then it is recommended that you look for a metal cleaner that will do the job.

If you want to store the product, it should be kept above the cotton cloth. This will prevent it from coming to contact with the base.


You can now be able to get your singing bowl and use it in the right manner that you need to. The bowls have many uses and even if you are looking for singing bowls for beginners, the ones that you will get will never go wrong in your usage.

All you need to know is the simple instructions for taking good care of them. when you play with them, with time, you will have learned how to make the most out of them, so don’t get bored from the first time when things don’t work.

Just follow the procedures that we have given you and you will make a better sound that is soothing from them.

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