Stentor Violin Reviews: The Ultimate Choice for the Most Violinist

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Stentor Violin Reviews


When you are looking to make music

You may want to check out the Stentor violins. They are one of the world’s leaders in making top-quality violins. Plus, their models are said to be handcrafted to perfection. Then because this company makes so many violins and sells them around the world, you should be able to afford one as they come at very competitive prices.

Before you buy check out Stentor violins and to do that just continue to read this Stentor violin review. It has the information you need to know about before you make such an important decision.

#1. Stentor Amati model violin

This model of Stentor violins is based on the 17th-century masterpiece created by Nicoli Amati. Made from the finest European tonewoods and hand varnished to perfection you should get a great sound out of this instrument.

Those woods include both maple and spruce and they provide a unique sound to this violin. With ebony fingerboards and pegs, the quality is there and this instrument should last you a long time. Its coloring should provide you with a warm feeling as it is not too dark or too light.

What we liked:

  • Handcrafted to perfection.
  • Uses traditional varnish.
  • Has a great tone.

What we didn’t like:

  • Made in China.
  • More than one hand made the instrument.
  • Maybe a bit fragile.

#2. Stentor 1500 ½ sized Violin

Here is a top-level violin that is perfect for those music students starting on their violin journey. It is made with top tonewoods despite being just an entry-level violin. Its lower status does not deprive it of having a nice spruce front, maple sides, and ebony fingerboard and pegs.

This is the instrument that should help your young learner be enthused about learning to play the violin. A hardwood chin rest makes holding the instrument easy and its red label strings produce a fine tone that inspires the learner to play more.

Its brown lacquer finish makes sure the violin looks good and the included case should also protect your new instrument from any harm.

What we liked:

  • Comes with a horsehair bow.
  • Has a padded carrying case.
  • Ebony fittings.

What we didn’t like:

  • Pegs may come loose.
  • Strings may be too weak.
  • Hard to keep tuned.

#3. Stentor 1500 4/4 size Violin

Also made with both spruce and maple tonewoods, you should get a good sound out of this Stentor violin. It is made to be full-sized and easy to handle. With its hardwood chin rest, ebony fittings, and red label strings, you should be playing better than ever with this violin.

4 string adjusters help you keep this instrument finely tuned and to protect it from harm, you get a nice canvas case with an instrument blanket. The violin should meet your playing needs as it comes from one of the top companies producing violins today.

What we liked:

  • Well made and easy to use.
  • Easy to hold.
  • The instrument blanket for extra protection.

What we didn’t like:

  • May arrive with scratch marks.
  • Needs new strings, etc., to make the right sound.
  • Set up needs work.

Top seven (7) stentor violin review

The company has been in business for over 100 years. It knows how to make a violin and have it sound just right. Here are 7 other models that they produce, among many others, that are the tops in their field.

#1. Stentor Conservatoire II

Stentor Violin Reviews

This model comes with everything you need. Maple neck, back, and ribs combine with the spruce table to produce a fine quality sound. The instrument is hand-carved and reflects the shape of a traditional violin.

Shellac varnish is used to bring their nice stained look to a brilliant finish. To top it off, you get an ebony fingerboard and a Parisian eye peg. Add in the high-quality strings and the sound you make should cover any mistakes you may make.

This model is a simple upgrade over the original Conservatoire model Stentor initially made.

What we liked

  • Improved sound.
  • Well made with the right tonewoods.
  • Inlaid purfling.

What we didn’t like

  • Made from the same wood as other models.
  • May have some quality control issues.
  • Strings are too common for great sound.

#2. Stentor, 4-String Violin (1500 3/4)

This top instrument is made for those advanced players who like to really press down on the strings. It comes with an alloy tailpiece with 4 adjusters as well as the usual maple and spruce woods to give it a professional look.

Then with ebony fittings, a maple neck, and sides you get great resonance that lasts a long time. With super sensitive red strings you should be able to hit those notes without too much effort. The strings are also very responsive to your touch.

What we liked

  • Lightweight & comfortable to play.
  • Comes with a beautiful finish.
  • Have great accessories included in your purchase

What we didn’t like

  • Hard to keep tuning pegs tight.
  • Difficult to keep tuned.
  • We May need to install the bridge

#3. Stentor Standard 1018 1/16 violin

When you want to learn how to play the violin, you need to start with the right model. This Stentor violin comes with all the same components that the bigger models come with and make learning how to play easier.

Not only is it simple to play it provides an excellent performance that should inspire you to continue playing until you master the instrument. Plus, the resonance is top-notch. This durable violin model makes sure you have the right tools for the job of learning to play this instrument.

What we liked

  • Great for beginners.
  • Made like its larger counterparts.
  • Easy to play.

What we didn’t like

  • Pegs may not be that durable.
  • Stain and varnish nor consistent.
  • It May not be as durable as claimed.

#4. Stentor Messina – 4/4 Size

Stentor Violin Reviews

Playing in an orchestra means you need to hit the right notes all the time. This is the violin that will help you make perfect music and keep you a part of the orchestra for a long time. Handcrafted from the finest wood materials the sound on this violin should not be substandard.

Plus, it is handcrafted by workers supervised by a master violin maker. Everything about this violin spells quality. Piastro strings are also part of the package, along with an ebony fingerboard and pegs. Then you have a shellac varnish finish to keep the instruments looking as good as this violin sounds.

What we liked

  • Made for orchestra quality.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Built with care

What we didn’t like

  • Made from the same woods as other violins.
  • Too many hands built it.
  • Quality is suspect.

#5. Stentor Arcadia, antique finish

This violin option comes in 2 different finishes and that is about the only difference between the two models. If you want a traditional look to your violin then it is best if you pick the other model. This model lets you add a little classical look to your ensemble and keeps people guessing about the age of your violin.

On top of that, you have an instrument that plays music with a fine sound that is hard to equal. The best tonewoods are used as well as top ingredients for every component. Your playing should be elevated and inspire you to reach greater heights than if you simply used an ordinary violin.

What we liked

  • The antique look.
  • The fine craftsmanship.
  • It’s a unique style of play.

What we didn’t like

  • A little heavy to hold.
  • No carrying case.
  • Inferior construction issues.

#6. Stentor Student Standard Violin

When you are simply a student learning how to play this instrument you need a good violin to make it all happen for you. This model comes with a hardwood fingerboard & pegs, along with an alloy for the tailpiece. On top of those features, you still get handcrafted quality.

Plus, it comes in a variety of sizes to make sure musicians of all heights and arm lengths can play this instrument. A wood bow combines with horse hair t make sure your playing is smooth and on key. A light weight protective case is included with your purchase.

What we liked

  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Hardwood elements included.
  • Wood bow with horse hair.

What we didn’t like

  • Bridge may come off.
  • Not as durable as it could be.
  • Basic woods used.

#7. Stentor Elysia

Stentor Violin

When you are looking for a unique high-class violin, this may be the one you are searching for. It is made with Stentor’s standards guiding the whole process so that the instrument plays the best sound for you and your listeners. Then it should be easy to hold as you play.

Made with Piastro strings the tone of your music should be excellent. The inlaid purfling, ebony fingerboard, and pegs are also present on this instrument. Plus, it is made from fine spruce and maple woods to make sure the instrument lasts you some time.

What we liked

  • Made with Stentor’s standards.
  • Comes with a nice protective case.
  • Easy to handle.

What we didn’t like

  • No special wood was used.
  • Basic same design construction.
  • Quality control issues.

A few words about stentor violin

The company was originally started in 1895 in England by a music professor named Edward Chapman Doughty. The name Stentor was just the brand name of the instruments he wanted to make and was not the name of the original company.

The word stentor was a Greek word that means the voice and volume of a hundred men giving customers a good idea of how good the instrument would sound. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown to have a worldwide presence where over 1,000,000 musicians got their start using one of their violins and other instruments.

Why stentor violin is the best choice?

There is one word that helps answer that question perfectly- experience. The Stentor company has the experience and expertise to manufacture top-quality violins and other instruments. They have been making violins for over 100 years and have learned a thing or two about making good music.

Stentor violin review: FAQs

#1. What size of violins are there?

The majority of violins come in the following sizes- 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 but you can get them as low as 1/16

#2. Do these violins cost the same?

No, their price depends on their size, accessories, and other factors. But the violins are usually very competitively priced

#3. What materials are used in making a Stentor violin?

The top is usually made from Spruce while the sides, back, and neck are made from maple. Ebony makes up the fingerboards and pegs usually

#4. What makes Stentor violins better than other brands?

Each violin is hand crafted with workers supervised by master craftsmen who know their trade and do it well.

#5. Are Stentor violins made in China?

Yes, they are and they are made under strict controls and guidelines

Some final words

When you are looking for a good violin for your young learner, you should consider Stentor violins. They are made in the tradition established by the founder of the company and they are the top-quality instruments.

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