Audible Subscription Gift: The Amazing Bounty For Your Family & Friends

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Audible Subscription Gift

Introduction: Audible Subscription Gift

What is audible? This reading creator provides premium audio storytelling whereby it enriches millions of people in a day. Through this storytelling, they can transport and transform moments into meaningful experiences, which is made possible by the audibles.

They also transform the way stories are told and renovate how people experience audio storytelling. Most people have approached technical innovation by reinventing the media category hence the driving force in audio entertainment today.

Audible membership is defined into two main types, audible plus, audible escape.

The Audible plus is a monthly membership that helps to access unlimited streaming and listening.

The Audible escape is a monthly subscription service that gives unlimited access to romance titles.

Where to buy an Audible gift card

You can buy an audible gift card through the amazon website or audible website, which has four subscription packages. That is the package for 12 months with 12 credits plus catalog, six months with six credits plus catalog, three months with three credits plus catalog, and one month with one credit plus catalog.

Step by Step Guide 2022 for gifting Audible audiobooks

In the first step,

You will be required to go to the audible membership gifting page through amazon or the audible website and then select the membership package you would like to gift. So you can gift a number of credits depending on the plan that you have.

In the second step,

You will be required to update your account detail by personalizing them with your personal information and then choose the delivery method – either email or printing. Once you select the email method of delivery, your gift will be sent by audible or amazon to your email address directly. And on the other hand, if you select the print option, you will be required to print it and deliver it in hardcopy.

In the third step,

You will have required to fill out all delivery details, including recipient email, name, date of delivery, and others, and select the design from the customized design section, which has a number of design and text formatting structures.

In the fourth step,

You will be required to preview the design and layout format that you have chosen for your audible membership gift by just clicking the preview button. And a pop-up window will appear previewing your design.

The Last step,

You will close the preview window by clicking the button continue to checkout, which is on the upper or lower right side of the window. Then select the payment method you would like to use, and enter the billing address. Finally, click confirm your purchase button. If you follow all these five-step, they will help to gift audible audiobooks.

How to purchase a gift membership from Audible


In the first step, you will be required to find the audiobooks you would like to purchase as a gift on the audiobooks app summary page. Then click the button named give as a gift located next to the purchase option.


In the second step, you will be required to select the method you would like to send your gift via email, hardcopy, or printable card, fill in all blank entries provided, and then click continue.


In the third step, you must preview the information you added, and if it’s ok, click buy now and confirm your purchase.

How to gift someone an audible membership, or specific audiobooks

You can also purchase for someone who has an audible account using the credit you have. One credit is equivalent to one audiobook. In some cases where the person you are purchasing for doesn’t have a membership, the gift you are offering will give them all the perks for membership depending on the duration of the gift you want to buy.

1 Go to the Audible Gift Membership Page

2 Choose any of the Audible Gift Membership Length

3 Enter Your Details on the Gift Membership Page

4 Confirm Your Purchase

How to gift an audible book to your friends and family

1 The first step of gifting an audible book to your friends and family is to launch your app or log in to your web platform. Then select my library option in the menu or tab or button, depending on the forum you are using.

2 In the second step, you will need to find an audible audiobook that you would like to gift. And then send this book option on the right top of the title.

3 Finally, select the method you would like to use to send the book, which is either via email or printable card.

Frequently asked question

1. How can cancel my membership?

The response is that uninstalling an app or deleting an app is not the same as canceling a membership. To cancel your membership, you will be required to click the membership tab in the menu or the button at the bottom, depending on the platform you are using.

Then it will take you to membership information which at the bottom has a two-button tab indicating switch membership and cancel membership. Then select cancel membership. It will prompt you with a text area requesting you to enter the reason for the cancellation of membership. Then click Finish, and it will send a confirmation email of membership cancellation.

2. How can I purchase a title without audible membership?

The response is that audible content can be purchased without membership. Still, it will require full payment because membership helps to enjoy some benefits like audible plus catalog and credits.

3. What will happen when access to catalog plus is canceled?

The response is that the catalog plus will end at the end of the billing cycle.

4. How to Buy Credits in Audible

You can buy more credit on your audible premium membership account through the top section that indicates the number of remaining credits. There is an option of a special offer that appears just next to the credit point, which would allow you to purchase an additional point at a discounted rate.

5. If I Cancel Audible, Do I Lose My Credits?

Nothing will happen when you cancel the audible; the title you purchased with your credit or credit card will be kept forever.


Audible company has its heart, soul, and mission beyond its financial success. It seeks to exemplify the idea of Newark and global cities by creating economic and education opportunities to advance a more equitable society. They keep their customer connected, informed, and inspired.

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