Audiobook Narration For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

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Audiobook Narration For Beginners


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Everyone has seen the audiobooks section in libraries and bookstores. While some people like to read, others might not have time or would rather listen while commuting or doing other activities.

There are different audiobooks for many other interests, whether romance books, crime novels, horror stories, or children’s books. There is probably an audiobook version of it out there somewhere at your local library or bookstore. Audiobooks can make you feel like you traveled back in time if you use the right voice inflections!

Audiobook narration for beginners

Audiobooks are not only for entertainment; people who can’t read print because of visual disabilities use them. That is why it’s crucial to create the right atmosphere in your voice when you read an audiobook for others.

While some people get audiobooks from public libraries, others purchase them. People also listen to audiobooks during long commutes and while exercising at the gym. There are even ways to earn money by narrating books. Audiobook narration for beginners isn’t just about reading a book with your voice; you need to add inflection and tone to your words to create different styles and effects to produce an immersive experience for listeners.

No one else may have read the book before you, so it’s up to you to put life into the story when creating an audiobook narration for beginners.

How to Become an Audiobook Narrator

1. Find the Right Workplace

You’ll be able to find various audiobook narrator jobs for beginners from home for audiobook narrators. However, before getting started, make sure that you’re comfortable working at home and doing it full-time. It’s also vital that you have a quiet place to work in, where there are no distractions.

2. Get the Right Recording Equipment

Unlike narration for television and film, audiobook narrators are responsible for recording themselves. The equipment required will depend on the format of your book; if it’s an e-book, you’ll need a microphone or converter to be compatible with any device, while CD books require an audio burner or stand-alone machine on which you can record them onto CDs.

3. Read Loud

You should read out loud while recording your audiobook narration for beginners. Naturally, you’ll get warmed up before you begin to record. If possible, try reading the book in front of someone. It will also help if certain parts don’t sound right when you’re reading to yourself.

4. Gain Experience

Start with books that might not be too difficult to narrate so that you can practice and hone your skills in audiobook narration for beginners. You may not be paid for them, but it’s good practice nevertheless. Remember that this is a craft and something that requires lots of patience and attention to detail.

5. Use Quality Recording Software

Audiobooks could include background music, so it’s essential to use quality recording software. Software such as Audacity is free and open-source, so beginners can try it out without paying for it or going through the long learning curve associated with many commercial products.13 Best Audiobook Narrator Jobs (How to Become Audiobook Narrator?)

Audiobook narration for beginners is a tough job, but it’s something that you can learn. If you have the passion and patience to learn how to read stories out loud, then there are lots of career options open for audiobook narrators!

The following are the 13 best Audiobook Narrator Jobs

1. Upwork

This site lists a lot of audiobook narrators. You can choose from different types of projects and between fixed or hourly rates.

2. Scribie

This site provides opportunities for those who want to become audiobook narrators. It lists voice-over jobs and businesses that might need quality control assessment, advice on best recording the book, and other services.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is less for narration and more for voice-overs, but it’s still an excellent way to earn some extra cash if you’re starting.

4. Voicebunny

This site lists gigs for both beginners and pros. If you’re starting, it’s best to check out the options for beginners as this usually means lower pay, but they might help build your portfolio or resume.

5. Voice123

You can sign up for free and receive voice-over jobs on this site. You can choose from different projects, including audiobooks, e-learning courses, commercial work, video games, podcasting, dubbing, original characters creation, or hosting.

6. PeoplePerHour

This site requires that you register for free. You can then choose which projects interest you and send in your application. Once approved, you can start bidding on the project. It’s good to check out previous work done by the buyers so you can provide samples during your application or audition.

7. Fusion Voice

This site is only for UK-based narrators. You can sign up and then register your voice to be matched with available jobs. The site breaks down the rates, so you know what kind of pay you’ll get depending on where you live.

8. ACX

ACX is an American website that lists both audiobook narration and production jobs. You can sign up for free to be listed as a narrator. If you’re not accepted, this site provides other opportunities within the industry, including being an author, producer, studio engineer, or director.

9. Simply Audiobooks

Simply Audiobooks is another American website that explains how to become an audiobook narrator and lists jobs that might interest you. You can enter your information, and they’ll match you with the most appropriate projects; it also recommends suitable equipment for beginners.

10. Audiobook Creation Exchange

If you have a good-quality home recording studio, you can upload your audition, posting results within 24 hours. You’ll earn royalties if your project is accepted.

11. Listening Library

This site lists jobs offered by the publisher called Penguin Audiobooks USA, including gigs for audiobook narration and production.

12. Elance

This site lists all types of gigs related to voice-overs, including audiobook narration. You can choose the project that interests you and enter your bid.

13. Voiceovers.Biz

This site is also for UK-based narrators who can sign up and register their voices to be matched with available jobs. The site breaks down the rates, so you know what kind of pay you’ll get depending on where you live.

Five Things Every Audiobook Beginner Should Know

1. Audiobooks are much more than just reading out loud

Think of it as voice acting. You need to know the story inside out. Otherwise, you’ll end up stumbling over unfamiliar words or sentences. It helps if you can bring to life different characters, create appropriate accents, modulation, and emotions for optimal entertainment.

2. Audiobook narration is a highly competitive business

If you’re starting, start building your portfolio as early as now. Consider joining voice acting clubs or attending workshops for a more rounded training on producing an audiobook with proper narration and delivery.

3. Audiobook narration requires good equipment

You’ll need professional recording studios, so invest in high-quality mics, preamps, and soundproofing before submitting auditions to different sites.

4. Audiobook narration is a flexible job

You can work from home, so it’s easy to balance family time as well as with other part-time jobs. Since you’re your boss, you also have the luxury of choosing how many hours you want to work and which projects appeal to you most.

5. Audiobook narration is a booming career

Not everyone can do it, but you should at least try. You might end up enjoying the Experience and discover a hidden talent in yourself.

How to Get Paid to Narrate Audiobooks

1. Look for audiobook narration jobs

Start by creating your online profile on sites like and so they can match you with appropriate projects. Once you win a project, the company will request an upfront payment to lock you in the project.

2. Build your network

Be active online and never turn down an opportunity to get familiar with other people in the industry who may be able to refer you to another project or two. Remember, referral projects are usually worth more than the regular kind, so it pays to get your name out there wherever possible.

3. Work with a business coach

Find someone who can teach you how to maximize your earning potential. That means learning the ropes for marketing and promoting yourself so you can get more leads and projects in the long run. Prepare a thick skin because this part of the job is not for whiners and complainers.

4. Know your worth

Remember that since you’ll be producing an audiobook, you need to record and edit your material. It means investing in quality equipment and software, so you need to factor in their cost before accepting a project.

How to Find Audiobook Voice Over Jobs from Home

1. Start a home studio

The first step is to invest in quality equipment that will help you get the best voice-over quality. You’ll need a professional mic, software, and monitors to get started.

2. Get yourself discovered

Start applying for auditions on sites like Voice123 to get noticed by production companies looking for new talent. Try recording a demo reel using different exercises from a voice-over workshop so you can show your range of voices and acting abilities.

3. Promote yourself

A good idea is to create a website that showcases your best recordings and traditional media like photographs, video clips, and sound bites. You could also use social networks like Facebook and Twitter by creating an account dedicated to promoting your voice-over career.

4. Look out for new opportunities

You’ll know you’re getting better at voice-over work when more production companies start offering you freelance jobs. That is a good sign that your career will continue growing, so take full advantage of this and keep honing your skills to push yourself even further.

How to Become an Audiobook Narrator – (Step by Step)

1. Find an online training course for beginners

It’s best if the voice-over workshop incorporates different aspects of audiobook narration, so you don’t miss out on anything. Consider looking for international training courses that are taught in English.

2. Find an audiobook production company

An excellent way to kickstart your career is by approaching small yet reliable companies that can offer you more opportunities down the line. You’ll get feedback on your voice and the direction of your narration while they work on the project and offer you more gigs.

3. Participate in audiobook workshops

This will help you become familiar with the voices of other narrators and build a network of contacts that can eventually open up opportunities for working together on new projects. You’ll also get advice from more experienced professionals who have been in the business for a while.

4. Practice narrating short stories and stage plays

Start with your favorite books to have a good idea of narration styles that work best with specific genres. If you’re not comfortable with this yet, start by narrating classic poems or proverbs instead to help develop your voice control and expression.

• FAQs

1. How do you get a job as an audiobook narrator?

Audiobook narrator jobs for beginners are usually announced online through sites like Voices or Voice123. You can also sign up on voice acting training websites where you’ll learn how to get started and find more opportunities for audiobook narration gigs.

2. How much do audiobook narrators get paid?

The payment per book can vary depending on the production company and your Experience in voicing audiobooks.

3. Can you make a living narrating an audiobook?

With time it is possible to make your living by working as an audiobook voice-over talent if your projects are well received.

4. How do I get a job reading books?

To become an audiobook narrator, you need the proper training and Experience in voicing audiobooks. You can also audition for audiobook narration projects online, where production companies post their requirements and look for new talent.

5. How much does an audiobook narrator make per book?

There is no standard rate for how much an audiobook narrator earns in a single project, but you can expect to get around $100 per finished hour of audio.

6. How do I learn narration for audiobooks?

Practice is the best way to become better at narration, so you need to look for short in length books and start practicing your voice-over skills when voicing these texts.

7. Where can I apply for voice acting?

Some of the best places to look for jobs as an audiobook narrator are websites like Voices or Voice123, where companies post their requirements. You can also sign up on training sites to teach you more about this industry and help develop your talent.

8. How do I find narration jobs?

Production companies usually post audiobook narration jobs on their websites, so you can contact them directly if you’re interested in narrating a book.

Final Thoughts

Audiobook narration for beginners is a lot like voice acting, but the main difference lies in how you use your voice when recording. Professionals in this field can work long hours to perfect their narration, which makes up for their high salary. With the proper training and experience, it’s possible to make your living by becoming an audiobook narrator that works on stage plays and other short stories.

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