Used Audio Books: Your Ultimate Budget Stuff

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Used Audio Books


Do you enjoy listening more than reading? Reading is a good experience but listening from my experience is much greater. We connect to it and get to engage our senses. The vibrations, the background, the words, a recollection of all those moments are exhilarating and, to some extent, very engaging. We crave a platform where we are able to listen to raw data and great stories without having to read about it. Imagine having to listen to award-winning artists tell their stories, getting that deeper connection to them, rewarding, isn’t it?

Buying of used audiobooks

Purchasing used audiobooks has become a very easy process thanks to the various sale platforms that exist both online and physically. Used audiobooks are cheaper and offer the same experience as regular ones. Online platforms are the most common ones to do this as the world is already in the digital era. Amazon and Audible are some of the best podiums to find used audiobooks. Making a purchase can be made in the following easy steps.

1. Open the Audible app on your iPhone or Android.

2. Click on the Shopping Cart icon in the top-right corner to open the Audible store.

3. Click the magnifying glass to search for an audiobook or browse the categories.

4. Click on the audiobook you want to purchase.

5. Scroll down and select either “Buy for 1 Credit” or “Buy for $[Price]” to use either your Audible credit or your default payment method.

Selling used Audiobooks and best prices

A person may decide to sell theirs once they’ve used them; this is possible through different online platforms, which allows you to sell used audiobooks safely and on your terms. It is very convenient in that you upload your audiobook and start selling within an hour. Their platform offers guidelines on how to go about it with ease. Listeners are able to stream online on any device or download within a mobile app, and all you require to do is simply direct listeners to your sales page on Awesound. You are able to charge listeners through the e-commerce site. Regular audiobooks are expensive than e-books and range between $20 and $30 as they require a lot of work through the creation and selling process. Used audiobooks are charged slightly lower and are available on these very same platforms.

Best audiobook sale platforms online

Creating audiobooks can be done in two ways that are, hiring a narrator or being the narrator. There are various distribution platforms for audiobooks. These include, OverDrive, and Downpour. One of the most popular platforms that authors, publishers, and agents regularly use is Audiobook Creation Exchange, a podium on Amazon, which produces and distributes audiobooks on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Audiobooks are available for sale

The list of audiobooks available for purchase is practically endless, and there’s always something for everyone to suit your tastes and preferences. They range from poetry, memoirs, and biographies, amongst others. Here are some top picks and their genres.

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey Memoir

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Romantic comedy

Selling old audiobooks online

Audiobooks are expensive; hence it would be advisable to sell your old ones rather than have them lying around. Some of the places you can sell them are the flea market, at an e-bay auction, or at a second-hand book shop enlisted online. Other platforms include sites such as momox that buy them at a guaranteed fixed price. By selling, this allows you to declutter and create space for more while earning some coins while at it.

Benefits to the reader

Readers argue that these books provide them with an exciting way to experience stories. Audiobooks are definitely here to stay, with their preference already on the rise. Here are some of their advantages:

1. They permit multitasking.

2. Enhance the reading experience

3. They save space compared to books

4. They are time-saving

How to sell them online

Amazon being the bestselling site offers the following steps:

I. Go to the Amazon homepage.

II. Scroll toward the middle and click on “Sell Your Stuff.”

III. Select “Books” from the product categories available.

IV. Type the serial number or keyword for your audiobook into the offered space and then click “Start Selling.”

V. Scroll through the items available until you find the audiobook you have to sell.

VI. Click on the option “Sell Yours Here.”

VII. Select the condition of your product and add additional comments about the audiobook. Make sure you include any additional information, then click on “Continue.”

VIII. Enter the price details, the quantity, and the method of shipment.

IX. Review the information, then submit.

Audiobooks or reading? Experts take

Even for book lovers, finding time to read can be a challenge hence the reliance on audiobooks. According to Beth Rogowsky, an associate professor of education at the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, she was a fan of audiobooks but always viewed them as cheating.

According to Daniel Willingham, a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, audiobooks deny users the spatial clues they would use while reading. He says, “As you’re reading a narrative, the sequence of events is important, and knowing where you are in a book helps you build that arc of the narrative,”


1. Does anyone buy audiobooks?

Yes, people buy audiobooks. In fact, they are the fastest-growing division in publishing. Sales keep increasing according to US statistics done over the years.

2. Where can I sell my audiobooks?

There are various platforms used to sell these audiobooks. They include, Overdrive, and Downpour. Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) found on Amazon is one of the most common platforms for authors, publishers, and agents.

3. Can you resell audible books?

Yes, you can. Audible has a return strategy that allows an active Audible Premium Plus affiliate to switch to a new narrator or story without losing recognition or even return labels that have been bought wrongly.

4. Can I sell audiobooks of public domain books?

Yes, it is completely permissible to sell public domain works. You can include annotation, create an audio version, change the text, or whatever you wish to do.

5. How do I sell audio recordings?

Audio recordings are sold via digital platforms such as Guru can. Other programs such as ACX also help you sell on Amazon, iTunes, and other platforms.

6. Can you make money selling audiobooks?

Yes, you can. Sellers with their own websites are able to earn 100% revenue from sales. On platforms such as audible, sales are dependent on distribution rights among publishers, authors, and narrators and can earn up to 40% royalties.

7. How much do audiobooks sell for?

Expert narrators can expect to earn from $168.25 per hour or $1,346 for a finished audiobook up to 8 hours. Equally, non-union narrators with skill could earn between $90 and $250 an hour.

8. How do I sell my audiobooks directly?

Having a website helps you sell directly and gain 100% on sales, and you get to know who your customer is. There are platforms designed to help you sell audiobooks directly and gain as many royalties as possible.

Final thought

Audiobooks are a great way to enhance your listening skills and are easy to listen to on the go. They can be a way of gaining more information due to their convenience. However, experts encourage reading as a better method of acquiring knowledge.

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