Top Five Exciting Cecilio Violin Reviews 2022

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Cecilio, which derives its name from the patron saint of music St. Cecilia, is an esteemed company that produces great and quality violins. The company boasts a common ground in pricing while maintaining its high quality. They also get lots of affection from violinists, beginners to upgrading learners, for their quality hand-made violins and high-end bows, and the suitability the instruments have for learners of all ages. Yes, the Cecilio may not be as blissful as a Guarneri or a Stradivarius, but it is an affordable opportunity to get your hands on a quality violin-like Cecilio violin.

This is made sure by the vigorous tests the Cecilio violin is taken through to fit its purpose. Additionally, the materials used such as the spruce or maple, fittings, and strings from D’Addario offer more quality with an assurance of not having to change the bow strings every now and then.

It is important to note that Cecilio offers a wide range of pieces that befits all violinist needs and performances.

Best Cecilio Violin Reviews

Do you find it hard to search for the best violin that suits your needs in the market? We’ve got you covered. Here is a comparison and guide information table that contains details of various Cecilio models in the market. The data is gathered from previous customers’ reviews and ratings.

Kindly note, that from the models, reviewed, the Cecilio 1/4 CVN-300 was the best. Some of its notable features include, a solid spruce wood top, maple back, ebony fingerboard, tailpiece with detachable nickel-coated tuners, and a freight case. While some models like Cecilio L1/2CEVN-L1BK may have high ratings, it is important to note that the comparison considers the number of customers

Comparison Table: Cecilio Violin

Name of Cecilio ModelFeaturesAmazon
  Cecilio 1/4 CVN-300Spruce top, Maple back, Ebony fingerboard, 2 x Brazil wood bow, Unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, 1 Year Warranty  4.6
  Cecilio CVN-100Hand-carved solid spruce top with maple back & sides, Maple fingerboard, Full-Size natural varnish violin, 1 Year Warranty  4.2
  Cecilio CVN-300Antique varnish, solid spruce wood top, maple back, Strung with D’Addario Prelude Strings  4.2
  Cecilio CVN-600Size 4/4 violin, hand-carved highly flamed 1-piece maple back, hand-rubbed oil finish, 4 detachable fine tuner  4.1
  Cecilio L1/2CEVN-L1BKSize 1/2, style 1 left-handed electric/silent violin, black metallic varnish, Brazil wood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair  5.0

1. Cecilio 1/4 CVN-300 Ebony Fitted Solid Wood Violin

This is popular for its beautiful design and the sound it produces. This is made possible by the solid wood spruce top, ¼ size fitted with an ebony fingerboard and a tailpiece that has detachable nickel-plated fine tuners.

Additionally, the model is suitable for a beginner or an intermediate and any level of musical skill. The neck and sides of the violin have a beautifully designed inland find and varnish finishing and durable Brazilian wood.

The model comes with an extra set of violin strings, and a lightweight hard case for convenient storage and freight.


  • Dimensions 27 x 5 x 10 inches
  • Weight 3.45 pounds


  • The materials used are durable and will give you service for a long time.
  • This model gives you pride when playing with its awesome art thanks to the ebony fingerboard and tailpiece.
  • The violin comes with extra items such as 2 bridges, a lightweight hard case, a set of violin strings, and a quality rosin cake.
  • For anyone not willing to upgrade, this model will come in handy as it suits a beginner or intermediate player for a long time which saves you money in the long run.
  • The item comes with a 1-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.


  • Fairly hard to complain about anything about this model but if there is anything to write home about then it would be its price though the quality marches the cost.

2. Cecilio CVN-100

For a musician, finding the best instrument to help you develop your skills is crucial. Having this model allows you to learn new tricks daily with regard to the features that come along with it. The violin has the following features, 4/4 full-size body, natural varnish, hand-carved solid top, fingerboard and back and sides made of maple, and an alloy tailpiece with four integrated fine tuners.

Additionally, the violin comes with a lightweight hard case for storage and efficient movement. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder rest.


  •  Weighs 4.8 pounds
  •  Dimensions 32 x 5 x 12 inches


  • A student instrument that is versatile and less costly.
  • Beautifully designed thanks to the stylish maple back and sides and hand-carved solid spruce top.
  • Maple construction ensures quality sound transmission
  • Comes with extras such as a hard case, tuner, and other items.


  • Has very little resonance.
  • The bridge can be knocked off during shipping as it is held in position by the tensions of the strings.

3. Cecilio CVN-300

Termed a student’s violin, it allows a learner to correct their mistakes and improve their skills because it provides accurate sound. This hand-crafted instrument has the following features, inlaid purfling on the neck and sides, carved solid spruce wood on the top, full 4/4 size, and maple back.

The strings are D’Addario Prelude Strings and a durable ebony fingerboard. The tailpiece comes with four detachable nickel-coated fine tuners with an adjustable shoulder rest. Additionally, the violin comes with a lesson book and a lightweight case.


Dimensions32 x 12 x 5 inches
Weight5 pounds
Sizes1/4 – 4/4
BackAged Maple
TopAged Spruce
Fittings DetailsMade of ebony and used for pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece, and chinrest.
Bows2 bows
StringsD’Addario Prelude
Outfit and additionalsMade of wood, horse hair, and a spare bridge
Warranty1 year


  • Easy to learn.
  • It is a versatile model and can be used with a beginner and an intermediate.
  • Less costly but of high quality.
  • Highly durable because of the ebony fittings used.


  • It can be annoying to beginners because it needs to be tuned regularly.
  • It is versatile but it cannot be used by advanced players.

4. Cecilio CVN-600 Hand Oil Rub Highly Flamed

The beautifully crafted model boasts oil rubbed hand finish, an inland purfling, hand-carved highly flamed maple wood, a top that is made from solid-grained spruce wood, and a durable fingerboard. The tailpiece has four separable fine tuners with the instrument strung with a set of D’Addario Prelude Strings.

Other notable features and extra components include a chromatic tuner with a metronome, a deluxe oblong case fitted with velvet interiors, and a hygrometer. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder rest, two bows and a learners guide, an extra bridge, and a quality rosin cake.


  •  Weighs 6.75 pounds
  • Dimensions 32 x 13 x 7 inches


  • The ebony tailpiece with a mother of pearl inlay completed with a hand-rubbed finish gives this model a classy look.
  • The body is highly durable as it is made from a 7 year aged strong maple.
  • It is perfect for soloists as it can produce a vibrant and dynamic sound.
  • It has an adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding.
  • Comes with a chromatic tuner with a metronome.
  • Packaged with a lesson book.


  • It is among the most expensive models on our list.
  • The packaging does not protect the violin from scratches or dents during transportation and freight.

5. Cecilio L1/2CEVN-L1BK

This model is specifically designed for left-handed users. It also allows you to practice at any given moment without causing any disturbance to other people. Notable design features are an attractive black metallic varnish, an ebony-made fingerboard, hand-carved solid maple wood, and a tail-piece with a stunning pearl inlay.

The product package comes with a Brazilwood bow that has unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, 9V Alkaline batteries, headphones, quality rosin cake, a bridge, and a lightweight case for transportation.


  •  Weighs 4 pounds
  •  Dimensions 27 x 5 x 10 inches


  • Comes with a set of headphones, cabling, and other accessories that will aid you in practice without causing noise disturbances to others.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The materials used are highly durable.
  • Can be used where there is no power as it comes with 9v alkaline batteries.
  • Has an added benefit that an electric instrument comes with.
  • Has a very stylish design.


  • It is costly for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cecilio Violin

Q: How Good Is the Cecilio Violin Brand?

The Cecilio is a good brand because it is known for the production of high-quality products that may even cost you less than other brand products. The brand is highly recommended and is teacher-approved. The violin is taken through rigorous testing and trial. That is how that ensures its quality standards. The materials used to make this violin are durable, of high quality, and top-notch. Furthermore, they produce versatile instruments that can be used by intermediates and professionals likewise.

Q: Can the Cecilio Violin be Used by Beginners?

Yes. The violin can be played by anyone at any age and at any skill level. Upgrading is determined by your desire to learn more and more especially your discipline. What is more important is being critical with your discipline and developing a learning style. We all have different learning traits and paces.

Kindly note that some Cecilio violin brands come with a learner’s book that will aid you in learning the violin. They also come strung with bridges that are attached out of the box making it easier for students to start. The products are also available in different sizes that ensure all needs of a player. As a result, they are highly satisfied with the product.

Q: Where Do Cecilio Violins Come From?

The Cecilio violins, which derive their name from the patron saint of music St Cecilia, are made in the state of California. The violin draws so much popularity from the fact that there is so much care put into making them and the technique used is centuries old. The reason why their prices are astonishingly affordable is that it is a US-based brand and everything is made in-house. The brand is versatile and produces instruments for all skill levels and also produces high-quality products that undergo severe tests.

Q: How Much Do Cecilio Violins Cost?

Well, this depends more on what you are looking for. However, the Cecilio is versatile and has a wide range of products to look for, and notably, all of them will give you value for money. The price ranges vary but you can get entry-level equipment for as slow as $100 or even less. The Cecilio also offers an instrument that can help you upgrade but for a little more cost. With as much as $200 you can get a perfect beginner’s violin.

It is safe to say that Cecilio produces high-quality pocket-friendly violins that will surely serve you well.

Final Thoughts

The Cecilio is a customer-oriented company that produces high-quality violins that without a doubt meet the needs of the modern classical music world. They produce versatile instruments that can be used for performances at any stage.

You will most certainly fall in love with this brand whether you want to purchase a violin as a beginner or when you want to upgrade. Whatever the case, you are sure to get value for money and can never go wrong with any of their models.

Enjoy your playing!

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