An Ultimate Guide of Makala Ukulele Review

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Makala Ukulele Review


Finding the right ukelele isn’t easy. After all, there are lots of different brands to choose from. Nevertheless, stumble with the right brand of ukulele and you’ll stick with it for life. But how do you find the right brand anyway? To answer, there are no fixed rules about what makes a good or bad brand. What you need to think about is that if the brand makes ukeleles that look good, sound good, and feel good, don’t hesitate to check it right away.

If you’re looking for ukeleles that work well for practicing and gigs, Makala ukuleles are worth the try. Come with me and familiarize yourself with Makala.

I wrote this article in two parts. The first section will be a general Makala ukelele review. Meanwhile, the second section will provide you with a more specific and detailed review of specific Makala ukeleles such as the Makala shark and Makala dolphin.

What Makes Makala Good?

Talk with professional players and most will tell you to try Makala ukeleles. Makala ukuleles are high-quality instruments that sound good yet are affordable at the same time. This is why seasoned ukelele players recommend Makala to beginners. They last for a long and will be of service even after you’ve mastered the basic and advanced techniques for playing the ukelele like a pro.

the factors that make Makala ukuleles good:

Very Affordable

Makala ukuleles are very cheap. Commonly, dealers sell them for only $300 or lower. But why are Makala ukeleles so cheap anyway? To answer, most of its ukeleles cater to the needs of beginners. After all, not all can afford a $1000 or $2000 ukelele just for practice. Even though cheap, I love that Makala ukuleles aren’t knockoffs. So aside from being affordable, they look beautiful and won’t betray your eardrums.

Intelligent Design

The design of Makala ukeleles doesn’t only cater to producing quality sound. They also help users develop good habits while learning to play the ukelele. For example, the frets of Makala ukeleles allow for efficient fingering so that users will find it easier to master chords and practice scales. In connection, their base or body allows for the comfortable positioning of the shoulders and arms. Finally, all Makala ukeleles use components that are self-intuitive and allow the user to install strings or adjust tones without help.

Very Diverse

Not all Makala ukeleles are the same. There are lots for you to choose from. The three types of Makala ukeleles at present are soprano, baritone, and classic concert. Makala soprano ukeleles are perfect for singing on a high pitch. Makala baritone ukeleles are ideal for singing in low pitch. And Makala concert ukeleles are perfect for recitals.

Made Out Of Premium Grade Materials

Makala ukuleles are made from premium-grade materials. Aside from design, the materials that make up a ukelele affect its sound. Quality materials allow a ukelele to give out a rich reverberating quality. On the other hand, poor materials result in a ukelele that’s hollow or dead. Makala ukuleles are impressive when it comes to materials. An example is the Makala concert soprano ukulele that’s made out of mahogany. It’s a lightweight and comfortable ukelele that produces a very satisfying sound.

Best Makala Ukuleles

The first part of our discussion is only a general review of Makala ukeleles. That’s why you shouldn’t leave yet. Read the Makala shark ukulele review and Makala dolphin ukelele review in this section to get an idea about the best Makala ukeleles in the market.

Makala Green Surf Shark Ukulele

Makala Green Surf Shark Ukelele looks very tropical. Its summery look is due to its glossy blue-green finish that resists scratching quite well. It uses a bridge that manufacturers shaped like a shark, hence the name. In connection, this shark-shaped bridge comes with large holes that allow for the easier installation of the strings.

This product uses a mahogany neck that’s paired with a walnut fingerboard. The walnut fingerboard feels very smooth. Furthermore, the mahogany neck is resistant to bending and ensures that Makala Green Surf Shark Ukelele doesn’t sound out of tune due to continuous usage.

Maka Green Surf Shark Ukelele is perfect for singing in the scales of G, C, E, and A. This product is a soprano ukelele so expect that it delivers high-pitched tones. Nevertheless, don’t be worried because this ukelele doesn’t sound scratchy. For the best performance, I suggest that you install Italian nylgut strings.

Aside from green, you can also obtain a blue, yellow, gray, violet, black, white, and red Makala shark ukulele.

Makala Dolphin Ukulele

Makala Dolphin Ukelele is another great option if Makala Green Surf Shark Ukelele doesn’t suit your preferences. This product comes in more vibrant colors than the previous product. Makala Dolphin Ukelele is available in pearl white, burst pink, metallic blue, candy apple red, charcoal black, light blue burst, pink burst, red burst, green apple burst, and purple burst colors.

This product uses a mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard. The rosewood fingerboard is smooth and resistant to scratching from the nails. In connection, the mahogany neck allows for the comfortable positioning of the right or left shoulder and arm. Manufacturers also installed this product with a dolphin-shaped graphite bridge with plastic nut and saddle.

In addition, Makala Dolphin Ukelele comes with a traveling bag that allows for easy transportation.

Makala Ukulele Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Kala and Makala The Same?

Kala and Makala aren’t the same but are related. Makala is a cheaper version of Kala ukeleles. That said, Makala is a beginner version of the more advanced Kala ukeleles. Nevertheless, Makala performs as well as Kala does. However, an advantage that you’ll get when choosing Makala over Kala is that you’ll get to save money because it’s cheaper.

Q: Are There Other Makala Ukeleles Aside From Makala Dolphin and Makala Shark?

Makala Dolphin and Makala Shark are only two of the wide array of ukeleles that Makala has in store. If you don’t like them, great alternatives are the Makala classic mahogany concert ukulele and Makala MK-B ukelele. and Makala MK-S bundle.

Q: How Popular Are Makala Ukeleles?

Makala ukuleles are very popular. Adults and teens are dying to their hands on a unit. Supply can’t keep up with demand as a result, and it’s common for dealers to run out of Makalala ukeleles in store.

Q: So How Do I Ensure That I Get A Makalala Ukelele First?

The best thing to do is to visit online stores that sell Makala ukeleles every day. You can also opt to read blogs like this from time to time. Usually, authors like me provide updates when Makala ukeleles become available in the market once again. You cal also opt to join Makala communities online and buy cheap secondhand Makala ukeleles from other users.

Final Thoughts

If you’re tight on budget but want to get your hands on quality ukeleles, Makala is worth the try. Makala ukuleles are made out of quality materials, have intelligent design, and are very diverse. Nevertheless, they’re affordable and won’t strain your finances.

Try the Makala Shark or Makala Dolphin if you’re looking for the best model of Makala ukeleles. I hope that my Makala shark ukelele review and Makala dolphin ukelele review gave you all the necessary information for making a smart purchase.

To end, your first ukelele doesn’t have to be expensive. It only needs to perform well and last for long. Try Makala ukeleles now!

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