Singing Bowls For Sale: A Complete Guide (2022)

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Best Singing Bowls


Investing in your first singing bowl or expanding your collection can be daunting when you see all of the different singing bowls for sale. If you’re new to the market or simply looking for a different variety than you already own, this product guide will provide some of the basic information regarding the pros and cons of each variety of singing bowls.

I also provide my choice for each category to cut out some of the guessing work and help you find great products.

Variety of bowls:

Singing bowls are a variety of standing bells that are played differently. Most standing bells are played by striking the instrument with a mallet. Singing bells are played by running a mallet around the upper edge, or rim, of the instrument. This will produce a long musical note.

The note produced depends on the type and size of the bowl. Different notes are best for different uses, so it is important that you know what effect you wish to achieve and what note will help you achieve it before making your purchase.

Most of the singing bowls I review below come in several different notes. If you like my choice but need a different note, you will likely be able to find what you are looking for from the same sellers that I list.

In this overview, I discuss antique singing bowls, large singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, glass singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, and used singing bowls.

When looking for purchasable singing bowls, these are the most common varieties you will find. For a quicker breakdown of my choices, please refer to the comparison chart towards the end of the article.


antique singing bowl for sale
antique singing bowl

You may desire an antique singing bowl because of its added historical and cultural significance. Finding genuine antiques can be tricky. When looking for antique singing bowls for sale, you must also consider whether or not the seller is trustworthy and has a good reputation.

I have done a bit of this work for you, and provide my top choice for quality antique singing bowls for sale.

My Choice:

6.25″ Medium Antique Singing Bowl with Faint Engravings

Price: $449.00

Recommended Antique Singing Bowl Models:

Nepal-engraved with 5 buddha-Real antique singing bowl
8.5″ Hand-hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl
(Antique Finished)
Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ Antique Design

Joseph Feinstein offers a collection of rare, antique singing bowls from Nepal. His products receive high ratings from customers. Each product available on this site provides a sound clip allowing customers to hear the instrument being played before purchasing.

In addition, each antique singing bowl comes with a certificate of authenticity, two free mallets that were personally selected by the seller, and a free handmade cushion. Until 2019, this antique collection was considered part of his Singing Bowl Museum.

While the website does include the information that they, as a company, have been in business since 2001, they do not offer details regarding how old the singing bowls actually are.


singing bowl for sale
Large singing bowl

When looking for singing bowls for sale, one must consider the size. Smaller singing bowls may be desired for their portability. But larger singing bowls offer deeper vibrations, which can be desirable for meditation practices.

Large singing bowls are also useful when playing in a group, as their sound may resonate more than a smaller bowl. Large singing bowls are typically 12″ or larger. Some companies make singing bowls that are several feet wide, but these are certainly not ideal for travel.

It is also important to note that it is not guaranteed that a larger bowl will produce a deeper note than a smaller bowl, as thickness will also affect the note.

A thicker bowl likely means a higher note. In looking for large singing bowls for sale, I have sought out a thin bowl that will produce a deeper note. I’ve also chosen one that is 12″ because, while it is not as portable as smaller bowls, it is still possible to transport it if necessary.

My Choice:

12″ B Note Singing Bowl

Price: $139.00

Recommended Large Singing Bowl Models:

9″ G Throat Chakra Old Tibetan Singing Bowl
10″ Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl for Master Chakra Healing
8″ Solar Plexus Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl~ for Meditation,

The online company, CVNC, offers a unique look to their singing bowls. They are made of frosted quartz and look more modern than traditional singing bowls.

CVNC offers many different singing bowls for sale, including this larger bowl that plays a strong B note. They include a mallet with every purchase. Compared to other large singing bowls for sale, this bowl is sold at a low price.


Tibetan singing bowl

If you are seeking a Tibetan singing bowl for sale, you most likely value tradition and authenticity. Some websites will claim to sell Tibetan singing bowls in reference to the style of the bowl rather than its origin.

I have found a trusted seller who provides bowls made in Tibet. Traditional Tibetan singing bowls are made from a blend of 7 metals, although there are varieties that include 2-4 metals.

The range of metals will contribute to the notes produced by the singing bowl, and 7 metals will create a range of sound and vibrations that is both beautiful and relaxing.

Tibetan singing bowl

My Choice:

Kathmandu Valley Collection Singing Bowl

Price: $199

Recommended Tibetan Singing Bowl Models:

Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 
Reehut 4.2” Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set
Innovahome Handmade palm-size Meditation Yoga Singing brass Bowl Set

Because these bowls are handmade in the Kathmandu Valley, an exact size cannot be guaranteed, but this bowl is approximately 6-7″. The company guarantees ethical treatment and payment for their craftsmen, who hand hammer their bowls with a unique blend of 7 metals. These Tibetan singing bowls for sale offer clear, beautiful notes that can be sampled online before purchase.


himalayan singing bowl

While Himalayan singing bowls may include Tibetan singing bowls, they can also refer to singing bowls from Nepal or India. When looking for Himalayan singing bowls for sale, this may create some confusion.

One distinction between Tibetan and Nepalese preferences is color. Often, Tibetan bowls are a darker copper while Nepalese bowls are a lighter gold. My choice for Himalayan singing bowls for sale was made in the Nepalese tradition and is golden in color.

As with my other choice from Joseph Feinstein’s collection, this bowl comes with two free mallets and a free handmade cushion. It also provides a sound clip that allows the buyer to sample the note and tone produced by the bowl.

This site offers other Himalayan singing bowls for sale if you desire a different size or thickness to produce a different note.


 singing bowl

If you are in search of glass singing bowls for sale, you may have some difficulty. Any search for glass singing bowls will show, instead, listings for crystal singing bowls for sale. This is because the glass will not produce the right sound and buyers do not want to provide glass singing bowls for sale if the quality cannot be guaranteed.

Do not be dismayed, however. There are many types of crystal singing bowls in different colors and sizes that are incredibly beautiful and high in quality.

If you desire the appearance of glass, I have found crystal singing bowls that are clear and shining that mimic the look of glass.

Sunseed offers a variety of clear quartz singing bowls. So you will find the size and note you need with the appearance of glass.

As of right now, it does appear that crystal bowls that have been made to look similar to glass are pricier than more standard crystal bowls. So you may want to consider how important it is to you that your singing bowl resembles glass.


crystal singing bowl

Metal singing bowls are more traditional than crystal singing bowls and produce a medley of notes that come together to make complex music. Crystal singing bowls are a modern creation and produce one long, clear note that many people use for meditation.

Certain notes are considered to be aligned with specific chakras, so if you need specialized healing, crystal is the best option for you. There are many different options when it comes to crystal singing bowls for sale.

For example, my choice listed above for a larger singing bowl is made of opaque, pearl-colored quartz, which means that it resides in the crystal family.

Crystal singing bowls can also come in a range of colors, so you are not limited to the lighter pearl tones. One advantage of finding crystal singing bowls for sale is the variety available, and I will sample a few of those here.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Multi-colored Crystal Singing Bowls

Silver Sky Imports offers a fun and vibrant variety of crystal singing bowls that are sure to please the eye.

However, they are significantly pricier than most crystal singing bowls, ranging from $900-$2,000. If you are looking for something unique to add to your collection and are willing to spend a great deal of money, these may interest you.

However, they are not my choice, simply because this price is so high compared to the many crystal singing bowls available online.

If the color is still what you seek, TOP FUND offers a solid violet or solid blue singing bowl for a significantly lower price than most places that offer colorful crystal singing bowls.

The bowl comes with a wooden-handled mallet that is not as ornate as some options. But it is never required that you use the mallet that comes with your singing bowl.

The company offers free replacement for bowls broken during delivery, which is a big perk when it comes to ordering delicate products online.


used singing bowl
used singing bowl

Looking for used singing bowls for sale is a different process than looking for antique singing bowls for sale. If you are looking for used singing bowls, you are likely to consider budget over cultural significance. It need not be old or “antique,” but rather affordable.

However, quality is still an important factor. Nothing is more upsetting than finding and purchasing a used singing bowl for sale just to discover upon arrival that it is beaten up and fails to produce the desired music.

Oftentimes, sellers of used singing bowls will use the words “vintage” or “antique” in the descriptions of their singing bowls for sale. This is something you will want to look out for.

If you are purchasing a used or pre-owned singing bowl in order to find a lower price, I suggest looking for singing bowls that cost less than $60. For $60 or more, you can easily find a lovely, brand-new singing bowl.

You will also want to make sure that the seller has good ratings from previous customers and has some type of guarantee for the quality of their products. eBay is a particularly good site to browse because they ensure that buyers will get their money back if the purchased product is unsatisfactory.

There are a few reasons why I like this used singing bowl. It is simple. The seller has provided several images from different angles that allow me to see that it is in fairly good shape.

In conclusion

Finally, it has a money-back guarantee if it arrives damaged. These are all things you will want to look for in a listing for used singing bowls.

However, the seller does not say exactly what note the bowl plays, which is one of the drawbacks of buying used singing bowls. There are certain luxuries you are not guaranteed, and that can include notes, materials, exact measurements, and origins.

If these are things you are not willing to sacrifice, you might want to consider saving up a little more money to purchase a new singing bowl.

Hopefully, this product guide has provided some of the information you need to make an informed decision about singing bowls. Below, I have compiled the information about each of my choices as a review of everything you’ll want to know about these products.


Our Choice 






Historical and cultural value. Unique designs. 

Can be expensive. Can be difficult to verify authenticity.   




Bigger vibration. Louder notes. 

Not easily portable.   



Traditional. Handmade. Typically made from 7 metals. Several notes at once. 

Not one guaranteed size if handmade.   



Traditional. Potentially lower prices. 

Can be difficult to verify authenticity.   



Unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Not true glass. Closest option is clear quartz.   




Many options. Single, strong note. Good for aligning chakras. 

Not traditional.   




Lower prices. 

Less information available to buyer. Less options. Potential damage or low quality.    


I hope that you find the perfect singing bowl for you and that this guide helps you get started on your spiritual or meditative quest for peace and harmony. The journey of purchasing a singing bowl is a journey of self-improvement.

Finding the best available singing bowl for your needs will hopefully be a little easier now that you’ve done some research and seen the different benefits or drawbacks of each variety!

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