Kennedy Violin Review: The Ultimate Choice of Violinist

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Kennedy Violin Review


You will always develop problems with your inner urge to develop skills if you don’t have or if you don’t get inner skills. One thing that you can be sure of is that the best quality violin will always affect the kind of performance that you will get. With Kennedy violins, you can be sure that our music will have to move to a higher level than what you have encountered before. Don’t just try them out but buy them right away.

Top Ten Kennedy Violin Review

10. Antonio Giuliani Etude Violin Outfit 4/4 Full-Size Clearance By Kennedy Violins

Looking for the best violin that comes as a complete outfit? Well, look no further than this model. It includes a Suzuki book 1, a clip-on tuner, high-quality Rosin, Portland Oblong case, a Giuliani Brazilwood bow, as well as, extra string. The package also includes a Portland carbon fiber shoulder rest, a string cleaning cloth, and a luggage tag. This instrument comes assembled to give you more time for playing your violin.

It is handcrafted with spruce tonewoods and solid maple to guarantee you durability of your violin. This beautiful instrument has 100% genuine ebony fittings and is finished with oil. The durable Mongolian horsehair will ensure you get a smooth, full tone each time you play. Don’t hesitate to buy this well-crafted instrument if you were looking for the best violin that can gather your needs.


  • Comes readily assembled.
  • Handcrafted with high-quality materials for longevity.
  • Backed with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Completed with an oil finish.


  • A bit expensive.

9. Electric Violin Bunnel Edge Outfit 4/4 Full-Size Clearance (RED), By Kennedy Violins

This is another high-quality violin brand for the price. It is a great instrument you can use to develop your violin skills and you’ll love the rich and clear sound it produces. It is professionally set up to let you receive yours fully assembled. The instrument comes with a Giuliani Rosin, Giuliani Brazilwood bow with real horsehair to deliver a smooth, full tone.

The solid-carved maple alongside the ebony fittings makes this violin look good. Also, the tailpiece features four fine tuners and intermediate players are going to fall in love with this well-crafted violin. It is a perfect item for the rock star in you. It comes with a 9-volt battery and the genuine mother of pearl accents will make your instrument have alluring look in any room.


  • Durable, real Mongolian horsehair to ensure a smooth, full tone.
  • Over-ear headphones are ideal for at-home practice.
  • The full suspension case has straps and accessory compartments.
  • It comes with a control slider designed for tone and volume.


  • It is not a top-notch instrument.

8. Louis Carpini G3 Violin 4/4 Full-Size Bundle By Kennedy Violins

Looking for the highest-rated stringed instrument? Well, this Carpini 4/4 violin is what you can invest in. It comes with everything you require to start playing including a luggage tag, Kaplan Artcraft rosin, Portland String set, Portland Elite case, Giuliani Brazilwood bow, and a string cleaning cloth. Final set-up and assembly have been done so you can receive your elegant violin ready to play.

It is handcrafted with sturdy maple and spruce tonewoods and then completed with an oil finish. What you will love is the fact that this instrument comes backed by a lifetime warranty. You have nothing to doubt or worry about. Consider this instrument if you have to advance your violin skills.


  • Comes fully assembled and ready to be used.
  • Handcrafted with long-lasting materials.
  • Comes as a complete outfit.
  • Oil-based finish so no thick lacquer.


  • Not suitable for starters.

7. Bunnel Premier Violin Outfit 1/10 Size

If you’re looking for a nice violin that has been upgraded, then this is what you can count on. It features improved quality of wood and is professionally made to deliver a richer, warmer sound. It is set up by experienced luthiers. Tight-grained spruce and naturally dried maple have been used to design this new violin.

It features polished fingerboard, pegs, high-grade ebony fittings, inlaid purfling A custom fit, and a high-grade maple bride. This premier instrument comes with a polishing cloth, a Portland Oblong carrying case, as well as, backup strings. Playing your music requires the best quality violin and this is the right one you can rely on.


  • Comes well set up by experienced luthiers.
  • Solid maple wood construction for a richer, warmer sound.
  • Oil-based finish expects no thick lacquer.
  • Exceeds all MENC and Suzuki standards.


  • None identified so far.

6. Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size

This is one of the highest-rated stringed instruments you can trust. It comes as a complete outfit assembled and ready to play once you open the case. This model is beautifully handcrafted with sturdy maple and spruce tonewoods. It features 100% genuine ebony fittings and is finished with satin oil. Also, the instrument comes with everything you require to start to play.

It comes at a much lower cost and a great choice for anyone who’s working on a budget. This glamorous violin is made to produce a clear tone, as well as, huge amplification. It comes with a durable oblong case designed with straps, a music pocket, and sturdy YKK zippers.


  • Classic shoulder rest for your comfort while playing.
  • Built-in fine tuners conveniently placed.
  • Extra set of Portland strings for your convenience.
  • Long-lasting, real Mongolian horsehair to deliver a smooth, full tone.


  • After multiple tunings, it can sound different from expected.

5. Louis Carpini G2 Violin Outfit 1/2 Size

The sound of this instrument is both refined and balanced. The color is also great and the sound is more than decent. Everything is handcrafted, carved, and then put together. Many violin instructors can attest that this elegant violin is a great choice for advanced players.

It has a cool look and you can think that it is expensive. This violin is designed with D’Addario prelude strings and offers a rich sound that is of the finest quality. It comes ready to play and the kit includes a bridge, a hard case that is lined with velveteen cloth, rosin, and a Brazilwood bow.


  • Produces sounds of the highest quality.
  • Cool looking like the color that is suitable for all players.
  • Comes as a complete kit ready to play.
  • Suitable for intermediate violin.


  • None has been encountered so far.

4. Antonio Giuliani Etude Violin Outfit 1/2 Size

This is another great model and a suitable choice for new violin players designed to help them to learn new techniques and also master their violin skills. Not only will that, but advancing students and intermediate players find this instrument very helpful. It is made to deliver exceptional sound and the gorgeous, deep reddish-brown color makes it outstanding.

The oil finish makes this item look nice and it is even pleasing to the eye the detailed setup plus woodwork will guarantee users comfortable playability. It has a beautiful maple back, genuine high-grade ebony fittings, and four fine tuners. You’ll get a warm, clear sound from this handmade Keneddy violin.


  • Lightweight design to guarantee comfortable transportation.
  • The smooth handle on hinges is designed for comfortable carrying.
  • Fitting bridge feet are designed to match the curvature of the instrument.
  • Oil finish that is pleasing to the eye.


  • Probably expensive.

3. Bunnel Premier Violin Clearance Outfit 1/10 Size

The Premier is another excellent choice suitable for beginning student instruments. It has an improved quality of wood to guarantee you a richer, warmer sound. The authentic, hand-rubbed oil finish makes this outstanding Kennedy violin look expensive. Forget about those violins coated with a glossy lacquer finish since it hinders the quality of tone production.

Not only doesn’t this instrument look more professional, but also remains true to history. The tried-and-true standards of individually hand-crafted design make this violin a must-have. Users will appreciate the construction, design, fittings, and finish of this cost-effective violin.


  • Comes as a complete kit ready to play out of the case.
  • Designed to deliver a warmer, projective sound.
  • The oil finish makes the violin look more expensive.
  • Precisely weighted for a perfect balance and responsiveness.


  • The sound is dull in all strings.

2. Bunnel Premier Student Violin Outfit 4/4 (Full) Size in Hard Shell Case (Bombshell Blue)

Grab this beautifully handcrafted violin and you will love its bow with genuine mother of pearl accents. The metal-mounted, topnotch ebony frog makes the violin have a balanced weight. It has real Mongolian horsehair to deliver a smooth, clear full tone and the high-grade Brazilwood stick guarantees great bounce and responsiveness. The accessories include a Portland classic shoulder rest, an introduction to violin book, extra strings, and natural rosin.

It has a cute Portland hardshell case that is fitted with straps and there is an accessory compartment, as well as, two vow holders. The maple tonewoods and solid carved spruce make this instrument produce outstanding sound. It is designed for comfortable playability, give it a try today.


  • Oil-based finish to make it look professional.
  • Exceeds all Suzuki and MENC standards.
  • Precisely measured string ideal for ergonomic playability.
  • Topnotch Brazilwood stick for unbeatable bounce and responsiveness.


  • It does not come with stickers for notes.

1. Ricard Bunnel G2 Violin Outfit 1/4 Size

Do yourself a favor and order this professionally made violin that comes with an introduction to the violin book. It has been fitted with built-in fine tuners, a clip-on tuner, and a polishing cloth. Apart from that, this violin has professional Portland shoulder rest and it is not a cheat version like the ones which are provided by other retailers.

There are tons of sturdy and genuine YKK zippers for your convenience and the durable oblong case with straps alongside with music pocket makes this violin a great one to have. The bow is made of a strong, responsive, topnotch Brazilwood and the precisely measured string height will ensure your comfort during playtime.


  • Exceeds all Suzuki and MENC standards.
  • Precisely measured string height for the user’s comfortable playability.
  • Long-lasting real Mongolian horsehair for a full tone.
  • Overall construction looks and feels great.


  • A little bit challenging to play.

Few words about Kennedy violins

Kennedy Violins is one of the best-rated violin brands by customers. They’re the most trusted brands and you can count on them especially if you are after well-made violins. Their violins are beautifully handcrafted from solid maple and spruce tonewoods and lightweight enough to let you feel comfortable when playing. Come with everything you require to get started playing.

Why Kennedy violin is the best choice?

They purchase each violin from the maker and professionally trained luthier staff do the final assembly. Buyers of Kennedy violin don’t have to do assembly or setup since their instruments come ready to play right out of the case. Their instruments are backed up with a lifetime warranty and come at a considerate fair price. They design all kinds of violins for beginners, intermediate to professionals. Why don’t you experience the Kennedy violins difference right away?

General features

– Highly rated

– High-quality sound

– Includes complete kit

Kennedy violin review: FAQs

Q: Are your products covered by a Warranty?

A: Bows are covered by a Limited lifetime warranty, original hair is covered for up to 6 months. Cases are covered for one year, their Warranty also applies only to the original purchaser of the case.

Q: What is the cost of shipping?

A: We have free shipping on all of our instrument outfits!

Q: Do you ship cellos? What about Basses?

A: Our cellos and basses are only available for purchase in our shop

Final Thoughts

There is rarely a company that produces the type of value for the money just like Kennedy Violins does. These violins are designed for you, whether you’re a seasoned player or beginner you will always love using Kennedy Violins and of course, it will fit your budget. The above collections are highly recommended for anyone who wants to buy a violin but doesn’t know where to begin.

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