Cecilio Electric Violin: Ultimate Choice For The True Violinist

Cecilio Electric Violin


If you didn’t know

Cecilio electric violin company was named after the patron saint of musicians and music. They hope that act brings them special luck in business and enable you to play your music better than ever. Having a top electric violin will certainly help you produce the quality of music you know you are capable of making.

To find out about the different cecilio electric violins just continue to read our Cecilio electric violin review. It provides you with the information you need to make the best choice. Take a few minutes and get up to speed on these top violins that produce a wonderful sound.

My Three Favorite cecilio electric violin

There are always top products even if they are built by the same company. In this section you will be introduced to 3 of the best manufactured by Cecilio electric violin company.

#1. CEVN-3NA

Direct from the company, this top electric violin has it all. Carved from solid maple and given a red mahogany metallic finish makes this instrument sound good as well as look great. The price is the cost direct from the company and it should be worth every cent you pay.

The fingerbopard, pegs, chin rest and tail piece should stand up to your playing style. Plus, it comes complete with Mongolian horsehair bow, a bridge, rosin cake and headphones. Everything is kept inside its hard flexible case for safe keeping.

It is a complete cecilio electric violin set up.

What We Like:

  • Made from maple.
  • Top quality bow.
  • Ebony parts throughout.

What we didn’t like:

  • Headphones not great quality.
  • A little heavy to hold.
  • Pegs may slip.

#2. CEVN-2BK

This model of the silent violin also is made from solid maple and comes in a black metallia finish for those who want more of a Goth look. The ebony arts inlcude tailpiece, pegs, fingerboards and chin rest. Also, this violin is powered by a 9 volt battery.

The back of the violin has the control panel where you insert that battery as well as adjust the volume and tone of your instrument. With the included rosin cake and Mongolian horsehair bow you shoul dbe able to start playing right out of the box.

What we liked:

  • Quality craftsmanship.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • All the accessories needed are included.

What we didn’t like:

  • The case seems cheaply made and flimsy.
  • The bow is fragile.
  • Doesn’t fit all hand sizes.

#3. CEVN-1NA

Like its two counterparts on this short list, this model is also made from solid maple and carved to mnake sure its shape is pleasing to the eye. Plus, it has all the features that the other two have, ebony chin rest, pegs, tailpiece and more.

Headphones and an on-off switch help keep the neighbors from getting angry at your playing. The controls are all located in an easy manner and are easy to adjust when needed. A plush-lined nylon carrying case helps you protect your new electric violin and makes sure your accessories do not get lost.

What we liked:

  • Nylon case.
  • Nice carved shape.
  • An on and off switch.

What we didn’t like:

  • Strings placed too high.
  • Strings slip when tuning.
  • Rosin is of low quality.

Top seven (7) Cecilio electric violin review

If you are not sure about those three, there are 7 more options you can choose from. You should get a complete Cecilio electric violin set up with each one.

#1. CEVN-1W

For those who like to present a nice clean cut image, then this pearl white designed electric violin is for you. It comes in a great color pl;us it is hand carved ot make sure your music is as good as the violin looks.

An ebony frog bow comes with this violin model helping you reach those high notes without a problem. Besides maple, ebony is used throughout this instrument to make sure your violin has a classic iconic look. It is available in a 4/4 size and is powered by a 9-volt battery.


  • The color.
  • The power.
  • The bow.


  • Made from the same materials.
  • Color is the only unique thing.
  • Maybe a bit heavy.

#2. CEVN-2Y

It may look like half the violin is missing but be rest assured half the music tone and quality is not. You should be able to play to your heart’s content when you pick up this instrument. Carved from maple, it has ebony parts that make this violin look special.

The tailpiece is curved in the traditional fashion lending an air of class to the style of this electric violin. With the easy to use control panel, you should be able to fine-tune the tone and volume without too much trouble


  • Carved tailpiece.
  • Overall look
  • Volume controlled.


  • Only takes a 9-volt battery.
  • May lose power too quickly.
  • Bad headphones.

#3. CEVN-3W

The design makes this electric violin look like a broken 8 numeral but that doesn’t mean that the sound or the tone are broken. Once you put the battery in and plug in those headphones, you should be able to produce the music you want at the level you want.

This violin also comes with all the accessories you need to keep your violin in top shape. The vinyl or nylon case is tough yet flexible. Then the horsehair bow is from Mongolia and the rosin should keep that bow in top shape.


  • It is a complete package.
  • The style is nice.
  • Good accessories.


  • No creativity in design.
  • Needs a better color.
  • Quality control may be inferior

#4. CEVN-3Y

The yellow maple stain is what makes this electric violin. The look is similiar to the fiddle of the Charlie Daniels Band members and it is a professional style. Then with the ebony chin rest, thetail piece, the pegs and fingerboard the yellow maple color just stands out.

It too is a 4/4 size which may make it hard for some good users to work with. Not all hand sizes are the same but people can adjust with a little practice. The 4 string instrument sholud be easy to tune and plaxce weight on the those strings.


  • Professional look.
  • Ebony features.
  • Nicely carved.


  • One size fits all hands.
  • Maybe on the heavy side.
  • Not enough power.

#5. CEVN-4BK

The shape of this model is more banjo like than violin type. That is okay as you can give your band a unique look, as well as sound, when you show up carrying this top electric violin. The all black coloring is done more in a matte than a glossy style making sure the violin does not upstage you.

With the standard parts and accessories built into this instrument or included in the set up, you should be good to go once you get it home from the store. The case should hold everything safe in its protective hands.


  • Nylon covered hard case.
  • General overall look.
  • Looks light.


  • Weak bow.
  • Rosin is not good.
  • Headphones of low quality.

#6. CEVN-4NA

Red mahogany has a classy, sophisticated look that helps just about anything look better. This electric violin comes in that style and makes sure when you play it you look as classy as it does. Its light weight shoul dmake it easy to hold and its 4/4 size should fit most adults with medium to light hands.

The included backpack straps help you move this violin and its accessories from place to place without tying up your hands. Its tone and volume are easily controlled and the 9 volt battery should supply th epower you need to make it all work smoothly.


  • Classy look to it.
  • Possible light weight.
  • Backpack straps included.


  • Strings might be a bit high.
  • Hard to press the strings.
  • The case may not be durable.

#7. CEVN-4W

Last but not least, this electric violin comes in with top quality parts and looks. Its pearl white coloring goes with any outfit you will have on and the black ebony parts make that white color stand out. With all the accessorie syou need to get started playing, you have no excuse to put off learning this instrument.

Plus, you have good pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece and chin rest to make sure your hands and body are nice and comfortable. Made from maple, the durability of this instrument should not be questioned.


  • Durable and solid instrument.
  • Has all the accessories you need.
  • Nice carrying case.


  • No originality.
  • Volume may not be strong enough.
  • The tone may be a bit off.

Few words about Cecilio electric violin

The company carries on the tradition most violin makers follow. They handcraft each one in their own factory. This brand has designed their standards so that their violins and other instruments make the sound you want to hear & at a tone that is not hard on the ears.

This electric violin brand makes its electric instruments to be used in places regular violins are found. This company has had a lot of experience in making violins and that experience shows.

How to choose cecilio electric violin?

Choosing a Cecilio’s electric violin is like choosing any other violin. You need to make sure it fits properly and you are not stretching too far to reach the strings. Plus, you should not have your arms bunched up either, crowding your movements.

The cecilio electric violin setup takes time to perfect as there are many adjustments to make. The pegs should be tight to make tuning easier. Then you should watch the height of the strings as the taller they are the harder they are to play. Make sure the sound post fits accurately and giving you enough surface as possible.

Finally, double check the bridge and the tailpiece to make sure they are at the right height and lengths. All distances should be precise. Anything that i snot, your sound will change.

Cecilio electric violins FAQs

#1. Are Cecilio violins good?

Yes, each one is handcrafted and then double checked at their warehouse for quality before shipping. However, violins are fragile so shipping may put them out of tune, etc.

#2. Can you plug headphones into an electric violin?

Again, yes you can and depending on the quality of the headphones the sound you hear may or may not be good.

#3. Who plays the electric violin?

There are a lot of professional electric violin players out there. Mark Wood is one, Vanessa Mae and Jason Yang are too more.

#4. Are electric violins as good as traditional ones?

It is possible but more professional players prefer the sound and feel of the traditional violin and think those are better

#5. Are electric violins expensive?

They can be and some models rival an original Stradivarius in value. That means they reach millions of dollars in cost

Some final words

Electric violins are becoming popular. If you are interested in finding one to play check out the top quality models made by Cecilio. They have a wide range of electric violins that should fit your playing style. Plus, they are not that expensive.

Stentor Violin Reviews: The Ultimate Choice for the Most Violinist

Stentor Violin Reviews


When you are looking to make music

You may want to check out the Stentor violins. They are one of the world’s leaders in making top quality violins. Plus, their models are said to be handcrafted to perfection. Then because this company makes so many violins and sells them around the world, you should be able to afford one as they come at very competitive prices.

Before you buy check out Stentor violins and to do that just continue to read this Stentor violin review. It has the information you need to know about before you make such an important decision.

My Three Favorite stentor violin review

#1. Stentor Amati model violin

This model of Stentor violins is based on the 17th-century masterpiece created by Nicoli Amati. Made from the finest European tonewoods and hand varnished to perfection you should get a great sound out of this instrument.

Those woods include both maple and spruce and they provide a unique sound to this violin. With ebony fingerboards and pegs, the quality is there and this instrument should last you a long time. Its coloring should provide you with a warm feeling as it is not too dark or too light.

What we liked:

  • Handcrafted to perfection.
  • Uses traditional varnish.
  • Has a great tone.

What we didn’t like:

  • Made in China.
  • More than one hand made the instrument.
  • Maybe a bit fragile.

#2. Stentor 1500 ½ sized Violin

Here is a top-level violin that is perfect for those music students starting on their violin journey. It is made with the top tonewoods despite being just an entry-level violin. Its lower status does not deprive it of having a nice spruce front, maple sides, and ebony fingerboard and pegs.

This is the instrument that should help your young learner be enthused about learning to play the violin. A hardwood chin rest makes holding the instrument easy and its red label strings produce a fine tone that inspires the learner to play more.

Its brown lacquer finish makes sure the violin looks good and the included case should also protect your new instrument from any harm.

What we liked:

  • Comes with a horsehair bow.
  • Has a padded carrying case.
  • Ebony fittings.

What we didn’t like:

  • Pegs may come loose.
  • Strings may be too weak.
  • Hard to keep tuned.

#3. Stentor 1500 4/4 size Violin

Also made with both spruce and maple tonewoods, you should get a good sound out of this Stentor violin. It is made to be full sized and easy to handle. With its hardwood chin rest, ebony fittings and red label strings, yoiu shoul dbe playing better than ever with this violin.

4 string adjusters help you keep this instrument finely tuned and to protect it from harm, you get a nice canvas case with an instrument blanket. The violin should meet your playing needs as it comes from one of the top companies producing violins today.

What we liked:

  • Well made and easy to use.
  • Easy to hold.
  • The instrument blanket for extra protection.

What we didn’t like:

  • May arrive with scratch marks.
  • Needs new strings, etc., to make the right sound.
  • Set up needs work.

Top seven (7) stentor violin review

The company has been in business for over 100 years. It knows how to make a violin and have it sound just right. Here are 7 other models that they produce, among many others, that are the tops in their field .

#1. Stentor Conservatoire II

Stentor Violin Reviews

This model comes with every thing you need. Maple neck, back and ribs combine with the spruce table to produce a fione quality sound. The instrument is hand carved and reflects the shape of a traditional violin.

A shellac varnish is used to bring ther nice stained look to a brilliant finish. To top it off, you get an ebony fingerboard and a Parisian eye pegs. Add in the high quality strings and the sound you make should cover any mistakes you may make.

This model is a simple upgrade over the original Conservatoire model Stentor initially made.

What we liked

  • Improved sound.
  • Well made with the right tonewoods.
  • Inlaid purfiling.

What we didn’t like

  • Made from the same wood as other models.
  • May have some quality control issues.
  • Strings too common for great sound.

#2. Stentor, 4-String Violin (1500 3/4)

This top instrument is made for those advanced players who like to really press down on the strings. It comes with an alloy tailpiece with 4 adjusters as well as the usual maple and spruce woods to give it a professional look.

Then with ebony fittings, a maple neck, and sides you get great resonance that lasts a long time. With super sensitive red strings you should be able to hit those notes without too much effort. The strings are also very responsive to your touch.

What we liked

  • Lightweight & comfortable to play.
  • Comes with a beautiful finish.
  • Has great accessories included in your purchase

What we didn’t like

  • Hard to keep tuning pegs tight.
  • Difficult to keep tuned.
  • May need to install the bridge

#3. Stentor Standard 1018 1/16 violin

When you want to learn how to play the violin, you need to start with the right model. This Stentor violin comes with all the same components that the bigger models come with and make learning how to play easier.

Not only is it simple to play it provides an excellent performance that should inspire you to continue playing until you master the instrument. Plus, the resonance is top-notch. This durable violin model makes sure you have the right tools for the job of learning to play this instrument.

What we liked

  • Great for beginners.
  • Made like its larger counterparts.
  • Easy to play.

What we didn’t like

  • Pegs may not be that durable.
  • Stain and varnish nor consistent.
  • It May not as durable as claimed.

#4. Stentor Messina – 4/4 Size

Stentor Violin Reviews

Playing in an orchestra means you need to hit the right notes all the time. This is the violin that will help you make perfectmusic and keep you a part of the orchestra for a long time. Handcrafted from the finest wood materials the sound on this violin should not be substandard.

Plus, it is handcrafted by workers supervised by a master violin maker. Everything about this violin spells quality. Piastro strings are also part of the package, along with an ebony fingerboard and pegs. Then you have a shellec varnish finish to keep the instruments looking as good as this violin sounds.

What we liked

  • Made for orchestra quality.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Built with care

What we didn’t like

  • Made from the same woods as other violins.
  • Too many hands built it.
  • Quality is suspect.

#5. Stentor Arcadia, antique finish

This violin option comes in 2 different finishes and that is about the only difference between the two models. If you want a traditional look to your violin then it is best if you pick the other model. This model lets you add a little classical look to your ensemble and keeps people guessing about the age of your violin.

On top of that, you have an instrument that plays music with a fine sound that is hard to equal. The best tonewoods are used as well as top ingredients for every component. Your playing should be elevated and inspire you to reach greater heights than if you simply used an ordinary violin.

What we liked

  • The antique look.
  • The fine craftsmanship.
  • Its unique style of play.

What we didn’t like

  • A little heavy to hold.
  • No carrying case.
  • Inferior construction issues.

#6. Stentor Student Standard Violin

When you are simply a student learning how to play this instrument you need a good violin to make it all happen for you. This model comes with a hardwood fingerboard & pegs, along with an alloy for the tailpiece. On top of those features, you still get handcrafted quality.

Plus, it comes in a variety of sizes to make sure musicians of all heights and arm lengths can play this instrument. A wood bow combine swith horse hair t omake sure your playing is smooth and on key. A light wieght protective case is included with your purchase.

What we liked

  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Hardwood elements included.
  • Wood bow with horse hair.

What we didn’t like

  • Bridge may come off.
  • Not as durable as it could be.
  • Basic woods used.

#7. Stentor Elysia

Stentor Violin

When you are looking for a unique high-class violin, this may be the one you are searching for. It is made with Stentor’s standards guiding the whole process so that the instrument plays the best sound for you and your listeners. Then it should be easy to hold as you play.

Made with Piastro strings the tone of your music should be excellent. The inlaid purfling, ebony fingerboard, and pegs are also present on this instrument. Plus, it is made from fine spruce and maple woods to make sure the instrument lasts you some time.

What we liked

  • Made with Stentor’s standards.
  • Comes with a nice protective case.
  • Easy to handle.

What we didn’t like

  • No special wood used.
  • Basic same design construction.
  • Quality control issues.

A few words about stentor violin

The company originally started in 1895 in England by a music professor named Edward Chapman Doughty. The name Stentor was just the brand name of the instruments he wanted to make and was not the name of the original company.

The word stentor was a Greek word that means the voice and volume of a hundred men given customers a good idea of how good the instrument would sound. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown to have a worldwide presence where over 1,000,000 musicians got their start using one of their violins an dother instruments.

Why stentor violin is the best choice?

There is one word that helps answer that question perfectly- experience. The Stentor company has the experience and expertise to manufacture top quality violins and other instruments. They have been making violins for pover 100 years and have learned a thing or two about making good music.

Stentor violin review: FAQs

#1. What size of violins are there?

The majority of violins come in the following sizes- 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 but you can get them as low as 1/16

#2. Do these violins cost the same?

No, their price depends on theior size, accessories, and other factors. But the violins are usually very competively priced

#3. What materials are used in making a Stentor violin?

The top is usually made from Spruce while the sides, back and neck are made from maple. Ebony makes up the fingerboards and pegs usuaully

#4. What makes Stentor violins better than other brands?

Each violin is hand crafted with workers supervised by master craftsmen who know their trade and do it well.

#5. Are Stentor violins made in China?

Yes, they are and they are made under strict controls and guidelines

Some final words

When you are looking for a good violin for your young learner, you should consider Stentor violins. They are made in the tradition established by the founder of the company and they area top-quality instrument.

Violin Brands To Avoid: Considerable Things Which You Should Know

violin brands to avoid


You get what you pay for

This statement is probably made at least once a day if not more. When people try to economize and lower their spending, it does not always work and their ears hear that phrase from their friends and relatives. This process also works for violins. There are violin brands to avoid because those violins are not made that well, have a lot of flaws and just do not sound right. With violins, you do get what you pay for.

To find out which brands you should avoid, just continue to read our article. It has the list as well as other vital information to help you keep you and your children on the right musical path.

Why is it important to have the right violin

Some people may not think twice about this issue and go out and buy any old violin that meets their budget. There are people who do not want to spend a lot of money on a violin as it is possible that they or their children do not have the dexterity, the ear, or the talent to play this instrument.

The cheap violin is just a test to see if those qualities are present. Unfortunately, a badly made violin just does not have the right sound for beginners and that make sit harder for them to master the instrument.

That is a shame as the hidden talent may be lost as young learners give up , thinking they cannot play the violin. The world loses another talent to the influence of a badly made violin.

This reason alone should be enough motivation to sacrifice a bit, go out and buy a better violin brand and give you or your child the helping hand you and they need.

Violin brands to avoid

No one wants to be sued so specific brand names will not be mentioned here. Suffice it to say that if the violin is being sold on eBay, chances are it is a brand of violin you want to avoid.

But to help you identify those brands without harming someone’s reputation. Here are some criteria you should look for in those cheaper violins and avoid them like the plague if they are there:

1. The tailpiece, pegs and fingerboard are made from plastic-

Not only is the plastic fragile and easy to break, the plastic needs frequent tuning and cannot hold the pitch very well

2. The violin body is made out of composite wood-

There is a lot of pressure placed on the body even when it is inactive. Composite wood can’t handle the pressure

3. Its too good to be true-

Famous brands advertised for a price far under its value usually mean that the violin is no good. Although, gems have been found under this category so don’t ignore the ad right away. Learn what to look for in a good violin and compare the one on sale with a quality violin

4. There is paint on the fingerboard-

The color should be ebony and unfortunately the ethics of some sellers have them painting the fingerboard black. If you see paint— run.

What are Chinese violin brands to avoid

This is a difficult question to answer and some people respond with the simple phrase, “all of them.” Those people may be right as violins made in China are not hand made by one person as potential buyers are led to believe.

Usually, the way it works is that the violin factories sell ‘blank’ violins to the distributors or wholesalers who then place their own brand on them. These labels are numerous and designed to mislead people into thinking the violins were crafted by someone in Europe or some other respected country.

If a label doesn’t sell well, all the wholesaler does is change the label and continues to sell the same violin made by the different factories. In fact, 2 violins have been made one after the other in the same factory at the same time but leave China with 2 different ‘brand’ names on them

Also, if those Chinese violins are being sold over the internet at too good to be true prices, then you should avoid them. While you can get good deals shopping online buying violins need for you or your child to hold them to see if they fit their reach, have a good sound and you can check the wood and the fingerboard etc., to make sure it is a good instrument.

Be careful of the term hand made. That term usually means that one person spent hours perfecting the wood, etc. Put the instrument together with loving care borne out of years of apprenticeship and experience.

A how to buying guide for violins

violin brands to avoid

When thinking of spending a lot of money on a musical instrument like the violin, it pays to have as much help and good guidelines to follow as you can. Here are some of the top guidelines to make your search fruitful and help you avoid those cheap violins no one should own:

  1. A Stradivarius for sale is not always a Stradivarius. More copies have been made than you think.

2. Look at the integrity and character of the seller. The good ones have a money back guarantee and other warranties to help you have peace of mind.

3. Look for the label and make sure the owner knows where it was made and when it was made. Factory made violins do not have this information.

4. If it is under $150 then you are not getting a good violin unless you stumbled on a divorce sale or an estate sale, etc., where the people do not know the value or it is a revenge price.

5. Avoid mass produced violins made in South-East Asia especially China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

6. Check the height between the fingerboard and the strings. 5 to 7 mms is ideal. Avoid any violin where that height measures 1 cm or more.

7. Read or obtain as many references as possible.

8. Check the size. A full size violin is for adults. The standard for fitting children is that they should be able to turn the violin upside down, rest it under their underarm parallel to their arms and have their fingers touch or wrap around the scroll.

9. Cheap is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you do find good violins at a very low price.

Things to consider when buying a violin

There are a lot of details that go into buying a good violin and there are many good brands to choose from. To tell them apart you need to know about these little details so you can be assured of avoiding purchasing a bad violin.

  1. The shape of the bridge should complement the shape of the violin.
  2. Do not buy any violin that has plastic parts.
  3. Nylon bow hairs are okay. They will do a good job in place of horse hair bow which is the ideal.
  4. Have the seller present you a professional evaluation of the violin. If you think the violin is not real don’t buy it.
  5. Do a test run- these should last several days so you can check the tone. Compare it to other violins, is the bow heavy or light? is it easy to play and can you play in different positions and more differences should be checked.
  6. Unless broken good violins never depreciate in value but don’t get fooled into paying more than the violin is worth.
  7. Check the balance of the bow.
  8. Check the quality of the strings. These are expensive to replace.
  9. If you can’t try or there is no refund policy don’t buy it.

Three types of violins

In spite of the millions of violins out there, violins fall into basically 3 main categories: The student, the intermediate and the professional. The children’s violin is better dealt with in the different sizes topic.

The student:

these are entry level violins and are not made for the long haul. While they give you a good sound, are made fairly well they are cheaper and do not have the longevity that a professional violin will have. When you or your child is not sure if the violin is for them or not, go with this model.

The intermediate:

this class of violin is made better and from better materials so it lasts longer and probably gives you a better sound than the student class violin. If you are going to stick with your lessons and master the instrument this is the class of violin to go with

The professional:

the violins in this class are a work of art and should last you over 200 years if taken care of by you and your descendants. It is expensive as it is made with top quality materials and a lot of talent, experience, and knowledge are built into this instrument

How to tell a Stradivarious from a fake

It is fitting to talk about this topic in the violin brands to avoid topic because for every Stradivarius there are a myriad of copies and fakes. Even the label, Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis; Faciebat Anno 17, inside the violin can be a fake.

There is a very good reason why people think they have a real Stradivarius violin. The real ones can go on sale for $16 million or more. It is no wonder experts are inundated with calls every day from common people claiming they have found one.

The sad news is that there are only 650 of these instruments left and experts know where they all are. New ones that turn up are not the real thing and some even say they are made in Germany which automatically disqualifies those violins from being real.

For experts, the shape of the violin will indicate if it is a real Stradivarius or not. Non-experts will have a hard time seeing the difference. Sometimes even the experts disagree with each other. So do not feel bad if you were fooled.

Violin Brands To Avoid: FAQs

#1. Should I sell a violin I know nothing about?

If you have an old, used violin lying around the house you should not just slap a price tag on it and place it in a yard sale. Get a professional valuation so you know how much you are selling it for and what brand of violin it is.

#2. Can I find a good violin in a yard sale or estate sale?

Sometimes you can. But do not count on it.

#3. How do I know I have a valuable violin?

Usually professional class violins are valuable but it is the way the instrument sounds to the owner that makes it valuable

#4. What is the best brand of violin to buy?

There are a lot of good brands out there making good violins. Often, the high price reflects the quality of the violin no matter the brand

#5. What violin should I buy when I am not sure I want to master the violin?

Go for a cheaper student class instrument until you are sure. They have good sound to them as well.

Some final words

Finding a good violin is a matter of knowing what to look for and what brands make good violins. Avoid the cheap ones especially if they have plastic parts. Also, do a little research on top brands today to get a better idea of what you should be looking for in a violin and how much it will cost you.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Violin for Beginners

Best Violin for Beginners


The violin is a classical instrument that is widely popular throughout the world. Ranging in cost from $100 to $10,000 and higher, it can be daunting to decide what brand and style of the violin are most suited to your unique need as a player. There are many factors to consider when you’re shopping for the best violin for beginners, such as the material used in production. For instance, wood shifts naturally as humidity levels change. Depending on your region, you’ll want to be sure that you are buying a violin that can handle the adjustments to the weather.

The decision to buy a good beginner violin is a serious one. Aside from the sheer price, there is a wide range of options to choose from. While a novice violinist may not immediately notice the differences, there are violins of all sizes, makes, and quality. You’ll want to take the time to prepare for your search to ensure that you make a selection that supports your needs and goals.

If you’re on the search for a quality violin for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of excellent starter violins that can help you begin. You can explore this handy guide to get a deeper understanding of the different types of violins that you can choose from, as well as answers to some of the most commonly asked questions amongst beginner violinists.

My Three Favorite Best Violin for Beginners

When it comes to selecting the best starter violin, you’ll want to do plenty of research and read through reviews. However, it’s important to look at more than just the positive aspects of the instrument. Get to know what criticisms are more of a deal-breaker for you, as well as the kind of features that you need the most. The table below illustrates the pros and cons of the top three best beginner violin for adults available.

  Violin  Pros  Cons
  Fiddlerman Artist  Lifetime warranty   Lifetime free adjustments   Hand-finished  A little pricier than other options
  Bunnel Pupil Violin  Mellow and warm sound   One-year warranty   Matte finish  Shoulder rest occasionally fragile
  Cecilio CVN-300 Violin  Includes everything necessary to play   D’Addario Prelude strings   Hand inlaid purfling with antique varnish  Occasional peg slips can be detrimental to beginners

Let’s take a deeper look into the different instruments that can make a good beginner violin. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 best violin for beginners around.

Top 20 Best Violin for Beginners

1. Fiddlerman Artist Violin

Fiddlerman, otherwise known as Pierre Holstein, has over 40 years of orchestra experience. He now uses his skills to help violinists of all skill levels. Fiddlerman instruments are among the best violins on the market. Fiddlerman tests out each violin under their famed 10-point inspection.

Design and Features

The Fiddlerman Artist Violin is an excellent violin for beginners, offering a rich and bold sound that can be particularly forgiving. Crafted with hand-carved dried maple and spruce tonewoods, this violin features a hand-carved French Despiau bridge, a carbon composite tailpiece with four fine tuners, and European Spruce Soundpost from “Alpine Tone Wood.” It has 100% Ebony fingerboard and pegs, as well as D’Addario Kaplan Amo or Zyex strings to help you get the best sound out of it. The violin is available in sizes 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4.


  • Comes with everything you need to play (case, bow, rosin, shoulder rest, polishing cloth).
  • One-year warranty on all accessories.
  • Solid, hand-carved, and hand-rubbed with oil/spirit-based finish.
  • Sizing options make this among the best beginner violin for adults and students alike.


  • The bow is made using high-grade carbon fiber as opposed to wood.
  • Pricy kit for a violin for beginners.

2. Kennedy Violins Bunnel Pupil Violin

Kennedy Violins offers high-quality violins and other stringed instruments from top makers. They offer exclusive instruments, as well as academic resources that can appeal to any skill level and instructional videos that break down each violin model. The models sold by Kennedy Violins can’t be bought from any other retailer.

Design and Features

The Bunnel Pupil Violin is a solid carved violin hand-crafted with maple and spruce top woods. It has completely natural ebony fittings, inlaid purfling, and accurately smoothed fingerboards. There is also a beautiful satin oil finish and four professional fine tuners built into the composite tailpiece. The Bunnel Pupil Violin kit supplies everything a beginner needs to start learning to play the violin. It comes with a carbon-fiber-style shoulder rest, though violins under 1/8 receive a contour foam rest, as well as steel-core D’Addario Prelude strings, an extra set of strings, and Giuliana Rosin.


  • Free setup included
  • Handmade construction
  • Ideal for the first 3-4 years of playing violin


  • Accessories aren’t the highest of quality
  • May be a tad expensive for beginner

3. Cecilio Antique Ebony CVN-300 Violin

Cecilio is among the most popular violin brands available online. They offer handcrafted violins, high-quality bows, and affordability, earning them love from violinists of any skill level. The Cecilio Antique Ebony CVN-300 is the best violin for beginners. The CVN-300 was even designed specifically for them, allowing it to deal with anything you may need.

Design and Features

The Cecilio Antique Ebony CVN-300 is a good beginner violin due to its durability. The body is crafted using solid maple and a hand-carved spruce top. It is a full size 4/4 violin crafted from hand-carved solid maple. The top is carved from solid spruce wood. Beginners will appreciate the removable four nickel-plated fine tuners on the tailpiece. This instrument creates a warm and bright yet smooth tone. Also, the kit comes with a lightweight hard-shell case, a Cecilio chromatic string tuner 92D with a metronome, an extra bow, and an extra bridge, among other necessary accessories.


  • Features gorgeous antique varnish
  • Strung using D’addario Prelude Strings
  • Affordable and high-quality violin


  • Doesn’t come with a spare set of strings
  • Some reports express pegs occasionally slip

4. Mendini MV500 Violin

Mendini is part of the Cecilio brand. These affordable violins are designed with students’ needs in mind, allowing you to purchase without stressing about maintenance, replacing strings, or anything else. The violin kit comes with two extra bridges, a rosin cake, spare strings, and adjustable shoulder rest, among other accessories.

Design and Features

The Mendini MV500 Violin is crafted entirely from a single piece of maple wood by hand, which makes up the back and sides. The front of the violin uses a solid piece of hand-carved spruce. The entire instrument is finished using a gorgeous varnish that gives it an antique feel. It also features inlaid purfling, a Cecilio 92D chromatic string tuner, and four detachable tuners on the tailpiece. In all, the violin reportedly can last through several years of use, which makes it a good beginner violin as you won’t need to upgrade for a while.


  • Produces powerful and rich sound
  • Easy to maintain and tune
  • Comes with two Brazilwood and unbleached Mongolian horsehair bows


  • Strings are not as durable as other brands
  • Reviewers have noted the rosin included is often dry

5. VIF Stradivari 1721 Copy German Style Violin

The violin makers at VIF follow a strict crafting process that was designed by the brand’s Italian violin luthier. Each instrument is carefully inspected, from the height of the nuts to the professional curvature of the violin’s bridge. The VIF Stradivari 1721 Copy German Style Violin was built specifically for students who are just beginning to learn the instrument.

Design and Features

The VIF Violin is one of the best starter violin options available. The full size 4/4 violin is a replica of the Antonio Stradivari Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1721 violin. This instrument is crafted using high-quality spruce and maple wood to produce a noticeably clear sound that is perfect for learning. You can view growth ring lines on the violin’s grade four-year maple wood, allowing you to visualize the quality. This violin is brushed 12 times with lacquer, providing it a tasteful appearance. The fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, chinrest, and bridge are crafted from ebony wood. The instrument comes with a Brazil wood-carved bow with horsetail hair.


  • Clear and loud sound
  • Affordable and beautiful violin
  • High-quality wood


  • Strings are poor quality
  • Doesn’t come with spare strings

6. All Days Music (ADM) Acoustic Violin

All Days Music is an online store that supplies a variety of different instruments, including violins and their related accessories. The shop provides customers with online ordering, quick delivery, and affordable prices. These qualities make the ADM Acoustic Violin an excellent choice for the best beginner violin for adults, as well as for violinists who have more advanced skill levels. ADM checks each instrument for defects and quality control.

Design and Features

The ADM Acoustic Violin is a full size 4/4 instrument that comes with a lightweight, hard case to keep your violin safe. It is hand-crafted using multiple tonewoods. The side and back are carved from maple wood, while the top is crafted from spruce. There is beautiful inlaid purfling that lends the instrument a sleeker appearance. It’s brushed in a beautiful reddish-brown varnish for a smooth and glossy finish. The pegs, tailpiece, chinrest, and other parts use rosewood. There are four integrated allow fine tuners built into the tailpiece.

Further, the ADM Violin comes with a round stick bow that uses unbleached white horsehair and Brazilwood. The instrument can be easily set up by someone new to the violin, allowing you to get started quickly. The ADM Acoustic comes with a variety of accessories, including a polishing cloth, E-tuners, rosin, and fingerboard sticker. It even comes with a music sheet stand. All-in-all, this violin creates a uniform sound that is rich and deep across all four strings. By upgrading the stock strings, you can optimize the quality of the sound.


  • Low price with a high-quality sound
  • Comes with all the most sold accessories
  • Includes spare ebony frog brazilwood violin bows, strings, and violin mute
  • One-year warranty


  • Can slip out of tune easily
  • Intermediate To Advanced Players May Prefer A More Advanced Instrument

7. Eastar EVA-1 Violin

Designed for novice violinists, the Eastar EVA-1 Violin is a full-size 4/4 instrument. The luthier carefully chooses the ideal pieces of wood before naturally drying them for three years. Completely hand-crafted, these violins are an excellent beginner’s choice.

Once completed, the instrument must adhere to strict standards of precision and craftsmanship to provide a comfortable grip, durability, stability, and beautiful sound. Each violin goes through three checks and adjustments before being made available to the public, allowing the brand to guarantee a quality instrument to students of all skill levels.

Design and Features

The EVA-1 Violin is constructed using an AAA African Spruce wood on the top, back, and sides. It features beautiful inlaid purfling, as well as AAA African Maple wood pegs, chin rest, and neck. The tailpiece features four alloy metal fine tuners. The whole violin is brushed in handmade paint and naturally colored antique varnish, which provides a nice and classic appearance. This is among the best beginner violin for adults available, allowing you to start playing right away.

The kit contains a variety of handy accessories that can help you play more freely, such as a shoulder rest, a D-1 tuner, a polishing cloth, and a good quality lightweight hard case to keep it safe. The instrument comes with a spare change of strings made from steel wire. The bow uses Brazilwood and unbleached Mongolian horsehair. The EVA-1 Violin produces a nice, rich sound consistently.


  • Very affordable at $100 with good quality sound
  • Comes with a spare change of strings
  • Easy and consistent tuning using the included tuner
  • Comes with everything needed to start playing the violin


  • Players have noted issues with the pegs unwinding
  • Reviewers have mentioned issues with wires loosening

8. SKY SKYVN201 Violin

Sky Music is an affordable retailer that offers students and beginners the chance to pick up a good beginner violin without investing more than they may be willing in their first instrument. The shop’s site provides access to a variety of helpful resources that can make it easier to select a violin that suits your unique needs, such as access to video reviews of their violins, size guides to the violin, and a blog devoted to breaking down everything you need to know about playing string instruments.

Design and Features

The SKY SKYVN201 Violin is designed with beginners in mind. The full-sized 4/4 violin is made up of a solid spruce top, while the back, neck, sides, and scroll are crafted from a highly flamed maple wood. The instrument is finished with a layer of oil varnish. The maple wood tailpiece has four built-in metal fine tuners.

There is no setup required to start playing, as the instrument is professionally set up for you. Among the best beginner violin for adults, it comes with all the necessities required to start playing the instrument. You’ll receive a high-quality shoulder rest, rubber practice mute, lightweight and rain-proof violin case, and an Austrian rosin cake. The Brazilian wood bow the violin comes with has a double pearl eye and Mongolian horsetail hair.


  • Rosin is of good quality
  • Instrument is ready to play without set up
  • Includes built-in fine tuners and a sturdy bow
  • One-year warranty, excluding accessories and case


  • Lower quality parts, such as bridge, pegs, and strings
  • Reviewers have said the bridge is too think and high

9. Stentor 1500 Student II Series Violin

Stentor, based in China, is among the top violin brands out there. It has a reputation for supplying high-quality, durable, and stable instruments for players of all skill levels. This well-known brand offers affordable hand-crafted violins to help students find quality instruments without breaking the bank. Stentor is one of several acoustic violin brands suggested to students by violin instructors and professional violinists. They offer one of the top options for the best violin for beginners through the Stentor 1500 Student II Series Violin.

Design and Features

The Stentor 1500 Student II Series Violin is an affordable, handcrafted instrument constructed using full ebony fittings, solid maple back, and a fine-grained solid spruce top. It features inlaid Purling, a hardwood chin rest, and a nylon tailpiece look. The alloy tailpiece has four string adjusters as well.

This instrument comes in a full set with everything you need to start playing the violin, such as a lightweight canvas-covered case, an exterior shoulder rest pocket, rosin, and red label strings. The student violin includes an octagonal wood horsehair bow with an ebony frog.


  • Very durable instrument
  • Includes real wooden bow
  • Complete instrument kit


  • Strings are of low-grade material
  • Chines factory-made components can be hit or miss
  • Pegs can be challenging to tune, request aid from a professional

10. Lico 4/4 Solid Wood Acoustic Violin

Lico is a brand that offers a variety of excellent musical instruments, including violins. Suited to beginners and students over the age of 12, this violin is ideal for up to the grade 5 standard. It supplies comfort, elegance, and high quality simultaneously. The brand follows 128 strict procedures, including material selection and scraper, as well as a 90-day production cycle.

Design and Features

The Lico 4/4 Solid Wood Acoustic Violin is carved by hand from quality maple sides, backs, and necks, as well as a solid spruce top. The sides feature beautifully inlaid purfling with an antique varnish, offering a warm and deep tone. The instrument is elegant and classic in appearance and color.

Once your instrument arrives, all you need to do is set up the bridge, tune the strings, and apply rosin to the bow. The strings are durable and long-lasting with the amplitude to produce a broad range of sounds. The instrument includes a carrying case, rosin, and a traditional horsehair bow.


  • Set up is simple and easy
  • An affordable and good quality instrument
  • Clear and stable sound


  • Pegs can slip, but the issue is fixable
  • No extra strings or shoulder rest

11. Vangoa Acoustic Violin

Established in 2017, Vangoa offers a broad range of quality musical instruments, such as those created by qualified Chinese brands as well as their in-house brand. These instruments offer excellent value for a beginner violinist to find a solid violin.

Design and Features

The Vangoa Acoustic Violin is among the best beginner violin for adults. This full-size instrument uses high-quality materials, such as spruce for the top and maple wood for the backs, sides, and neck, all brushed with antique varnish. The bridge will need to be assembled before it can be played, which may give new players pause.

However, you can request aid from a professional or follow along with an informational video. There are several accessories included, such as a lightweight hard case, a mobile app-compatible tuner, and a self-adhesive pickup. This lightweight instrument produces a clear sound when played. The violin’s bow is crafted from Brazilwood and uses unbleached horsehair.


  • Produces excellent quality sound for such a low price
  • Comes with a spare set of strings
  • Easy tuning with an electric tuner


  • Bridge needs to be set up before playing
  • Violin case is softshell, offering limited protection

12. ADM VLP11 Series Violin

Another violin produced by All Days Music, the ADM VLP11 Series is a beginner and intermediate instrument. The online store is renowned for its affordable prices and high-quality string instruments. Expert luthiers hand-carve this beautiful violin.

Design and Features

The VLP11 Series Violin is a full-sized instrument crafted from solid spruce and maple woods. These are hand-carved for maximum quality and stability. It is brushed over with natural oil finishing for a more professional and classical appearance.

Besides, the finishing is dust-proof. Tuning is an easy process due to the ebony Inia pegs, which are designed to avoid slippage. Also, the violin comes with a Brazilwood bow with white horsehair. It produces a warm sound that projects quite well.


  • Good for beginner and certain advanced stages
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy but lightweight violin case


  • No shoulder rest included
  • Stock strings are low quality

13. Cecilio CVN Acoustic-Electric Violin

The Cecilio CVNAE Violin is an electric violin modeled after the Cecilio CVN-300, which is also on this list. This instrument was specifically designed to cater to completely new violinists. Whether you’d like to play in your room or on a stage, this violin offers versatility and functionality that can’t be easily matched.

Design and Features

The CVNAE is crafted with ebony fingerboard and fittings, solid spruce top, and solid maple wood back and sides. The materials used to create the body produce an exceptional tone when played, as well as boosts the durability of the instrument. It is finished with a glazed varnish that comes in metallic black, antique varnish, and pearl white.

The CVNAE kit comes with some crucial accessories, such as a Brazilwood bow complete with unbleached Mongolian horsehair, high-quality rosin, an AUX cord, and a deluxe plush-lined hard case. The instrument also comes with a shoulder rest, which features soft rubber feet and foam padding.


  • Produces rich, warm, and vibrant sound
  • Unique colors to choose from
  • Sound resonates well due to the spruce top


  • Does not come with replacement strings
  • Stock string quality is not the greatest
  • Some reviewers have had issues with staying in tune

14. Franz Hoffmann Amadeus Violin

Franz Hoffmann violins are expertly crafted in China. The brand is exclusive to SHAR Music, which is a trusted violin dealer in North America. These instruments are exceptional for up to intermediate level players, though most frequently they are used by beginners. One of the things that people love the most about Franz Hoffmann’s violins is the affordability.

Design and Features

The Franz Hoffmann Amadeus Violin is made with ebony fittings, a spruce top, and a maple back. Its tailpiece is constructed of carbon fiber, which serves to boost durability. It also features an ebony fingerboard, ebony wood Guarneri-style chinrest and pegs, and built-in fine tuners.

The Amadeus Violin by Franz Hoffmann supplies everything you could need to start playing right away, such as a Toshira-shaped case and an A. Schmidt workshop bow. It is a 3/4 size violin, which is typically ideal for children from 9-12 years old with arms up to 21.5 to 22 inches in length. Smaller adults may use this instrument as well.


  • Comes with Overture premium strings
  • One-year warranty with a 30-day no-hassle return policy
  • Includes SHAR mini rosin


  • Not available in various cool colors
  • Some shops may sell without accessories or case

15. Costzon Sonart Beginner Violin

The Sonart Beginner Violin by Costzon strives to provide an affordable and high-quality instrument for students as young as 12 years old, as long as their arms are 23 inches or longer. While the instrument is primarily marketed to children who are just beginning to play the violin, it is among the best beginner violin for adults as well!

Design and Features

The Sonart Violin is made entirely from hardwood, which is built through several processes to produce a bright and shiny wood. Carved by hand, the instrument has a smooth surface with a visible wooden texture that boosts the violin’s strength. The top is crafted from spruce wood while the back and sides are of maple wood, which lends durability and sturdiness to the violin. It is finished with a high gloss varnish. It produces a loud and stable sound when played.


  • High-quality rosin
  • Durable and sturdy materials
  • Superior acoustical properties


  • No extra strings
  • Does not include shoulder rest

16. Paititi Artist-100 Violin Starter Kit

Paititi MUSIC offers quality instruments at affordable prices. It is related to the Sky Music brand violins discussed previously on this list. While Sky focuses more on Western musical instruments, Paititi incorporates minor instruments and accessories.

Design and Features

This full-size instrument is made using solid maple wood for the body, fingerboard, and other components with a smooth chestnut brown finish. The tailpiece has four built-in alloy fine tuners. The stock strings are Paititi Violin strings, which feature a solid steel core to create a warm and vibrant sound. The starter kit comes with a variety of accessories, such as a round stick Brazil-wood bow, lightweight case, and ultra-accurate clip-on tuner.


  • Comes with Paititi Clip-on Tuner, which makes tuning a breeze
  • Thick foam shoulder rest
  • High-quality materials


  • Case is poor quality
  • No spare strings

17. Aileen VG103 Solidwood Ebony Violin

Aileen Music brings over 25 years of experience to the table. With this one-stop-shop, you can peruse a variety of high-quality violins that are suited to any skill level. The brand is among the world’s top 225 musical products suppliers, ranked by Music Trade Magazine. Founded by Ms. Aileen Gu in 1993, Aileen Music offers a plethora of musical supplies, including the Aileen VG103 Ebony Violin, which is an excellent starter violin.

Design and Features

Hand-carved from Sapele and spruce wood, the Aileen VG103 Solidwood Ebony Violin is a full-sized 4/4 instrument that is ideal for beginners and students who aren’t certain how long they’ll continue to play the violin. The backs and sides are made from Maplewood with a beautifully carved scroll and top inlay. The instrument has a glossy varnish for a classy, antique look.

The instrument has durable and humidity-resistant strings, as well as Parisian eye pegs crafted from ebony wood. Using D’Addario strings, the Aileen VG103 produces a warm and bright tone that can extend throughout the room.


  • Comes with D’addario strings
  • Hard-shell and waterproof violin case
  • Adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding


  • Does not include spare strings
  • Can be challenging to tune at first

18. Carlo Lamberti Sonata Violin

It is one of the several brands that are promoted by SHAR Music. Carlo Lamberti is considered one of the topmost trustworthy and reliable violin brands. While the brand can be a tad more expensive for a novice violinist, the instruments are ideal for anyone with beginner to advanced beginner skills. Many violin instructors consider Carlo Lamberti violins to be among the best for learning to play. This instrument is ideal for students who are more serious and committed to building their violin skills.

Design and Features

The Carlo Lamberti Sonata Violin is constructed from maple, spruce, and ebony woods and features a gorgeous spirit varnish. The chinrest is ebony Guarneri style, while the tailpiece contains four built-in fine tuners. The instrument produces a beautifully rich tone that can help students better understand tone development.

While this violin isn’t often recommended for beginners, it can help them build their skills more readily, such as tone consistency and fast passage. There are five size options to choose from, including full-size 4/4, 3/4 size, and 1/8 size, so anyone can play.


  • Affordable advanced violin
  • Excellent sound projection
  • Uses premium fittings and Thomastik Vision strings


  • Pricier for beginners, but allows students to advance more readily
  • Not a locally produced instrument
  • Does not include accessories

19. Mendini MV300 Violin

Mendini is among the most affordable violin brands out there. It is ideal for lower grade violinists and beginners, allowing them to find a good quality instrument without breaking the bank. Mendini violins were crafted explicitly to supply budding musicians with access to good, but cheap string instruments. The violins are machine-made, but that doesn’t reduce their quality.

Design and Features

The Mendini MV300 is possibly the best violin for beginners who are on a budget. It is ideal for encouraging younger children to learn an instrument. The full-size instrument is made with spruce and maple woods. It is strung using steel-core Cecilio brand Violin A-strings, which are of decent quality for a new player. The tailpiece contains four built-in fine tuners. The instrument may need some additional fine-tuning and adjustments upon arrival.


  • Antique satin appearance
  • Comes with accessories like a spare violin bridge, Brazilwood bow, and a hard case
  • Solid maple back and spruce top are hand-carved


  • Not much in the way of quality control
  • Extra layers of paint and varnish from non-standard colors can muffle sound quality

20. Explore Music New Violin Starter Kit

The Explore Music brand provides beginner violinists access to affordable full-size violin starter kits that can provide a stable instrument to practice with. The violin is handmade and hand-carved by professionals who follow strict production procedures. It is one of the best options available to beginning students.

Design and Features

The New Violin Starter Kit comes with a handcrafted 4/4 violin made from natural hardwood. There are multiple processes used to create the violin to ensure that it is sturdy and free of deformities. The top is made of maple wood, while the back, neck, and sides are crafted from basswood. The instrument has a smooth, clear surface thanks to the fine polish and glossy varnish. It is strung using a basic set of violin strings and comes with a standard-length Arbor bow with white horsetail hair. It produces a loud and stable sound.


  • Tuner makes tuning violin easy
  • Decent quality instrument
  • Affordable price


  • Does not include extra change of strings
  • Rosin is of low quality
  • Loose pegs and wires

Best Beginner Violin for Adults

Among the instruments covered in the above list, there are several that are ideal for adults who are just beginning to play the violin. For example, the Bunnel Pupil Violin is ranked among the top best starter violins for adults, as it provides a beautiful sound, high-quality strings, and a full-size instrument. You can take your time to explore your options before coming to a decision.

Keep your auditory preferences in mind while you shop around for the best beginner violin for adults. Whether you opt to shop online or in person, you’ll have opportunities to compare the sounds produced by the violins that appeal to you most. You can play the instrument at the store or search online for videos. Consider reaching out to friends or mentors who have experience with buying or playing instruments to learn more about how you can find the best violin for beginners.

Best Violin for Beginners: F.A.Q.’s

Q:What is the best starter violin for beginner students?

Any of the violins listed above are well-suited to beginner students, as well as those who have mastered novice techniques. It may seem daunting to select an instrument, especially if you’ve never engaged with violins much in the past. Luckily, this guide provides an excellent starting off point to give you a leg up as you search for the best starter violin for beginners.

Q: What kind of accessories should I buy alongside a violin for beginners?

When you’re learning a new instrument, it’s important to have the right accessories and tools to prepare yourself for progress and success in your lessons. There’s a variety of extras that every beginner needs to put their best foot forward with a good beginner violin.

Shoulder Rest

A key necessity is the shoulder rest, which is kept tucked between your shoulder and chin while you play the violin. This accessory helps keep your violin in place without sleeping and without harming your shoulders. An adjustable shoulder rest allows you to achieve your best results by accommodating your preferences.


A tuner is invaluable to your collection of violin accessories, as it helps you to determine whether your instrument is in tune. You can get a physical tuner, which is electric and lights up different colors depending on the string’s tune, or an app. Consider investing in a metronome, as this can help you with tempo.


You can’t play even the best violin for beginners without rosin. To create the beautiful sounds produced by violins, you need friction and to achieve friction, you need rosin. Rosin is a form of resin extracted from pines and other coniferous trees.

This resin is particularly hard and sticky, allowing it to grip the strings of your violin and create the clear vibrations necessary to play music on your instrument. As time moves on, the rosin can build up into messy, dusty residue on your fingerboard and strings, resulting in unpleasant screeching when played. A soft cloth is just the thing to save your instrument from the horror of rosin build-up.

Violin Humidifier

Humidity and dryness are no joke. If the air is too dry, a good beginner violin can become damaged, such as cracked or otherwise harmed. Likewise, too much humidity can cause your strings to stretch out, leaving them constantly out of tune. Luckily, there is a solution. You can use a violin humidifier like the Dampit to keep the humidity levels right for your instrument. If your strings are taking the brunt of the humidity, you can invest in a peg compound or peg dope. A peg compound lubricates your pegs, which prevents them from slipping by increasing the friction levels.

Spare Strings

An extra set of violin strings can be a lifesaver. Everything faces wear and tear. Your strings can even snap in the middle of using them. A spare set of strings will help you readily navigate this issue as it arises.

Violin Case

Finally, a violin case is indispensable in helping you protect and care for the best violin for beginners. You can choose between soft and hard violin cases, which are each beneficial for different purposes. For instance, if you plan on traveling with your instrument frequently, you may prefer to purchase a soft case. However, a hard case can offer more protection against objects that may fall on top of the case.

Q: How can I be sure to choose a good beginner violin?

Selecting the best starter violin for you or your student can take time. Thorough research is an invaluable component of weeding through a wide range of different violins that you can choose from. However, there are some key things that you can keep in mind to help you be certain that you’re choosing the right violin.

The most important aspect of the best violin for beginners is the craftsmanship and quality of the instrument. The chosen materials influence the kind of sounds that a violin can produce. There are many different kinds of wood used to craft fine violins, such as boxwood, rosewood, maple, and ebony. Old-growth trees from high altitudes offer harder and denser wood, which produces a stronger and more durable body. Aim to buy an instrument that is made with solid woods like spruce and maple.

Other crucial factors to keep in mind are the strings and other accessories that come with your chosen violin. Beginners should aim for perlon or synthetic core strings, which can stay in tune longer for longer practice sessions. A good bow can help you get the best sounds from your instrument. The ideal bows for beginners use carbon composite and carbon fiber, which offer a combination of strength and agility.

Q: What size violin should I get?

Just as people come in all shapes and sizes, violins are crafted in a range of sizes to ensure that anyone can play a violin that suits their body proportions properly. There are nine different sizes, ranging from 1/32 to 4/4. These sizes align with different ages and measurements. Let’s briefly look at each size.

1/32 Violin:

The 1/32 violin is the smallest size available. It is 13.5 inches in length, allowing students with arms up to 14 inches long to play comfortably. It is suited to players from the ages of 1 to 3 years of age.

1/16 Violin:

1/16 is the next size up, measuring a total of 14.5 inches for arm lengths of 14 inches. This violin size is primarily for students from 3-5 years old.

1/10 Violin:

From there, we move on to the 1/10 violins, which are 16 inches long and built for students from 4-5 with arm lengths of 15 inches.

1/8 Size Violin:

The next size up is the 1/8 size violin. This one is 17 inches and played mostly by students from 4-6 years old. It suits arm lengths up to 18 to 18.5 inches.

1/4 Violin:

Players from 5 to 7 play the 1/4 size violin most often, which is 18.5-19 inches in length. It is ideal for arm lengths of 18-18.5 inches.

1/2 Size Violin:

The 1/2 violins are for ages 7-9 and arm lengths up to 20 inches. These size instruments measure 20.5 inches.

3/4 Violin:

Next are the 3/4 size violins, which are primarily for students from ages 9 to 12. It is 21 inches in length making it suitable for arm lengths of 21.5 to 22 inches.

7/8 size Violin:

While the 7/8 size violins are not as commonly played, they are well-suited to anyone who has smaller than average hands. They measure up to 22.5 inches for arms up to 22 inches in length. It can be more challenging to find the best violin for beginners in this size, but most shops may be willing to keep an eye out for you.

4/4 Violin:

Finally, the 4/4 size violin is known as the full-size violin. They measure 23 to 23.5 inches to accommodate arm lengths of 23 inches or longer.

When selecting a violin size, keep in mind that you’ll need to consider many physical traits to choose the correct size. For instance, you’ll want to factor in the length and size of your left hand’s fingers, the length of your neck, the shape of your jaw, and the width of your left palm. If you can, consider going to a local instrument shop and holding different violin sizes to find the one that feels the most comfortable.

Typically, as long as you are five feet, you’ll be able to play using the full-size violin. However, some people have smaller hands or arms, which may require a smaller size instrument. The right size violin will allow your wrist to curve upward to wrap around the scroll while you play. Using a violin that is too large for your size can make it challenging to learn and uncomfortable to attempt to play, so be sure that you take the time to find your measurements while you search for your starter violin. As a bonus tip, if you or your student are between sizes, you should always go for a smaller size and upgrade to a larger on when ready.

Q: What should I keep in mind when selecting the best starter violin for beginners?

When you shop for a violin, be sure that you don’t fall into the trap of buying an instrument for the brand name. It’s common for a popular brand name to prompt a mark-up in the price, despite the low-quality craftsmanship and materials. One thing to consider is to get opinions from people you know or look up to who are familiar with the process of buying an instrument. They can offer insight that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

Q: What is the difference between beginner, intermediate, and advanced violins?

While there is no universal standard for these three categories, luthiers and manufacturers have their standards for each level of the violin. Some general guidelines can help you with your search for the best starter violin.

Beginner Violins

Typically, starter or student violins use lower-quality woods, less handcrafting techniques, and plastic components, such as the chinrest or tuning pegs. These are built to be more affordable, making them the best violin for beginners who would like to learn but aren’t sure how long they’ll play. These often range from $100 to $800.

Intermediate Violins

A slightly more advanced student may be more interested in finding a slightly more professional violin without forking over the cash necessary for a truly advanced instrument. While some shops don’t offer this category, it can be beneficial to someone who is advancing their skills and interested in playing long-term.

Advanced Violins

Advanced violins are professional-level instruments. They are hand-crafted from cold-grown and slow-dried woods by an expert luthier. These violins will be finished with features like a wooden tailpiece, detachable tuners, and an ebony fingerboard.

Q: How much should I spend on my first violin?

Overall, the amount that you should spend on the best starter violin for you will depend entirely on your budget, the intent you have behind buying the instrument, and some other factors. There are many brands and makes that can appeal to any budget, ranging from as low as $35 for a beginner violin, $200-$500 for an intermediate one, and upwards of $8,000 for a professional-grade instrument.

It’s common to feel compelled to try to buy the best sounding or most interesting looking violin and call it a day. However, fight that urge and take the time to think about the reality of your situation. Compare the violin that you’re interested in with your budget and how often you plan to play it. For instance, if you’re experimenting with playing the violin, you may want to stick to a $100-200 budget. If you plan to play more seriously, you may be more willing to invest in the best violin for beginners.

Q: Should I buy a violin in a store or online?

Many benefits come with either way of shopping for the best violin for beginners. Here, we will take a quick look at the pros and cons of each option to help you determine which one would work best for you.


Online shopping can be a particularly convenient way to find a great starter violin. You can peruse a broader selection of violins, which can help you find the best fit for you. Ultimately, you’ll want to be sure that the site you are purchasing through is reputable and authorized for violin sales. Before buying anything, check reviews of the retailer and look at the Better Business Bureau for more information about the retailer. When you shop online, you can easily compare prices, features, and read reviews on instruments.

There are some challenges associated with online shopping. For instance, you can’t pick up and play the violin to get an idea for how it sounds or feels in your hands. Some online stores supply video sound samples upon request or include a variety of videos that detail the features and qualities of the instrument. Also, some shops offer trials and refunds. When shopping online, exercise caution and be sure that you do your research first.


If you choose to go to a physical store for a good beginner violin, you can enjoy the first-hand experience. You can walk through the door and experiment with the different violins that are on display, allowing you to find the most comfortable size for you. Again you can play around on the instrument to get an idea of the sound quality as well, which can make a difference in your choice of the violin. You may fall in love at the first note you hear. While shopping at a physical location, don’t forget to look at the instrument’s finish, as well as the rosin, strings, bow, and case.

Q: Should I know anything about caring for a violin before I buy one?

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensuring that you can get the most out of your new violin for beginners. Forgetting to support and care for your violin can cause many issues, so it’s important to be sure that you’re taking the time to keep it in optimal playing condition.

For instance, a sturdy and high-quality violin case can keep your instrument safe as you travel, whether you’re simply taking it down the hallway or gearing up for a performance. Look for a case that has plenty of padding to cushion the violin without rubbing against it.

Rosin Care:

Every time you play your instrument, your rosin will leave behind rosin dust, which is a white powder that can cause stickiness and dirt to build up. Eventually, this can damage your varnish, leaving your instrument lackluster and dull.

When you’re done playing, clean, and wipe the strings and body using a lint-free, soft cloth. You can cut down on the amount of cleaning required by making sure that you don’t put too much rosin on your bow, which can create a harsher, scratchy sound due to the friction created by the bow and string. Using more rosin than necessary can reduce the lifespan of your bow’s hair, which can be an expensive replacement.

Bow Care:

Of course, every so often, you’ll need to get your violin’s bow re-haired. The frequency at which you will need to do this will depend on how often you play your instrument. For example, a violinist who practices for about four hours daily will need to re-hair their bow at least twice a year. You’ll know your bow is reading to be re-haired when you begin losing a lot of bow hair while you play.

String Care:

Maintaining the strings on the best beginner violin for adults can help your strings last. To clean your strings, you’ll need to loosen them slightly before using a soft cloth to remove dust. Carefully wind the strings, as any irregularities can damage your pegbox.

Never ignore or avoid problems in your violin. By neglecting to fix early signs of wear and tear, these issues can become more complicated and pronounced. By maintaining your instrument, you can keep it producing the beautiful tones you’ve come to expect while retaining its market value. If you ever are uncertain about an issue with your violin, seek out assistance from an expert in violins, such as luthiers, to avoid causing further damage to your instrument.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best starter violin for yourself, it ultimately will come down to your unique requirements and preferences. This experience is a personal one and plays out differently from individual to individual. While this list serves as a great starting off point, I can’t tell you which of these is the ideal instrument for you. And your options for the best violin for beginners are certainly not limited to this list.

Shopping for the best violin for beginners can be a challenge, especially with the overwhelming amount of information you need to know to make an informed decision. For instance, you’ll want to consider the different materials used for the strings, how the wood can impact the sound quality and depth, and whether you’d prefer name-brand or hand-carved instruments. It’s important that the violin that you buy suits you or your student’s style.

While you search for the violin for beginners of your dreams, keep your budget and purpose in mind. If you’re not certain that you’ll continue playing violin for the long-term, keep your sights set on more affordable instruments. However, if you feel committed to building your skills as a violinist, you may be more willing to shell out more for a higher-end violin.

Armed with the information covered in this guide to finding the best violin for beginners, you can feel confident as you compare instruments and brands. Trust your gut instincts about a manufacturer and be sure to look through plenty of reviews about brands or retailers that you aren’t certain of. Your violin purchase is important. Whether you’re buying a good beginner violin for yourself or a younger student, you don’t need to rush your decision.

Kennedy Violin Review: The Ultimate Choice of Violinist

Kennedy Violin Review


You will always develop problems with your inner urge to developing skills if you don’t have or if you don’t get inner skills. One thing that you can be sure of is that the best and quality violin will always affect the kind of performance that you will get. With Kennedy violins, you can be sure that our music will have to move to a higher level than what you have encountered before. Don’t just try them out but buy them right away.

My Three Favorite Choice

Top Ten Kennedy Violin Review

10. Antonio Giuliani Etude Violin Outfit 4/4 Full-Size Clearance By Kennedy Violins

Looking for the best violin that comes as a complete outfit? Well, look no further than this model. It includes a Suzuki book 1, a clip-on tuner, high-quality Rosin, Portland Oblong case, a Giuliani Brazilwood bow, as well as, extra string. The package also includes a Portland carbon fiber shoulder rest, a string cleaning cloth and a luggage tag. This instrument comes assembled to give you more time for playing your violin.

It is handcrafted with spruce tone woods and solid maple to guarantee you durability of your violin. This beautiful instrument has 100% genuine ebony fittings and finished with an oil. The durable Mongolian horse hair will ensure you get a smooth, full tone each time you play. Don’t hesitate buying this well-crafted instrument if you were looking for the best violin that can gather your needs.


  • Comes readily assembled.
  • Handcrafted with high-quality materials for longevity.
  • Backed with lifetime guarantee.
  • Completed with an oil finish.


  • A bit expensive.

9. Electric Violin Bunnel Edge Outfit 4/4 Full Size Clearance (RED), By Kennedy Violins

This is another high-quality violin brands for the price. It is a great instrument you can use to develop your violin skills and you’ll love the rich and clear sound it produces. It is professionally set-up to let you to receive yours fully assembled. The instrument comes with a Giuliani Rosin, Giuliani Brazilwood bow with a real horse hair to deliver a smooth, full tone.

The solid-carved maple alongside with the ebony fittings makes this violin to look good. Also, the tailpiece features four fine tuners and intermediate players are going to fall in love with this well-crafted violin. It is a perfect item for the rock star in you. It comes with a 9-volt battery and the genuine mother of pearl accents will make your instrument to have alluring look in any room.


  • Durable, real Mongolian horse hair to ensure a smooth, full tone.
  • Over-ear headphones ideal for at-home practice.
  • Full suspension case has straps and accessory compartments.
  • It comes with a control sliders designed for tone and volume.


  • It is not a top notch instrument.

8. Louis Carpini G3 Violin 4/4 Full Size Bundle By Kennedy Violins

Looking for the highest rated stringed instrument? Well, this Carpini 4/4 violin is what you can invest on. It comes with everything you require to start playing including a luggage tag, Kaplan Artcraft rosin, Portland String set, Portland Elite case, Giuliani Brazilwood bow and a string cleaning cloth. Final set-up and assembly has been done so you can receive your elegant violin ready to play.

It is handcrafted with sturdy maple and spruce tonewoods and then completed with an oil finish. What you will love is the fact that, this instrument comes backed by a lifetime warranty. You have nothing to doubt or worry about. Consider this instrument if you have to advance your violin skills.


  • Comes fully assembled ready to be used.
  • Handcrafted with long-lasting materials.
  • Comes as a complete outfit.
  • Oil-based finish so no thick lacquer.


  • Not suitable for starters.

7. Bunnel Premier Violin Outfit 1/10 Size

Kennedy Violin Review

If you’re looking for a nice violin which has been upgraded, then this is what you can count on. It features an improved quality of wood and professionally made to deliver a richer, warmer sound. It is set-up by experienced luthiers. Tight-grained spruce and naturally dried maple have been used to design this new violin.

It features polished fingerboard, pegs, high-grade ebony fittings, inlaid purfling A custom fit and high-grade maple bride. This premier instrument comes with a polishing cloth, a Portland Oblong carrying case, as well as, backup strings. Playing your music requires the best quality violin and this is the right one you can rely on.


  • Comes well set-up by experienced luthiers.
  • Solid maple wood construction for a richer, warmer sound.
  • Oil-based finish expects no thick lacquer.
  • Exceeds all MENC and Suzuki standards.


  • None identified so far.

6. Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size

Kennedy Violin

This is one of the highest-rated stringed instrument you can trust. It comes as a complete outfit assembled and ready to play once you open the case. This model is beautifully handcrafted with sturdy maple and spruce tonewoods. It features 100% genuine ebony fittings and finished with satin oil. Also, the instrument comes with everything you require to start to play.

It comes at a much lower cost and great choice for anyone who’s working on budget. This glamorous violin is made to produce a clear tone, as well as, huge amplification. It comes with a durable oblong case designed with straps, music pocket and a sturdy YKK zippers.


  • Classic shoulder rest for your comfort while playing.
  • Built-in fine tuners conveniently placed.
  • Extra set of Portland strings for your convenience.
  • Long-lasting, real Mongolian horse hair to deliver a smooth, full tone.


  • After multiple tunings, it can sound different from expected.

5. Louis Carpini G2 Violin Outfit 1/2 Size

Kennedy Violin Review

The sound of this instrument is both refined and balanced. The color is also great and the sound is more than decent. Everything is hand crafted, carved and then put together. Many violin instructors can attest that this elegant violin is a great choice for advanced players.

It has a cool look and you can think that it is expensive. This violin is designed with D’Addario prelude strings and offers a rich sound that is of the finest quality. It comes ready to play and the kit includes a bridge, a hard case which is lined with velveteen cloth, rosin, and a Brazilwood bow.


  • Produces sounds of the highest quality.
  • Cool looking color that is suitable for all players.
  • Comes as a complete kit ready to play.
  • Suitable for intermediate violin.


  • None has been encountered so far.

4. Antonio Giuliani Etude Violin Outfit 1/2 Size

Kennedy Violin

This is another great model and a suitable choice for new violin players designed to help them to learn new techniques and also master their violin skills. Not only will that, advancing students and intermediate players find this instrument very helpful. It is made to deliver exceptional sound and the gorgeous, deep reddish-brown color makes it outstanding.

The oil finish makes this item to look nice and it is even pleasing to the eye and the detailed setup plus woodwork will guarantee users a comfortable playability. It has a beautiful maple back, genuine high-grade ebony fittings and four fine tuners. You’ll get a warm, clear sound from this handmade Keneddy violin.


  • Lightweight design to guarantee comfortable transportation.
  • Smooth handle on hinges designed for comfortable carrying.
  • Fitting bridge feet designed to match the curvature of the instrument.
  • Oil finish that is pleasing to the eye.


  • Probably expensive.

3. Bunnel Premier Violin Clearance Outfit 1/10 Size

Kennedy Violin Review

The Premier is another excellent choice suitable for beginning student instrument. It has an improved quality of wood to guarantee you a richer, warmer sound. The authentic, hand-rubbed oil finish makes this outstanding Kennedy violin to look expensive. Forget about those violins coated with a glossy lacquer finish since it hinders the quality of tone production.

Not only doesn’t this instrument look more professional, but also remains true to historical. The tried-and-true standards of individually hand-crafted design makes this violin a must-have. Users will appreciate the construction, design, fittings and finish of this cost-effective violin.


  • Comes as a complete kit ready to play out of the case.
  • Designed to deliver a warmer, projective sound.
  • Oil finish makes the violin to look more expensive.
  • Precisely weighed for a perfect balance and responsiveness.


  • Sound is dull in all strings.

2. Bunnel Premier Student Violin Outfit 4/4 (Full) Size in Hard Shell Case (Bombshell Blue)

Kennedy Violin

Grab this beautifully handcrafted violin and you will love its bow with genuine mother of pearl accents. The metal-mounted, topnotch ebony frog makes the violin to have a balanced weight. It has a real Mongolian horse hair to deliver a smooth, clear full tone and the high grade Brazilwood stick guarantees great bounce and responsiveness. The accessories include a Portland classic shoulder rest, introduction to violin book, extra strings and natural rosin.

It has a cute Portland hard shell case which is fitted with straps and there is accessory compartment, as well as, two vow holders. The maple tone woods and solid carved spruce makes this instrument to produce outstanding sound. It is designed for comfortable playability, give it a try today.


  • Oil-based finish to make it look professional.
  • Exceeds all Suzuki and MENC standards.
  • Precisely measured string ideal for ergonomic playability.
  • Topnotch Brazilwood stick for unbeatable bounce and responsiveness.


  • It does not come with stickers for notes.

1. Ricard Bunnel G2 Violin Outfit 1/4 Size

Kennedy Violin Review

Do yourself a favor and order this professionally made violin that comes with an introduction to violin book. It has been fitted with built-in fine tuners, clip-on tuner and polishing cloth. Apart from that, this violin has professional Portland shoulder rest and it is not a cheat version like the ones which are provided by other retailers.

There are tons of sturdy and genuine YKK zippers for your convenience and the durable oblong case with straps alongside with music pocket makes this violin a great one to have. The bow is made of a strong, responsive, topnotch Brazil wood and the precisely measured string height will ensure you comfort during playtime.


  • Exceeds all Suzuki and MENC standards.
  • Precisely measured string height for users comfortably playability.
  • Long-lasting real Mongolian horsehair for a full tone.
  • Overall construction looks and feels great.


  • A little bit challenging to play.

Few words about Kennedy violins

Kennedy Violins is one of the best rated violin brands by customers. They’re the most trusted brands and you can count on them especially if you are after well-made violins. Their violins are beautifully handcrafted from solid maple and spruce tone woods and lightweight enough to let you feel comfortable when playing. Come with everything you require to get started playing.

Why kennedy violin is the best choice?

They purchase each violin from the maker and professionally trained luthier staff do the final assembly. Buyers of Kennedy violin don’t have to do assembly or setup since their instruments come ready to play right out of the case. Their instruments are backed up with lifetime warranty and come at a considerate fair price. They design all kinds of violins for beginners, intermediate to professionals. Why don’t you experience the Kennedy violins difference right away?

General features

– Highly rated

– High-quality sound

– Includes complete kit

Kennedy violin review: FAQs

Q: Are your products covered by a Warranty?

A: Bows are covered by a Limited lifetime warranty, original hair is covered up to 6 months. Cases are covered for one year, their Warranty also applies only to original purchaser of the case.

Q: What is the cost of shipping?

A: We have free shipping on all of our instrument outfits!

Q: Do you ship cellos? What about Basses?

A: Our cellos and basses are only available for purchase in our shop

Final Thoughts

There is rarely a company that produces the type of value for the money just like Kennedy Violins does. These violins are designed for you, whether you’re a seasoned player or beginner you will always love using Kennedy Violins and of course it will fit your budget. The above collections are highly recommended for anyone who want to buy a violin but doesn’t know where to begin.

What size violin do I need?

What size violin do I need


Playing the violin

Like all musical instruments has to be able to fit the person who is going to play the instrument. Having one too large makes reaching key notes impossible and discouraging. The player may simply give up after awhile.

Playing one that is too small, leads to the player making mistakes even though they can reach those key notes and it is difficult to bend the hand to reach those shorter notes. This too can be discouraging.

If you want to encourage someone to learn how to play the violin, then you need to help them get one that fits their stature and arm length. To find out how to do this, just continue to read our article. It explains all the question like What size violin do I need? and all to you

How many sizes are there

Before you go buying a violin, it is important to know how many violin sizes there are. This helps you find the right fit, plus it helps to know that not every violin maker makes every size. So if you are looking for a particular brand of violin, you may be out of luck if that company doe snot make the size you want.

When you go looking for the violin, you find that there are between 7 and 8 different sizes. As you shop it is imperative that the person who is going to to play the violin hold it and see if it is a good fit.

Their left hand should be able to comfortably reach all the notes without letting go of the instruments. This applies to adults as well as children. The largest violin is called the 4/4 and it reaches about 23 inches in length.

Adult players have the least amount of sizing trouble as their growing years are over. Its the children who will run into difficulty as their body changes over the years. Keep an eye on the future when trying to find a violin for a young adult or child.

What size violin do I need

The answer to this question would depend on what size you are. If you are an adult, or a teenager who has stopped growing, then a 4/4 or adult violin is the one you should play. The smaller versions are not going to be comfortable and may cause you some problems.

There is a caveat to that though. Full grown adults or teens who are below average size should check the smaller sizes to see if those options fit their arm length. Just because it is an adult size violin does it mean that it will fit every adult.

Don’t worry, if you cannot find a smaller one that has the right tone, you can spend a little extra money and get one custom made to your specifications and arm size. There is always a good solution when size problems do show up.

Medical problems are not an excuse to avoid learning how to play. Instruments can be adapted to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to play, even an instrument like the violin.

Violin sizing chart

If you are still not sure which size you should buy, here is an easy to use and understand violin size chart to guide you. Keep in mind that these are not hard and fast, written in stone guides as there will always be exceptions to the rule.

  Violin size  Length of the violin  Age group
  1/16  14 inches  3 to 5 years of age
  1/10  15 inches  3 to 5 years of age
  1/8  16 inches  3 to 5 years of age
  1/4  18.5 inches  4 to 7 years of age
  1/2  20 inches  6 to 10 years of age
  3/4  22 inches  9 to 11 years of age
  4/4  23 inches  11+ years of age

There also may be some disagreement as to the exact length for each category but these figures will give you an idea of how long a violin is when talking to the maker or the salesman.

Then, when a violin is under 19 inches long, it is usually thought of as being a violin for a child. As we said, if you are a small adult with short arms, a full size violin may be too hard to hold as well as reach the notes.

The best thing to do is to go to the store and try holding different violins. That is the best way to get the right fit for you.

How to measure violin size

Besides using a tape measure and simply measuring the length of the violin there are better ways to see if the violin will ft you are your child. All the tape measure method will do is give you the total overall length and not tell you if the violin fits in other keys aspects of holding and playing the instrument.

The following steps help you answer what size of violin do I need:

  1. Have the person who is going to play the violin extend their left arm . They need to keep that arm straight with no bend at the elbow or the wrist.
  2. Now take the tape measure and measure from the neck to the wrist. That total will give you the appropriate size and comfort length.
  3. Next measure from the neck to the palm of the hand. This total tells you how long the violin can be for that person to play.
  4. Or you can have the violin placed in the hands of the player holding it in playing position. The violin scroll should sit in the palm of the hand and the player should be able to curl his fingers over the scroll.

How to measure a violin

In figuring out what size of violin you need, you can also measure the back of the violin. This measurement will also help you figure out the length of the violin you already own and what bow length you should use:

  Violin Size  Violin BACK Length  Violin size (Approx.)  Bow length
  1/16  8 inches  14 inches  16 3/4 inches
  1/10  9 inches  16 inches  17 1/2 inches
  1/8  10 inches 17 inches  19 1/4 inches
  1/4  11 inches  19 inches  22 1/2 inches
  1/2  12.2 inches 20 1/2 inches  24 1/2 inches
  3/4  13 inches  21 inches  27 inches
  4/4  14 inches 23 1/2 inches  29 1/2 inches

As you can see, there is some discrepancy in the measurements between the two tables. This should prepare you when you talk to different salesmen or violin makers. Their standard size may be a little different from each other.

This discrepancy helps you find the right violin size for yourself or your child as everyone is different. So are their arm lengths. Don’t hold to one measurement over the other but be flexible.

Children violin size

As the charts have indicated, these violins are a lot smaller and should be easier for your child to play. But there are some subtle differences between them and the adult size you may not know about. The following list should get you up to speed on picking out a violin for your young children:

  1. They are not made the same way as adult violins. The craftsman ship is different.
  2. A different type of wood is used to make these violins.
  3. Not usually hand made but machine made.
  4. They produce a different tone than an adult violin.
  5. The quality of the violin is not very high.
  6. Sometimes it is better to rent a child’s violin than own one.
  7. Children can play different sizes of violin depending on their arm length.
  8. These are usually less costly than larger violins.

The best place to look for a child’s violin is not the department store. Rather you should go to a violin or music shop that specializes in instruments and have knowledgeable people on their sales staff.

They can help you find the right size for your child and offer different tips as well as point out any issues that may arise as your child grows up. Measuring a violin is the same as described above.

Pros and cons of violin sizes

Finding the right violin and size for yourself or your children cannot be done well unless you look at all the positive and negatives about different violins


  • There is more music written that requires the violin to play than any other instrument.
  • All sizes of violins are small and light to carry.
  • Smaller violins are more cheaper.
  • Adult size violins are made with better craftsmanship.
  • Adult or bigger sized violins may have better tones than the smaller sized ones.
  • The strings are usually less expensive for a child’s size violin.
  • Adult sized violins can become very valuable.
  • Violins of all sizes are easy to find.


  • Children’s sized violins are usually machine made not handmade.
  • Adult violins or larger ones are more expensive.
  • Children’s violins have inferior tone and inferior quality strings, etc.
  • One size does not fit all.
  • The strings for large or adult violins can be very expensive.
  • Children’s sized violins are not valuable at all.
  • Children outgrow the smaller violins very quickly adding to your expenses.
  • Owning a child’s violin may not be better than renting one.

What size violin do I need: FAQs

#1. Is it better to buy or rent a violin?

This will depend on you and if you want to teach your child responsibility or if they are dedicated to playing the instrument., Buying usually gets your child a better instrument to play. Renting is only good if your child is not sure they want to play the violin and change their mind. Then you may have saved some money

#2. Which sounds better a rental or a purchased violin

A rental violin’s sound depends on how the violin was treated by its previous user. If it was mistreated, subject to high humidity or temperatures and other factors, the sound of the rental will be a lot worse than a bought violin

#3. Will renting save me money

Not really as, like a car rental, there are always add on fees to protect the owner of the violin. The real expense of a bought violin comes when your child outgrows his current instrument and you ave to buy a new larger one.

#4. How much do violin strings cost?

This will depend on the quality of the strings and some other factors but generally, you are looking at paying between $10 and $40 per set of strings

#5. Is there really a difference in the tone of an adult violin and a child’s violin?

Yes, that is true. A child’s violin is not made for centuries of use and a lot less pride goes into their creation as well as lesser quality materials. All of these factors influence the tone of a child’s violin. On the other hand, the adult violin is made usually with great care and top quality materials.

Some final thoughts

Learning to play the violin can be a great achievement for children and young adults. It is best to make sure they have the right instrument and the right fit. Your child may not grow up to be Yo Yo Ma but they still can master the violin and feel good about their accomplishment.

Using the charts above you can help start your child off on the right path to self confidence and other needed adult characteristics.

The Ultimate Guide To Selecting The Right Violin Size For Kids

violin size for kids


A violin’s size is a very crucial aspect to consider when picking one for your kid and even adult players. With the several violin sizes available, selecting the right violin size for kids has proven to be a very overwhelming activity, especially if you don’t know the basic features to look.

Available violin sizes in descending order are; 4/4, 7/8, 3/4, 1/2 (half-sized), 1/4, 1/8 (an eighth), 1/10, 1/16, and 1/32. To procure the best one for your kid, you need to know the length of their arms and pick a violin that corresponds to that length.

It’s best for the child to be present so that he/she can hold the instrument to ensure you pick the most precise size.

A step by step guide on how to measure violin size for Kids

Kids have different heights, and so does arm lengths, which is why violins come in various sizes to fit the body proportions of all players instead of adjusting to it. For precise violin selection, you need to know the distance between your kid’s neck and wrist or, most preferably, the middle of his palms and note down the measurements.

The most recommendable way to measure this distance is by extending the playing hand in a perpendicular position with the body (like you hold a viola).

When buying a violin, it’s crucial to double-check if it’s the actual size for your child. Simple steps on how to measure violin size for child are;

Step 1:

Ask your kid to extend his arm his palm aloft.

Step 2:

The kid should hold the instrument under the chin and then try to cover the scroll with his/her fingers.

Step 3:

If it’s the right size, your kid should be able to hold the scroll in his/her palms easily and effortlessly touch the violin’s peg-box. In case the fingers aren’t able to touch the pegbox, it implies that the instrument is big for him/her.

Different types of violin sizes and suitable corresponding age groups

A. 1/32 violins

This viola is the smallest among all violins and best for kids between the ages of 1-3 years or older petite kids. 1/32 violins measure approximately 13.5 inches long, suitable for kids with arm length less than 14 inches. Its size and weight make it best for kids to lift and play it for long hours without getting tired.

B. 1/16 violins

These violins are ranked as the second smallest available in the market, measuring around 14.5-16 inches long. Early learners popularly use them because of their simplicity and playability. Kids the age of 3-5 years and arm lengths of 14- 15.5 inches can easily use it.

C. 1/10 violins

In most cases, using a kid’s age to procure a violin for them can be misleading because some kids grow faster than others. If your kid is older for the above violins, the 1/10 can be an alternative. It has a length of 16-17.5 inches, appropriate for kids between the ages of 4-5 years.

D. 1/8 violins

This violin is best for kids ranging from 4-6 years. It has a length of 17.75 -19 inches and a width of 10 inches. It is important to check that your kid’s arm length is about 16.5 inches for him to use and lift this violin easily.

In some cases, three years old kids can use this violin, especially those growing fast height-wise. The most critical thing to consider in this case isn’t the age but the correspondence of your kids’ arm’s length with the violin’s size.

E. 1/4 violins

Usually, these violins are about 2 inches bigger than the 1/8 models, that is, 19-20.75 inches. This size makes them the best option for children between 5-7 years with arm lengths of approximately 18.5- 19.5 inches.

Unlike the above violins, this model is a bit weightier due to its broader body length (11 inches). This factor necessitates the consideration of your kid’s arms strength. If you feel it will be heavy for him/her, it’s best to invest in a much lighter alternative.

F. 1/2 violins

If your kid is 7-9 years, then this is the best violin for you. It’s usually 20.75-22inches long with a body span of about 12.5 inches. For your kid to comfortably play this viola, he /she should have an arm span of around 20-21 inches.

If your child’s arm is a bit smaller, you can select another suitable option from the above models to prevent them from straining during playing.

G. 3/4

This violin has a body span of 13 inches, and its 22-23.5 inches. It’s suitable for 9-12 years kids with arm lengths of about 21.5- 22.5 inches.

H. 7/8 violins

7/8 violins are the second-largest models available in the market. Since they’re almost similar to the full-sized violas, they tend to be very rare in stores. This model of violins is best for teenagers with a bit small hands or arm lengths. It has a slightly bigger body of 13.5 inches

I. 4/4 violins

4/4 violas are the biggest among all the nine models available and widely used by tall teens and adults having arm spans of around 23.5 inches and above. Kids above eleven years old or 5ft can use this model without difficulties.

Fully-sized violins are 23.5+ inches with a broader body length (14inches). If your kid has slightly short arms or petite hands, it would be best to go for the 7/8 model.

Important things to consider when procuring a violin for your child

Other crucial factors need consideration when obtaining a viola for your child besides knowing the dimensions of the best violin for your kid include;

1. The length of your child’s neck.

Neck length is a very crucial factor when determining the violin size for kids. For example, individuals with longer necks need to tilt their heads to support and play the violin well. Playing violin while in this position can create tension that will later affect your child’s playing capability or cause back pains.

 As a remedy, you can obtain some shoulder rest paddings for your child to rest his/her head while playing. Wooden and bar paddings are a better choice than the sponge ones because sponge pads usually reduce the violin’s sound intensity.

2. The size or length of your kid’s fingers

Considering the arm length only can be a bit limiting, going further to measure the length or your child’s fingers can be an added advantage. Tall kids with longer fingers might end up needing a violin that’s above their age group, while those who are short or have short fingers may need violins meant for kids below their age.

If your child is tall, larger violins will work best for them because of their tall necks. Giving a petite kid large violin will prevent them from playing well because they’ll struggle to play the right notes. Such a situation denies a child the opportunity to polish his/her skills.

3. Your kid’s jaw shape

If you examine the faces of people around you, you’ll notice that the shapes of their jaws are completely distinctive in their way. For this reason, it’s crucial to procure a violin that can support your kid’s chinrest comfortably so as improve his/her stance and playing technique.

Round-faced kids need models with flat chinrests while those with slating/ thin faces can easily use those high-ridged chinrests.

 violin size for kids: FAQs

1. What’s the price range for robust violins?

Violin prices differ with age, brand, utility, inclusions, size, or quality. A robust violin usually comes with a case, bow, and rosin. Most violins range from 100-5000 USD.

2. What are the two major types of violins?

Violins can be either electronic or acoustic (non-electric). In some cases, violins are classified with their eras.

3.how can you tell a violin is a right size

A fit violin is the one you can reach its notes at ease while holding it.


Knowing the exact violin size for kids is crucial when procuring this instrument, whether for an adult or kid. If you don’t know the best size for your kid yet, the above guide will help you find the violin size for your kid.

Avoid estimations and guessing, as easy as it may seem, its best for you kid to physically tryout a viola to see if its the precise size before purchasing it.

Top Five Exciting Cecilio Violin Reviews 2020

cecilio violin


Cecilio, which derives its name from the patron saint of music St. Cecilia, is an esteemed company that produces great and quality violins. The company boosts a common ground in pricing while maintaining its high quality. They also get lots of affection from violinists, beginners to upgrading learners, for their quality hand-made violins and high-end bows, and the suitability the instruments have towards learners of all ages. Yes, the Cecilio may not be as blissful as a Guarneri or a Stradivarius, but it is an affordable opportunity to get your hands on a quality violin like cecilio violin.

This is made sure by the vigorous tests the Cecilio violin is taken through to fit its purpose. Additionally, the materials used such as the spruce or maple, fittings and strings from D’Addario offer more quality with an assurance of not having to change the bow strings every now and then.

It is important to note that Cecilio offers a wide range of pieces that befits all violinist needs and performances.

Best Cecilio Violin Reviews

Do you find it hard to search for the best violin that suits your needs in the market? We’ve got you covered. Here is a comparison and guide information table that contains details of various Cecilio models in the market. The data is gathered from previous customers’ reviews and ratings.

Kindly note, from the models, reviewed, the Cecilio 1/4 CVN-300 was the best. Some of its notable features include, solid spruce wood top, maple back, ebony fingerboard, tailpiece with detachable nickel-coated tuners, and a freight case. While some models like Cecilio L1/2CEVN-L1BK may have high ratings, it is important to note that the comparison considers the number of customers

Comparison Table: Cecilio Violin

Name of Cecilio ModelFeaturesAmazon
  Cecilio 1/4 CVN-300Spruce top, Maple back, Ebony fingerboard, 2 x Brazil wood bow, Unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, 1 Year Warranty  4.6
  Cecilio CVN-100Hand-carved solid spruce top with maple back & sides, Maple fingerboard, Full Size natural varnish violin, 1 Year Warranty  4.2
  Cecilio CVN-300Antique varnish, solid spruce wood top, maple back, Strung with D’Addario Prelude Strings  4.2
  Cecilio CVN-600Size 4/4 violin, hand-carved highly flamed 1-piece maple back, hand rubbed oil finish, 4 detachable fine tuner  4.1
  Cecilio L1/2CEVN-L1BKSize 1/2, style 1 left-handed electric/silent violin, black metallic varnish, Brazil wood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair  5.0

1. Cecilio 1/4 CVN-300 Ebony Fitted Solid Wood Violin

This is popular for its beautiful design and the sound it produces. This is made possible by the solid wood spruce top, ¼ size fitted with an ebony fingerboard and a tail piece that has detachable nickel plated fine tuners.

Additionally, the model is suitable for a beginner or an intermediate and any level of music skill. The neck and sides of the violin have a beautifully designed inland find and varnish finishing and a durable Brazilian wood.

The model comes with an extra set of violin strings, and a lightweight hard case for convenient storage and freight.


  • Dimensions 27 x 5 x 10 inches
  • Weight 3.45 pounds


  • The materials used are durable and will give you service for a long time.
  • This model gives you pride when playing with its awesome art thanks to ebony fingerboard and tailpiece.
  • The violin comes with extra items such as 2 bridges, a lightweight hard case, a set of violin strings and a quality rosin cake.
  • For anyone not willing to upgrade, this model will come in handy as it suits a beginner or intermediate player for a long time which saves you money in the long run.
  • The item comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


  • Fairly hard to complain about anything about this model but if there is anything to write home about then it would be its price though the quality marches the cost.
Cecilio 1/4 CVN-300

2. Cecilio CVN-100

For a musician, finding the best instrument to help you develop your skills is crucial. Having this model allows you to learn new tricks daily with regards to the features that come along with it. The violin has the following features, 4/4 full size body, natural varnish, hand carved solid top, fingerboard and back and sides made of maple and an alloy tailpiece with four integrated fine tuners.

Additionally, the violin comes with a lightweight hard case for storage and efficient movement. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder rest.


  •  Weighs 4.8 pounds
  •  Dimensions 32 x 5 x 12 inches


  • A student instrument that is versatile and less costly.
  • Beautifully designed thanks to the stylish maple back and sides and hand-carved solid spruce top.
  • Maple construction ensures quality sound transmission
  • Comes with extras such as a hard case, tuner, and other items.


  • Has very little resonance.
  • The bridge can be knocked off during shipping as it is held in position by the tensions of the strings.
Cecilio CVN-100

3. Cecilio CVN-300

Termed as a student’s violin, it allows a learner to correct their mistakes and improve on their skills because it provides accurate sound. This hand crafted instrument has the following features, inlaid purfling on the neck and sides, and curved solid spruce wood on the top, full 4/4 size and a maple back.

The strings are D’Addario Prelude Strings and a durable ebony fingerboard. The tailpiece comes with four detachable nickel coated fine tuners with an adjustable shoulder rest. Additionally, the violin comes with a lesson’s book and a lightweight case.


Dimensions32 x 12 x 5 inches
Weight5 pounds
Sizes1/4 – 4/4
BackAged Maple
TopAged Spruce
Fittings DetailsMade of ebony and used for pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece, and chinrest.
Bows2 bows
StringsD’Addario Prelude
Outfit and additionalsMade of wood, horse hair and a spare bridge
Warranty1 year


  • Easy to learn.
  • It is a versatile model and can be used with a beginner and an intermediate.
  • Less costly but of high quality.
  • Highly durable because of the ebony fittings used.


  • It can be annoying to beginners because it needs to be tuned regularly.
  • It is versatile but it cannot be used by advanced players.
Cecilio CVN-300

4. Cecilio CVN-600 Hand Oil Rub Highly Flamed

The beautifully crafted model boasts of oil rubbed hand finish, an inland purfling, hand-carved highly flamed maple wood, a top that is made from solid grained spruce wood and a durable fingerboard. The tailpiece has four separable fine tuners with the instrument strung with a set of D’Addario Prelude Strings.

Other notable features and extra components include, a chromatic tuner with a metronome, a deluxe oblong case fitted with velvet interiors and a hygrometer. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder rest, two bows and a learners guide, an extra bridge and a quality rosin cake.


  •  Weighs 6.75 pounds
  • Dimensions 32 x 13 x 7 inches


  • The ebony tailpiece with a mother of pearl inlay completed with a hand rubbed finish gives this model a classy look.
  • The body is highly durable as it is made from a 7 year aged strong maple.
  • It is perfect for soloists as it can produce a vibrant and dynamic sound.
  • It has an adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding.
  • Comes with a chromatic tuner with metronome.
  • Packaged with a lesson book.


  • It is among the most expensive models on our list.
  • The packaging does not protect the violin from scratches or dents during transportation and freight.
Cecilio CVN-600

5. Cecilio L1/2CEVN-L1BK

This model is specifically designed for left-handed users. It also allows you to practice at any given moment without causing any disturbance to other people. Notable design features are, an attractive black metallic varnish, an ebony made fingerboard, hand-carved solid maple wood and a tail-piece with a stunning pearl inlay.

The product package comes with a Brazilwood bow that has unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, 9V Alkaline batteries, headphones, quality rosin cake, a bridge and a lightweight case for transportation.


  •  Weighs 4 pounds
  •  Dimensions 27 x 5 x 10 inches


  • Comes with a set of headphones, cabling and other accessories that will aid you in practice without causing noise disturbances to others.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Materials used are highly durable.
  • Can be used where there is no power as it comes with 9v alkaline batteries.
  • Has an added benefit that an electric instrument comes with.
  • Has a very stylish design.


  • It is costly for beginners.
Cecilio L1/2CEVN-L1BK

Frequently Asked Questions: Cecilio Violin

Q: How Good Is the Cecilio Violin Brand?

The Cecilio is a good brand because it is known for production of high quality products that may even cost you less than other brand products. The brand is highly recommended and is teacher-approved. The violin is taken through a vigorous testing and trial. That is how that ensures its quality standards. The materials used to make this violins are durable, of high quality and top-notch. Furthermore, they produce versatile instruments that can be used by intermediates and professionals likewise.

Q: Can the Cecilio Violin be Used by Beginners?

Yes. The violin can be played by anyone at any age and at any skill level. Upgrading is determined by your desire to learn more and more especially your discipline. What is more important is being critical with your discipline and develop a learning style. We all have different learning traits and paces.

Kindly note that some Cecilio violin brands come with a learner’s book that will aid you in learning the violin. They also come strung with bridges that are attached out of the box making it easier for students to start. The products are also available in different sizes that ensure all needs of a player. As a result they are highly satisfy about the product.

Q: Where Do Cecilio Violins Come From?

The Cecilio violins, which derives its name from the patron saint of music St Cecilia, are made in the state of California. The violin draws so much popularity from the fact that there is so much care put into making them and the technique used is centuries old. The reason as to why their prices are astonishingly affordable is because it is a US based brand and everything is made in-house. The brand is versatile and produces instruments for all skills levels and also produces high quality products that undergo severe tests.

Q: How Much Do Cecilio Violins Cost?

Well, this depends more on what you are looking for. However, the Cecilio is versatile and has a wide range of products to look for and notably all of them will give you value for money. The price ranges vary but you can get an entry level equipment for a slow as $100 or even less. The Cecilio also offers an instrument that can help you upgrade but for a little more cost. With as much as $200 you can get a perfect beginner’s violin.

It is safe to say that the Cecilio produces high quality pocket friendly violins that will surely serve you well.

Final Thoughts

The Cecilio is a customer-oriented company that produces high quality violins that without a doubt meet the needs of the modern classical music world. They produce versatile instruments that can be used for performances at any stage.

You will most certainly fall in love with this brand whether you want to purchase a violin as a beginner or when you want to upgrade. Whatever the case, you are sure to get value for money and can never go wrong with any of their models.

Enjoy your playing!

Mitchell Ukuleles: The Musicians Ultimate Paradise

Mitchell Ukuleles


When it is about music, you have to always rely on the best. And Mitchell’s line of world-class instruments is the most reliable that you can possibly get. One of the most prominent instruments that are a hot favorite with most musicians and bands is the Ukulele.

The music instrument named Ukulele is an instrument of a member of the lute family. This instrument is the Hawaiian version of the Machete which is an instrument of the Portuguese origin. This is a small guitar-like instrument that was introduced to Hawaii by the Portuguese.

Since its invention, this instrument has had many companies who have been making it but one of the companies that have been making a mark and has been extremely popular is – Mitchell. Mitchell Ukuleles have been a popular name in the world of Ukuleles and some of its products such as Mitchell MU40, Mitchell MU70, and the Mitchell MU75 NM concert have been the top-rated instruments with musicians far and wide.

In this Mitchell Ukulele review, we will go through the pros and cons of the Ukulele of this brand and why each one of these instruments is so good.

Mitchell Ukulele Review

In general, the Mitchell range of products are known for their superior quality and finish. Lets’ list the pros and cons of the Mitchell Ukulele in general and what works and what does not with these instruments. Let’s have a look.

What You Like :

  • Impeccable finish and build quality.
  • Exquisite designs and styles.
  • Made from high-quality mahogany, rosewood, and spruce material.
  • Available in all price ranges.
  • Available in various models.
  • Features vary with the price range.
  • Authentic sound quality, filled with a rich tone.
  • Almost all models boast easy playability.
  • All models come with a user’s manual

What You Dislike:

  • Some models may get pretty expensive
  • The strings may need to be replaced for better sound.

Let’s have a look at some of the Ukuleles by Mitchell

Mitchell Ukulele MU40C

The first one in the list is the MU40C. This one is the concert version of the MU40 and hence comes in a much larger size. Under a $100 it’s an absolute beauty and is an instrument of choice for all player levels.

The body as we pointed out is concert-sized and hence larger that gives it a pretty good hold and grip. The body is carved out of Lindenwood that lends it that bright tone and that natural-looking finish. The fingerboard is bound which makes it easy to play for all skill levels.

The MU40C is known for its snappy and bright tones due to the use of Lindenwood in the top and the neck. The bigger concert-sized body was specially provided to lend it a stronger and bigger sound and an excellent projection. You get a blend of music and craftsmanship and beauty all under $100.


  • Extremely affordable under $100.
  • Fit to be played for all player levels.
  • Beautiful and premium looks.
  • Concert-sized with pretty good grip and hold.
  • Strong and rich sound with excellent projection.


  • Strings may need replacement based on usage.
  • Fret adjustments and tunings are required.

Mitchell Concert Ukulele Review (MU75NM)

This Ukulele is the Natural Mahogany variant of the highly popular MU75BK. This is priced at a little over $100 and is good for everyone who takes their music seriously right from a curious beginner to an expert musician.

The body features an all Mahogany body concert type body that ensures that it gets a warm and rounded tone. The finish is glossy along with an abalone rosette and purfling. The use of mother-of-pearl mini dots lends it a classic look.

The large concert size lends it easy playability with a large sound and projection for all playing situations. It features a compensated saddle that helps to improve the tuning and the intonation.


  • Extremely affordable under $100.
  • Fit to be played for all player levels.
  • Beautiful and premium looks.
  • Concert-sized with pretty good grip and hold.
  • Strong and rich sound with excellent projection.


  • Strings may need replacement based on usage.
  • Fret adjustments and tunings are required.

Mitchell Ukulele MU70

This one is an affordable mid-range Ukulele made by Mitchell for players of all skill levels right from beginners to experts. This is an under $200 Ukulele and is quite popular for people who want a little more than what a beginner’s instrument may have on offer.

The body and the neck of this instrument are beautifully made in abalone rosette that adds an expensive look to the instrument. The design is classic and timeless that adds a rich yet subtle look and feel to it. This one is a concert Ukulele so it is pretty big in size and its arch design makes it easy to hold and play.

The gloss finish looks excellent and the Aquila strings used to make it an excellent string instrument straightaway. Besides the sound of this ukulele is authentic. So this one has all you need from design to sound to craftsmanship all in one.


  • Affordable mid-range Ukulele under $200.
  • Fit for all skill levels.
  • Classic design that makes it look premium.
  • Rightly sized for easy play.
  • Authentic and rich sound.


  • Strings may need to be replaced.
  • Frequent adjustments and tunings need to be made.

Mitchell Concert MU80XCE Ukulele

Mitchells Concert Ukuleles include the MU80XCE Concert Acoustic and Electric versions. This concert Ukulele is a top-notch product made with a lot of attention to detail to cater to everything a musician would be needing out of it.

It is made out of high-quality components and Maplewood that makes it look exotic and upscale. The body is made to make it easy to hold and play. It is a cutaway Ukulele, the body is made of Maplewood, the neck is made of Mahogany, and the fretboard of Rosewood. It comes with 26 frets and 4 strings.

Coming to its sound, this one comes with a preamp from Fishman Kula and an EQ that helps you get the right sound. It also includes a chromatic tuner that lets you tune up whenever you want so that you never have to find a tuner again. With many other unique features, this one can be an asset to any musician who loves his music. The price is a little over $200 but with all that it offers its worth every penny.


  • High end Ukulele model by Mitchell.
  • Appropriate for intermediate to advanced player levels.
  • Made out of Maplewood, Mahogany, and Rosewood.
  • Exotic and upscale looks.
  • Concert-sized with pretty good grip and hold.
  • Comes with preamp and EQ features.


Price is on the higher side.

Not fit for beginners.

Settings and tunings may look complicated to first timers.

Mitchell Ukulele FAQs

Here are certain FAQs around Ukuleles that may come handy to answer a few questions if you have any.

Q: How fast can I learn Ukulele?

A: Depends. It really does depend on your passion and perseverance on the time taken to learn. However, you can learn the basics in a single day and a little more every day.

Q: What kind of Ukelele is mine?

A: There are four types based on size:

20 inches – Soprano

23 inches – Concert

26 inches – Tenor

30 inches – Baritone

You can start with a Soprano as a beginner and then upgrade to Concert and the Tenor versions. Concert versions are the best if you wish to play solo.

Q: How often do I need to restring my Ukulele?

A: If your Ukulele is in constant use, you will have to restring it every 6 months lest the strings will wear out. The Mitchell Ukuleles provide high-quality strings so there is no need to restring immediately.

Q: How much does my Ukulele cost?

A: Based on your skill level and based on the Ukulele you choose; the cost of the Ukulele will vary. Mitchell’s range of Ukuleles are available right from under $50 to over $300 and more based on what you need.

Final Thoughts

In our Mitchell Ukulele review, we find this range of instruments to stand out and apart from the rest in the lot in terms of build quality, body finish, sound quality, and many other features. Why don’t you browse through some of their amazing Mitchell Ukuleles here and get one for yourself?

Try it out and you will certainly not regret setting out on this musical journey.

Best Cellos in the World

Best Cellos in the World


The cello is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful sounding instruments in the world. Able to produce sounds both deep and melodious as well as strident or angst-ridden, the cello can truly run the gamut when it comes to musical and lyrical expression. Here some question arises, why the cello can produce so many different sounds? which are the best cellos in the world?

One of the reasons why the cello can produce so many different sounds is due to its construction. A well-made cello, in the right hands, is an extremely versatile instrument.

But how can you tell which cellos are worthy of consideration? To help, we’ve assembled a shortlist of some of the best cellos in the world that are available right now.

Best Beginning Cello: Cecilio CCO-100

Cecilio CCO-100

For a beginning student, there are several factors to consider :  

1. How easy is the cello to play?
2. How well does it sound?
3. How durable is it? Can it hold up to the stress of being played incorrectly while
the student is learning?
4. How easy is it to take care of ?

These are important questions that any prospective first-time cello buyer should be asking.

For our money, the beginning cello that best answers these demanding questions is the Cecilio CCO-100. This inexpensive cello is highly rated and worth considering.

It is built of high-quality, durable materials that can handle the stress that results from being handled by a new student. At the same time, it produces a rich tone that isn’t always found in other beginning instruments.

Even better, the Cecilio CCO-100 is priced affordably — and is even bundled with a “cello starter kit” so anyone can begin to play right away!

CelloProfiles.com - Find Cellists and Cello Teachers Online

Top 5 Best Cecilio cellos (2020) :

1. Cecilio CCO-100 :


  • Full Size varnish cello.
  • You will get a complete package of accessories.
  • Impressive sound quality for price range.
  • Comparatively low price.


  • String quality is Low.
  • Strings will need a replacement soon.
  • Cello Bow would not last long.

 Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

2. Cecilio CCO-200 :


  • Full-Size Solid Hand cello.
  • Beautiful High-Luster Varnish Finish
    with Inlaid Purfling
  • You will get a complete package of accessories.


  • String quality is Low.
  • Little costly.

 Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

3. Cecilio CCO-300:


  • Full Size varnish cello.
  • Beautiful High-Luster Varnish Finish
    with Inlaid Purfling.
  • With a complete package of accessories.


  • Little costly compared than other Cecilio CCO cellos.

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

4. Cecilio CCO-500 :


  • Incredible price.
  • High quality materials, including grade 1 ebony for the fingerboard, tailpiece and pegs.
  • Beautiful high-luster varnish finish.
  • With a complete package of accessories.


  • Included bow has some lacking of quality and doesn’t produce the best sound.
  • Needs to be luthier adjustment to achieve its best possible quality.

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

5. Cecilio CCO-600 :


  • Hand-Carved Selected Well-Aged Solid Maple Back & Sides.
  • Beautiful Inlaid Purfling.
  • Hand Rubbed Oil Finish (The wood would breathe much better than a lacquer finish, results the cello with much warmer tone and louder volume)


  • High cost.
  • String need to more improvement.

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures & Reviews on Amazon

Top 5 Cecilio Cellos (Infographic) :

Infographic sourse: www.bestmusictool.com
CelloProfiles.com - Find Cellists and Cello Teachers Online

Best Intermediate Cello: Andreas Eastman VC305

As a student advances, it becomes important for them to choose an instrument that also represents a step up in quality. The Andreas Eastman VC305 easily fits this bill.

Made of high-quality wood and finished off with a beautiful, dark varnish, the VC305 is a striking instrument to behold.

The included Pirasto strings are considered excellent strings, and when you put them together, you get a cello that produces both complex, rich sounds as well as bright and lively tones when played well.

Andreas Eastman VC305

Best Advanced Cello: Ivan Dunov Superior VC402B

It is impossible to list a cello as the “best” advanced model — as players progress in skill, so do their individual styles and needs, so what is best for one player isn’t necessarily the best for someone else.

Still, there are some models that rise higher than others, and the Ivan Dunov Superior VC402 is one of those that players notice and admire. Excellently crafted, these cellos create expressive tones that can fit any style and fit it well.

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Best Cellos in the World: Infographic

Infographic source: www.bestmusictool.com


This list barely scratches the surface of what cellos are available and worth the money, but it should get you pointed in the right direction.

Finally Remember, though, that the best cello is the one that fits the player perfectly, and there’s no substitute for that.