Choosing The Best Cello For You: Ultimate Guide

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Professional cello for sale

Choosing The Right Professional Cello For Sale

Getting a professional cello for sale is considered a very difficult task. It involves a series of processes that if not well handled, can cause a lot of trouble.

Professional cellos are also considered lifetime investments that have proven to be quite lucrative over the years. It is therefore very important to consider a series of factors before purchasing any professional cello for sale.

Professional cellos are suited for more advanced cellists and will require really exemplary skills to handle and enjoy. With a high level of proficiency, an instrument with greater power will be needed. The right professional cello will also enable the advanced cellist to attain the high-quality sounds desired.

In most cases, these professional cellos are among the many that are gifted or awarded to students during competitions or during their post-level studies. They are also very expensive to purchase. They also come with quite a complex vanish and very high-level type of materials.

A variety of fine cello centers also exist to ensure a diverse range of these high-quality cellos across the world. Germany, Italy, and Australia are among the leading manufacturers of professional cellos.

The experience of the constructor is one of the main factors advanced cellists use to choose the best professional cellos. A more experienced constructor is often more trusted and therefore popular for all the previous jobs he has handled.

Leone Magnet is an example of a well-known experienced constructor whose works are extraordinary. Johann Elder’s cello is a good example.

Johann Elder Cello :


  • Handcrafted. Therefore is capable of producing higher quality sound compared to a number of cellos of much higher prices.
  • Well-constructed to suit any advanced student looking to improve his skills
  • Will exist in a variety of models to select from.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Can only be handled by an experienced and advanced cellist. Restricts any beginners and intermediates.

Leon Mougenot cello :


  • This is among the best instruments ever seen in Eastern France
  • Available in a series of classical forms all in appropriate shades.


  • Very expensive and quite rare to obtain.

It will also be vital to understand that different cello brands will exist for different groups of people. There are cellos more suited for students, those that are well suited for children, and those that will be more preferred by intermediates.

Knowing exactly where you lie will be an essential factor that will ensure you purchase a fine cello for sale. This article will provide a comprehensive guide for these categories and tally some of the best and commonly preferred cellos for each.

Recommended Professional Cello model:

Montagnana 1739 Sleeping Beauty Cello

Choosing the right intermediate cello for sale

Intermediate Cello For Sale

Whether you are looking to advance your skills or looking for better-toned cello, choosing the right intermediate cello for sale will not be an option.

Below are some important guidelines to remember.

Test the cellos before any purchase

Purchasing an intermediate cello for sale should never be a hasty decision. You must remember that you will be using the cello for some time and therefore taking that into consideration will be very important.

In addition, since a number of intermediate players will prefer the handmade cellos, testing them will be very beneficial. Make sure to take your time and get the cello that you can handle in the best way for the desired outcomes. - Find Cellists and Cello Teachers Online

Choose the best hard case for your cello

Being an experienced cellist, you will agree on the importance of having a good preferably hard case for your cello. Keeping your cello safe from any form of damage should always be the ultimate priority. This way, you get to avoid a series of repair cases that are very expensive and unnecessary for you. Very good rosin will also be very important.

Test and pick the best bow

Having picked the right cello just for you, getting the right bow to complement the cello will be equally important. Just like picking the cello, the bow requires keenness and patience as well. Ensure to purchase the bow you are most comfortable and balanced with.

Considering your preferred bow material is also recommended. Moreover, picking two good bows is never a bad idea at all.

The cost

Generally, advanced cellos will often come with a slightly higher price tag compared to any beginner cello. Choosing to upgrade your cello will, therefore, require some extra investments on your cello which can also be very valuable in the future.

In consequence, it is very advisable to only consider intermediate cellos with favorable prices. Purchase only what you can afford to avoid any financial concerns. However, ensure that this will not compromise your cello’s playability and quality of sound.

Below are a few pros and cons of a common intermediate cello for sale :

Martin Gerlach cello  :


  • Excellent and quality assembling.
  • Very suitable and recommended for beginners looking to advance their skills


  • Expensive and therefore quite not affordable for most.

Choosing the right student cello for sale

Student Cello For Sale
Student Cello For Sale

Seek your teacher’s help before any purchase

Being a learner, it will be more likely that you will not be quite familiar with the instruments. Seeking your teacher’s assistance is, therefore, highly recommended. With your teacher’s guidance, you will be able to best select the right-sized cello.

As mentioned earlier, size is a very key factor and must never be ignored. Your teacher will also be able to recommend some of the best cello brands to consider for good results. Considering the cello brands will also provide all the accessories you will need is also be advisable.

Find a good and reliable music store

A good and reliable music shop ensures you purchase only high-quality intermediate cellos for sale. This way, their quality is guaranteed and you will not have to worry about their maintenance.

A good and reliable shop will also often provide a warranty for your cello in case of any damages or accidents. This will be very a very valuable and cost-effective way of ensuring the durability and efficiency of your purchased cello.

Get a good case

Getting a good preferably hard case could never be stressed enough. It will be very important when you ensure that your cello is well protected. Considering a case that can hold all your accessories and cello will be the best option for any student.

This way, all your tools are kept together and safe from any damage or theft in any case. Although they may appear to be a little costly, considering the more durable cases will be very important.

Check the quality of the material

Lastly, double-checking the cello’s quality of the material is very important. The wrong material will translate to a poor and low-sounding cello which is what you must avoid.

Ensure the wood is the good quality by checking the flames on the cello before any purchase. Remember, the denser the flames appear the warmer and sweater tones you are likely to attain.

The Knilling school model is a good example of a beginner cello.

A few pros and cons include…


  • Shipped when fully assembled.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Well-suited and model for children and beginners.


  • May seem too expensive for a beginner.
  • Is a little heavy and therefore beginners may find it hard to support and play?

Choosing the right child cello for sale

Child Cello For Sale
Child Cello For Sale

Child cellos remain to be a very difficult and quite frustrating business. Children tend to be quite delicate and therefore, getting the right cello for them will not be easy. The following guidelines will be very helpful to ensure the desired results.


This will depend on the category your child is in. If your child has never played the instrument before and you are just introducing it to her, then a beginner cello will be the best option.

Similarly, if your child has been playing the instrument for some time, and you are looking to advance her skills, then an intermediate cello will be the best option. Taking these considerations will ensure your child is able to continue enjoying the instrument and perfecting the skill.


Fine cellos for sales will come in different sizes. For child cellos, the smallest sizes are considered to be their best option. This is because, to play and enjoy the cello, comfort will be very important.

Your child should be in a position to comfortably hold the cello for the best outcomes. It will be, therefore, vital to consider your child’s size and arm reach before purchasing any cello.

This way, the child will be more at ease and in the best position to play the cello. His height will also be an important factor to consider. Consulting your child’s teacher is also recommended if you are still confused about the right cello size. This will avoid lots of trouble.

The types of cellos

The Acoustic cello, popularly known as the traditional cello, and the Electric cellos are the two types of cells. Depending on your child’s reason for playing the cello, choosing the right type will be very valuable for the child.

Although the normal acoustic cellos will often be more preferred for children compared to the electric cellos, under certain circumstances, these electric cellos will be the best.

Electric cellos are also more affordable and will produce better quality sounds than Acoustic cellos. However, if the mode of playing is traditional, then Acoustic cellos will be the best option for your child. For anything more, the electric cello will be the right choice.

Electric Cello VS Acoustic Cello


Unless you purchase the complete package, your child’s cello will in most cases come without some key accessories. Although these accessories should be bought at one point, buying them for your child all at once is not recommended.

Before any purchase, first, make a point of involving the teacher regarding his teaching methods. Depending on his methods, your child may not need some of the accessories for a while. Also, this will also help you determine the right accessory to get for practicing purposes. - Find Cellists and Cello Teachers Online

Cello for rent

If you are just introducing your child to the world of cellos, it would be highly advisable to consider renting the cello for a couple of months. Taking into consideration that your child may not enjoy the instrument might turn out to be quite cost-effective for you.

Renting the cello allows you to take the necessary repercussions to avoid the huge sums of money a cello will normally require. Although a resale is also an option, it would be better to be safe than sorry.

A child cello is….

Bellafina Musicale :


  • Specifically tailored for children and beginners.
  • Comes with beautiful finishing.
  • Shipping includes a case and a bow and high-quality strings.
  • Excellent handcrafted construction from aged spruce and maple.


  • Only restricted to children and beginners.
  • Quite expensive.


Before purchasing any fine cello for sale, ensure you as the cellist like the instrument. If it sounds right and feels comfortable then, by all means, buy it. To spend the man-hours in an orchestra, you will need the right cello that best suits you.

Therefore, for maximum utilization and enjoyment, make sure the cello you purchase was meant for you. Also, it will be very important to have a budget set to avoid overspending. Consider renting one if possible to avoid any financial matters that can be very disastrous.

Moreover, borrowing the cello for more testing has never been a bad idea. It is highly recommended to understand your cello in and out before any purchase. If borrowing will give you the time needed to completely know the instrument, it will be a good option.

Most importantly don’t forget to match your cello with your size. Sometimes, your height is also a good factor that can help determine the right cello size for you.

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