Violin Books For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

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Violin Books For Beginners


Table of Contents

So you are a music enthusiast who wants to get started out on the matters of playing the violin, right? We are first and foremost pleased to announce to you that you have arrived at just the right place. That is given our readiness, intent, and desire to help you to get started out on the matter.

In a nutshell, your solution rests in the acquisition of a suitable violin book for beginners. This is a piece of literature that is designed to help you start out and master the basics of the violins. With so many of these books as of now, finding one for yourself might never be really easy. We are pleased to offer this very guidance, here below:

Top 20 Best Violin Books For Beginners – Reviewed

We start it out by peeking into the recommended violin books for beginners in this first segment of our discussions.

#1: Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching (Dover Books on Music) Paperback

This book is largely suited for common everyday engagement. That stems from its paperback character that is tougher and less inclined to the risks of tears and other forms of damages.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Variable Teaching Methods

The book prescribes variable teaching and instruction methods. Some of these include the illustrations, teaching philosophies, and modes of interpretation. It hence covers the unique needs of all users.

Reputable Author

Its writer, one Ivan Galamia, is a longtime Juilliard professor who has carved a niche for himself as an authority in the field of the playing of the violin. Getting to read this book grants you access to his vast pool of resources.

Excellent Track Record

Many who have already attempted this book have noted it to be rich in authority, teaching clarity, and other pertinent details. You opting for it also places you at a strategic line to reap the stated benefits.


  • Great for teachers and students of all ages
  • Suitably illustrated to bolster the grasping of concepts
  • Features a newer and up-to-date introduction


  • Too large to carry around with absolute precision

#2: Suzuki Violin School – Volume 2 (Revised): Violin Part [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

Searching for a violin book for your loved young one? This could as well be the one you have been seeking. Its language and tone are both very simple and easily grasped by the younger readers among you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Suzuki Teaching Method

It adopts the Suzuki approach to learn and master the teaching of the violin. This method has largely been noted to yield forth exceptionally enduring outcomes. Your child will definitely have it smooth for a start.

Denser and In-depth Contents

Its contents are deeper and more encompassing compared to those of the competing books. It hence goes that your child shall get to know just about everything it needs to get started out pretty fine.

Two-volume Availability

On the whole, the book is available in two volumes, part I and part II respectively. By reason of this, it does bring forth more detailed and in-depth teaching outcomes that are beyond the scope of your ordinary textbooks.


  • Deepens the child’s understanding of music
  • Simple enough for a 7-year-old to grasp
  • Requires limited external intervention to teach


  • Has the potential to clutter your rooms

#3: Suzuki Violin School – Volume 3 (Revised): Violin Part [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

The world is steadily moving from the paper to the e-book platform. It is only fair and wise of you to move with the times. Talking about that, you need this best violin books for beginners to take you there, owing to its availability in the digital format.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Highly Interactive

Unlike your traditional books, this one employs videos, flow charts, infographics, and demos to drive the points home. Thus, it is highly interactive and better placed to squeeze the lessons in ways that are more enduring.

Fun-filled and Interesting

Making the book even more suited for the task of teaching violin is the fun-filled aspect of the mode of content delivery. All the steps are full of fun and music to the extent of letting you enjoy your stakes.


Given its availability as an e-book, you do not have to set aside any physical space to accommodate it. Instead, you just have to download it on your tablet and access it anywhere you want.


  • Makes the learning process fun-filled
  • Easier to upgrade with time
  • Cheaper to come by on the whole


  • Disparages those who cannot afford tablets and smartphones

#4: Suzuki Violin School – Volume 4 (Revised): Violin Part Revised Edition, Kindle Edition

Could it be that you want a book to use in a formal school setting? If that is your motive, this could as well be the one to set your eyes on. It is really intended for such an area or circumstance of use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Seamless Navigability

The kindle book is designed in such a manner as to allow for the easier navigations of the item thereof. You may take notes, highlight points, and search the contents smoothly and easily as you read it.

Appropriately Numbered and Indexed

Though available in the digital format, the item is appropriately numbered and indexed. These two traits enable you, the user, to easily skim it and locate the piece of information that is of interest to you.

Fully Stocked

Apart from the written text, the book itself is a complete repertoire of plays, tunes, and other applications that rely heavily on the violins. You hence won’t have to look elsewhere to have your way at all.


  • May be used alongside an accompanist
  • Exists as a comprehensive package by way of collecting many tunes
  • Returns the greater value for money


  • Slightly complicated for someone who lacks the necessary expertise

#5: 79VN – All for Strings Book 2 – Violin Paperback – June 1, 1986

People learn well by getting to see the demonstrations and other examples. Of all the books we have, this appears to capture that reality better than any other. Is it not useful for you to attempt it for yourself?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

In-depth Methodology

The book uses an in-depth methodology to drive forth its points. This in-depth approach comes about in the form of supplementary materials that are proper for the purpose of wholesome performance and teaching.

Comprehensive Approach

It goes beyond that to even adopt a comprehensive approach to instill the violin lessons. The approach covers every aspect of the subject from the quality musical experiences, rhythmic understanding, and technical skills, among others.

Relevant Accreditation

Lastly, it bears the appropriate accreditations from the leading agencies like the National Standards for Music Education. This vouches for its wholesome reliability and suitability for the purpose of educating upcoming violinists.


  • Takes you through from the basic to the expert levels
  • Features a variety of newer and unique styles
  • Bears appropriate approval and accreditation


  • Slightly outdated and irrelevant to the moment

#6: 80VN – All For Strings Book 3: Violin

Are you planning to be a full-time learner of the art of violins? If you are, then you have no better friend and companion than this best violin books for beginners. It is structured to meet the needs of the individuals and classroom sessions.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exercises and Games

To train you to learn the art of playing the violin, this book provides a mix of games and exercises. These encompass the entire gamut of the music fundamentals that are further expounded on in the methods thereafter.

An Initio

By its sheer structure, tone, and layout, this book is sure to take you from scratch through to the expert level. As such, you won’t really have to set your eyes elsewhere as you attempt to know more about the subject.

Relevant Support

Existing to up your experiences further is the fact that the book provides relevant support to you. A fingering chart forms a part of its content offerings to enable you to accrue this awesome end for yourself.


  • Teaches the students to compose tunes also
  • Comprises some math games and puzzles as well
  • Great for catching up in the matters of training and exercising


  • Exists purely on the book or hard-copy format

#7: The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner, Book 1 (Book & MP3/PDF) Sheet music

Have never even attempted to play the violin before? Choose this book to start out with it. Its structure and content offerings are such that it takes you from scratch through to the basics of the musical instrument altogether.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Clear and Beautiful Organization

All throughout, the contents are organized in a clear and beautiful manner. They are as such vivid to set your eyes on and follow throughout. Chances of you attaining some hassles or confusion in the course of use are hence suppressed.

Enjoyable Reading

The writer and the publisher have made deliberate efforts to make the reading of the book quite enjoyable. This is evidenced by the legibly bold fonts, simpler language, and a host of colorful illustrations that adorn the entire book.

Complete Technique Series

When all factors are taken into consideration, the book encompasses every bit of information you may need to have your way. Thus, it spares you from the inconveniences of having to set your eyes elsewhere to gain the necessary insight.


  • Encourages all children to learn to play the violin
  • Contains numerous illustrations to drive the point home
  • Packed with large and bold fonts that are really legible


  • Some of its contents are not up-to-date

#8: Suzuki Violin School – Volume 1 (Revised): Violin Part [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

For your expedited learning of the matter of violin, you need one that is available in both the kindle and the hard copy formats. Waste not your time with any other than this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Suzuki Teaching Methodology

This book employs the Suzuki teaching methodology by a considerable margin. Because of this, it finds wider applicability to the beginners who have never attempted to make do with these violins in the first place.

Great Fun

All the sample songs are encased in some great fun stature. Count on them hence to enable great playing outcomes that go a long way in deepening your experience insofar as the playing of the violin is concerned.

Songs and Notes

Overall, it gives you the leeway to learn both the songs and the notes at the same time. Through the book, you will first and foremost learn the A and the E strings after which you shall proceed to the D and G strings.


  • Its songs are smooth and lulling
  • The teaching methodology is straightforward and in-depth
  • Enjoys positive feedback and reviews from many past users


  • Too basic for the intermediates and experts

#9: Violin For Dummies, Book + Online Video & Audio Instruction Paperback

Learning to play the violin is not something that should be restricted to a specific place or time. Ideally, it should be undertaken wherever and whenever there are time and craving. Only a multipurpose best violin books for beginners of this kind will enable that.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Ubiquitous Availability

On the whole, this book is available in audio, hard copy, video, and the online platforms. It hence gives you the maximum freedom to learn your favorite violin tunes regardless of where you might be at any time.

Video Demonstrations

The resource also gives you the leeway to video some built-in video demos of how to tackle some of the issues and tricks of the violin. This makes you master the art in ways that are proper, more enduring, and deeper.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

When all factors are taken into consideration, the book provides a complete guide to the beginners with regards to the matters of starting out in the violins. Its simple language and the plethora of illustrations serve this role pretty fine.


  • Teaches you to choose, care for, and tune the violin
  • Lets you understand the nuances of the musical notation and rhythms
  • Enables you to play all styles of the musicals


  • Quite complicated to a simpler or inexperienced user

#10: Essential Elements for Strings – Book 1 with EEi: Violin Paperback

Essential Elements for Strings offers beginning students sound pedagogy and engaging music, all carefully paced to successfully start young players on their musical journey.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Enhanced Starting System

Out of all the books we have, it is this that confers an enhanced starting mechanism for you. It is designed to start with you right from scratch and through to the end. In the course of that, it imparts on your some great lessons.

Optimum Reinforced Learning

In the course of discharging its contents, the book makes for optimum reinforced learning. This leaves no stone unturned but instead works extremely hard to make your life simpler all the while of engagements.

Deep and Enduring Outlook

For all practical purposes, the book enables deep and enduring outlooks indeed. That stems from its incorporation of creativity, cross-curriculum, history, and theory literally ‘under one roof,’ all for your better outcomes.


  • Paces the contents smoothly
  • Manages some performance spotlights
  • Great and relevant for the students and teachers alike


  • A bit redundant in scope and extent

#11: Play Violin Today! Beginner’s Pack

This book is comprehensive in the sense of being available in the forms of DVDs, CDs, and the hard paper book. You will hence find it a great instructional item for your wholesome mastery of the violins.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Play Today Instructional Series

It comes packed with numerous instructions that work to make your mastery of the violin a breeze. These many instructions touch on just about every aspect of the subject for complete inspiration.

Ultimate Self-teaching Method

With this book in your hands, you do not need to hire someone to help you to understand it as it is self-explanatory and easier to comprehend. All you have to do is read it slowly and carefully at your convenience.

Excellent Tips

A series of excellent tips exist in the book. You adhere to these tips to be able to juggle your way in the violin from scratch through to the finish line. They are rich in wisdom and advice about the matter.


  • Comprises 70 great sample songs
  • Packaged in a professional-quality CD
  • Covers the assembly and care of the instrument as well


  • Disparages those who lack the necessary technical skills

#12: Christmas Solos for Beginning Violin Level 1 Paperback

Are you short of the necessary financial muscle power but would still wish to learn your violin seamlessly? If you answered back in the affirmative, this paperback book is the one we would recommend.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Flexible Arrangements

Throughout the entire length and breadth of the book, the contents are showcased in a series of flexible arrangements. Thanks to this approach, the contents are easier to come by, read and access all the while.

Melody and a Harmony Parts

Within the pages of the book are some melody and harmony. They blend well with the piano accompaniments and also aid you in getting to master the basics of the violin.

Separate 16-page Insert Pull-out

Rounding up the core features and benefits of the book is a separate 16-page insert pull-out. It contains additional information that may be handy when attempting to learn the skill of playing the violin.


  • May be used alongside many other instruments
  • Contains some built-in rhythms and tunes
  • Facilitates the mastery of the piano as well


  • Lacks any form of interactivity

#13: Violin For Dummies, Book + Online Video & Audio Instruction Paperback

For your maximum convenience when learning about the violin, you need to find one that presents the contents in various formats. How about trying your hand on this one? Its availability in audio and video format makes it tick.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

An Initio

This book will get you from scratch through to the mastery level of the violin. It is structured in a language that is truly simple and devoid of those complex jargons that technical books have.

Truly Comprehensive

Though it takes you from scratch, the book also goes beyond that to usher you to the intermediate levels. You will, through the book, also learn how to play an array of musical varieties.

Other Relevant Techniques

Lastly, the book also introduces you to a host of other relevant techniques that surround the matter of playing the violin. For instance, it also gives you a peek into the posture you may have to assume to play it well.


  • Gives you the basics of the skill
  • Showcases many genres and musical styles
  • Available in the audio and video formats


  • Operations and engagements are quite complicated

#14: A Tune a Day – Violin: Beginning Scales Paperback

Wishing or planning to learn the violin as a group? You have this for your consideration and taking. It is structured to help you to learn the violin in the company of the school classes, groups or at the individual levels.

Outstanding Features and Benefits


The book contains a series of inspiration that encompasses many other instruments besides the violins. It is hence suitable for comprehensive playing of music and other audio productions.

Comprehensive Packaging

It employs manuscript paper, test questions, daily practice records, fingering charts, illustrations, and lessons to present the contents to the readers. By placing your bet on it, you won’t really have to set your eyes elsewhere.

Great for Beginners

Owing to its simple language and great pictorial presentations, the book is really great for the beginners. Even when you lack the necessary experience and expertise, you will find it great for your leverage.


  • Its font and spacing are comfortable
  • Favors those who are barely getting started out
  • Provides some exercises to try out and measure progress


  • Many have complained that it is not exciting

#15: The Big Book of Disney Songs: Violin Paperback

Have a child in mind? If you do, we ask you to try this book out. It makes use of the Disney songs and characters to instill the skill of the violin to the students. Then, it comes in the form of the hard paper back and is hence durable.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Physical and Digital Formats

Its contents are available in the digital and physical formats. They are subsequently more convenient to manage and scour through by just about anyone. Find some convenience in this book hence.

Drafted by Experienced Authors

All the contents are drafted by experienced authors and writers. These are persons who have already made some strides in the field of the violins and musicals on the whole.

Instrumental Folio

Also embedded in the book is a collection of the instrumental solos of well over 70 Disney classics. They provide your loved one with the inspiration it needs to start out well in the field of learning the violins.


  • Very simple to read through
  • May be used as a folk book
  • Gives your child the necessary inspiration


  • Too basic for an intermediate or expert

#16: Fiddle Primer Book for Beginners Deluxe Edition

Wanting to encourage your peer to learn the violin? We ask you to tap into this one as it comes in a deluxe edition. Thanks to this stature, the book can really serve some excellent aesthetics.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Deluxe Edition

As hinted above, the book does come in a deluxe edition. This sees it deliver the contents in the forms of the CDs and the DVDs. They are all simple enough for a beginner to master and understand.

Basic Fundamentals

In its content delivery, the book covers the basic fundamentals of the violin such as the parts of the fiddle, holding the bow, and the proper positioning of the violin, to name but a few!

Intermediate Insights

Also embedded in the book are some intermediate insights like the easy arrangements of the bluegrass tunes and other vital tunes which you may draw from.


  • Demonstrates the contents in various speeds
  • Avails the tunes in the CDs and the DVDs
  • May also be accessed online


  • Slightly costly to an ordinary user

#17: Ultimate Beginner Violin Basics: Book & Online Video

This book is christened the “Ultimate Beginner Series” in the sense that it contains every resource and approach that a beginner badly needs to start out in the learning and playing of violin.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Ultimate Beginner Series

As part and parcel of its ultimate beginner stature, the books comprises simpler and direct language. Even someone whose mastery of the reading skills is challenged will find it appropriately easy to read.

Step-by-step Explanations

It showcases all its contents via a series of the step-by-step explanations that take you through the entire stages of playing and engaging the parts of the guitar. Moreover, it also delivers the contents via the online platform.

Multipurpose Applicability

Even though it is meant for starters, the book may also serve the needs of those changing from other instruments, those attempting the refresher courses and those returning to play the violin again.


  • Takes you through the basics
  • Lets you know how to tune and care for the violin
  • Its video illustrates all the steps involved


  • Leaves you at the beginner stage

#18: Violin Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Violin

Have no money to pay a tutor but would still want to learn how to play the violin? We recommend to you this special instructional book as it is designed for self-teaching. Its language is simple and the concepts are illustrated too!

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Professional Authors

Even though it is mainly meant for beginners, the book is written by professional violin teachers who have the expertise and the experience necessary for proper instructions in the matter.

Many Lessons

In the book are a whopping 64 violin exercises as well as easy violin songs that the users may tap into. These lessons straddle the world music fiddle, the classical violin, and the folk fiddle styles to name but a few!

Full-color Photos and Diagrams

All throughout the book are numerous full-color photos and diagrams that are all designed to deepen your grasp and understanding of the concepts that are relayed in the pages.


  • Its contents are easier to read
  • Backed by many tips and hacks
  • Free audio transcript available for you


  • Has shallower contents

#19: Learning the Violin, Book One: Expanded Edition Paperback

Even before you get hold of a violin you have to know its basics and the role that each part plays. That is only achievable if you get your hands on a very basic book of this stature and caliber.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Easy-to-read Notes

All its notes as do other pieces of literature are easier to follow through and read. They are also showcased in large and bold fonts that are clearly legible to the naked eyes.

Suitable for Children

On the whole, the contents and the font of the book are simple enough for the youngsters aged 5-9 years. It is pretty simple and easier for those in that age bracket to comprehend.

Variable Settings of Use

You may further use this book in many places and settings. Top examples of these include the classes, groups, and outdoor settings, to name but a few! This yet again brings along the added benefit of unconstrained use.


  • Accompanied by a score and a piano
  • Available in two volumes for in-depth impacts
  • Gets the absolute beginner started out well


  • Limits its content offerings to the very basic levels

#20: I Can Read Music, Vol 1: Violin (For Violin) 0th Edition

Have a loved young one whom you would want to also train how to read over and above playing the violin? We draw your attention to this specific book as it is intended for the attainment of both ends.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Many Repetitions

These easy-to-read, progressive exercises by Joanne Martin develop a student’s reading skills one stage at a time, with many repetitions at each stage.

First Note-reading Book

This book may serve as a first note-reading in the sense of being simple and easy enough to skim through. Moreover, it also blends well with the Suzuki teaching method for your added comprehension.

Vivid Presentations

It displays all its concepts and pictures vividly. By reason of this arrangement, the book is great at displaying the concepts in ways that sink deeper into the minds of the readers.


  • Blends well with the Suzuki training method
  • Inculcates the rhythms forwards and backward
  • Tackles the practice and the theory at one go!


  • Lacks any audio or video backup

How To Choose The Best Violin Books For Beginners

To choose the violin books for beginners for yourself as a beginner, you need to factor in the following considerations:

The simplicity of the Language

The book you pick no doubt has to be simple in its scope and language. That is to enable you to easily and conveniently get the gist of the matter that the item has in store for you. You may have to check out the readability of the book before proceeding to make a pick.

Reading Level

Closely attached to that ought to be your reading level. Apart from the book you choose being simpler, it must also mirror your reading level. For that to happen, you must assess your reading levels honestly to prevent a situation in which you may pick a book that is beyond your scope of comprehension.


Needless to say, the book ought to contain numerous illustrations to drive the point home. The illustrations have to line up with the exact concept that is to be pushed across and be as legible as can be. It is only by that arrangement that you will get the points deeply entrenched.

Font and Print

Consider also the font and the print of the best violin books for beginners of your choice. These two have to be large, bold, and clearly legible. You do not want to confront any forms of ambiguities as you go about the business of making meaning from these books, do you? You may have to put on glasses though for the finer prints.

Paper Quality

If you opt for the paper version, be sure that the quality of the paper is topnotch. Choosing paper that is weak and frail will only serve to make your life difficult. Such paper will only tear apart a bit too soon and even before you are prepared to purchase another one for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us now ask and answer some relevant questions with regards to this subject matter of the violin books for beginners:

Q1. Can I self-teach myself violin?

A. Why not? All you have to do is choose to work with a book that is basic in scope and content. That book will no doubt take you through the steps involved right from scratch. Start it out with the ones we have delineated and examined in detail above.

Q2. Is violin easier than guitar?

A. NOT really! Most beginners have found the guitar easier to start out with compared to the violin. This, they have attributed to the existence of the frets on the instruments for a large part. However, it all depends also on your skill and unique preferences as a person.

Q3. How much is a real violin?

A. Expect to part with no less than $1,000 to lay your hands on a good violin for the job. Some may also cost a lot more than this especially if they are to solve aesthetic or décor values over and above the normal functionality.

Q4. Is violin hard to learn?

A. NOT really! With proper guidance, consistent input, and utmost dedication to the learning process, it is possible for you to get the concept within a reasonable duration of time. You are advised to put in place a timetable that oversees the exercise keenly and with utmost precision.

Q5. How long does it take to learn the violin?

A. 3 to 6 months on average. For you to learn to play the violin within this timeframe, you may have to really invest a great deal of your time, focus, and energy in the process. Playing it on a consistent basis is certainly a great way of cutting short the time taken to achieve the necessary ends.

Q6. Is violin harder than guitar?

A. NO. The opposite is in fact the reality. Guitars have been noted to be easier to learn than their violins counterparts. You hence have to invest a great deal of your skill and expertise to be able make some meaningful headway in the process of this.

Q7. What are the levels of violin?

A. There are four main levels of the violins. These are the beginner, intermediate, performer, and top-line respectively. They denote the degrees of sophistication of the gadgets and subsequently the amount of expertise you may have to expend to have some meaningful progress in them!

Q8. What do violin lessons cost?

A. If you opt to enroll for a violin, be prepared to part with $15-35 per half-hour as a student or $40-100 per half-hour as a trainee tutor. The actual figure depends though on where exactly you opt to take your lessons from and the bargaining power you expend in finding one for yourself.

Q9. How many hours a day should you practice the violin?

A. Should you opt to practice on your own at the comfort of your home, we advise you to devote no less than two hours each day to the game. It is only then that you will move at a pace that is somewhat comfortable and capable of accruing meaningful ends.

Q10. At what age should you start violin lessons?

A. It is never too early to start out. As early as three years is never really too early. Those children aged below 3 years are nonetheless not developed enough to be able to comprehend the complex skills and concepts that the violins generally demand from their learners.

Final Thoughts

There you have them! We bring an end to us peek into the violin books for beginners there. Having done our part, we now defer it to you to proceed with haste and implement the provisions we have furnished faithfully and to the latter. There is never a better time to set out for a purchase than now.

As a bonus for staying with us through to the end, we reveal to you a deep secret we have withheld from you all along. The best book is that which is available in the digital format. It is easier to upgrade and also takes up limited spaces for you. Prioritize it in your search for the right book!

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