The Incredible Benefits of Singing Bowl (2022)

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Benefits of Singing Bowl
Singing Bowl


There has been extensive research into the effects a singing bowl has on the health and wellness of those who play them. Singing bowls are often used spiritually or in alternative medicine. Many enjoy the relaxing and healing properties of the music produced by singing bowls.

Some also use singing bowls during their yoga or meditation practices to help align their chakras. Others simply enjoy the beautiful musical notes that can be played with singing bowls.

This article will inform you about the incredible benefits of singing bowl as well as the origin, the types of singing bowl materials and learning to play singing bowls for beginners.

What is the origin of singing bowls?

Origin Of Singing Bowls
Origin Of Singing Bowls

Origin Of Singing Bowls:

The singing bowl dates to as far back as the 16th century BC In ancient China, where It has been used in meditative and spiritual practices for millennia. It is originally known as the standing bell. It is a large, metal, bowl-shaped, upward-facing bell traditionally struck with a soft mallet to produce a deep ringing or gong-like sound.

When we research the origin of singing bowls we found historical significance and health benefits from the ancient time. Buddhist monks use the standing bell in religious ceremonies and during chant still to this day.

standing bell vS Singing bowl :

Though the standing bell is usually large, bowl-shaped, and made of metal, smaller versions have been produced and are known as singing bowls. Singing bowls have the same basic structure as their larger brother and are most often also made of metal.

There are other variations that may be made of quartz or other resonant materials as well. Other than size, the main difference between the standing bell and the singing bowl is how they are most commonly used or played.

Singing bowl:

The singing bowl is generally not struck with a mallet but is played by rubbing what is most often a wooden mallet or stick around the outside rim of the bowl. This sustained rubbing of the wood around the metal bowl produces a harmonic humming and ringing sound. This sound is very peaceful and conducive to meditation and relaxation.

If a singing bowl is small enough It can be held in the palm of your hand while it is played. If it is a bit larger, a small silk or satin decorative pillow is usually placed underneath it while the stick is rubbed around the rim. The pillow lets the metal bowl vibrate freely without Interruptions so that it produces a solid ringing sound.

If the bowl is gripped too tightly or sitting on a sold surface it often will cause the stick to bounce the outside which causes a banging noise rather than the desired peaceful hum.

types of singing bowl materials:

Types Of Singing Bowl Materials
Types Of Singing Bowl Materials

What are some different types of singing bowl materials and how do their purposes differ?

There are metal singing bowls and then there are quartz singing bowls. Metal bowls produce a ringing sound you may be more familiar with, while quartz singing bowls sound a bit more like crystal quartz glasses. So the sound is similar, but the resonance is different.

Quartz crystals have a special place in alternative healing practices because of their incredible energy-storing abilities. The energy and vibrations released while playing a quartz singing bowl are simply different from a metal singing bowl.

Quartz bowls are often much more expensive than metal bowls as well. This is largely due to the fact that they must be made from solid quartz rather than shaped out of the liquid and hammered metal.

Quartz bowls are also played differently from metal bowls. They have a different mallet which has a soft felt tip at the end. They are often lightly struck with the mallet, and then rubbed in a back and forth motion to Intensify the sound of the gong.

Different Types Of Singing Bowl Materials

What are the benefits of singing bowl?

Benefits Of Singing Bowl
Benefits Of Singing Bowl

There has been extensive research into the effects a singing bowl has on the health and wellness of those who play them. Singing bowl benefits are almost limitless.

Benefits Of Singing Bowl:

  • 1. Singing Bowls can help to reduce stress through the peaceful and harmonic vibration they produce.
  • 2. They help to align the cell functions within the body to promote wellness and healing.
  • 3. The sounds produced by the Singing Bowl have been shown to help with meditation and breathing practices, which help to focus the mind and calm the body.
  • 4. Many believe that through the reduction of stress, blood pressure can be lowered. It can help to reduce the risk of disease and heart-related Illnesses.
  • 5. The vibration of the bowl is thought to help improve circulation, as well as Increase blood flow throughout the body.
  • 6. In modern medicine, the application of a bone vibration machine is often used to help speed up bone healing bone breaks through improving blood flow to the affected areas.


Cats use the vibration of their purrs to help reduce stress and promote their own well-being. The earth vibrates on Its own frequency that actually synchronizes to the same vibrations in our brain waves.

  • 7. The more we study about sound waves, energy, and magnetic resonance the more we are beginning to understand the possibility of how helpful Item like the singing bowl may actually be to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • 8. The actual vibrations and sounds produced by the singing bowl, the act of tuning In to the motion of playing the singing bowl is therapeutic on Its own.
  • 9. The slow, rhythmic movement needed to be able to produce the desired sound with the stick promotes a state of synchronicity between the player and the bowl. It becomes easier to tune out other noises around you and easier to focus on your own inner movements.
  • 10. This is one way in which the singing bowl helps to Increase the depth of a meditative state. You can time your breathing match the revolutions of your hand moving the stick around the rim of the bowl as well to Increase relaxation.

Benefits of Singing Bowl (Infographic)

Benefits Of Singing Bowl
Infographic: Benefits Of Singing Bowl

Learning to play Tibetan singing bowls for beginners:

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Tibetan Singing Bowls

The premise of playing a singing bowl is very ample. If you have a handheld singing bowl you should place It In your hand opposite of your dominant hand.

Then, take the wooden stick or mallet provided with the bowl in the hand you intend to play the bowl with. Hold the stick firmly, with the fatter end facing downward in your fist. If you hold onto the stick too loosely it will bounce around the bowl and will not produce a solid ringing sound, which is the desired effect.

Holding the stick or mallet firmly against the outside metal rim of the bowl, slowly rub in either a clockwise or counterclockwise motion around the bowl. You will start to hear a quiet hum at first, and as you gain momentum with each revolution around the bowl will begin to hear a louder ringing, humming, harmonic sound.

You will have press the stick or mallet against the bowl’s rim harder and harder to maintain a louder and louder hum as you progress, or It begins to bounce around the outside of the bowl.

Once you have reached the desired volume or tone, you can maintain the pressure required to keep the sound going. At this point when you will reap the greatest benefits of singing bowls.

Each person has their own preference for volume and tone with the bowl. So you can just do what works best for you. It may take a little practice to get to a tone you feel works for your needs. But that is part of the fun of learning how plays a singing bowl.

Once you have mastered the technique you can begin incorporating the singing bowl into more of your day to Increase wellness, relaxation, and Inner harmony.

How can you incorporate singing bowls for beginners into your everyday life?

Incorporating singing bowls for beginners into your everyday life is actually very simple and easy to do. It does not take long at all to learn how to play a singing bowl, and you can find them in almost any spiritualistic store or online.

Size of the singing bowl:

The most common size for a handheld or tabletop metal Tibetan singing bowl is around three to four inches in diameter.

They do not take up much space, and many come with their own wooden stick or mallet and pillowed cushion for ease of playing.

The best part about a singing bowl’s size is that it is very portable. You can carry it In your car for playing during long traffic wait, or for a few minutes every morning before you head into the office, or even after work and before heading back into your home in order clear your mind and body of the day’s negative energy.

During the breaks time:

You could keep a singing bowl at your desk for breathing and meditation breaks throughout the day. However, be prepared for others to ask what you are doing and why. This would be a great time to also introduce them to singing bowls as well!

If you are just now learning about the benefits of Tibetan singing bowls there is a good possibility that your coworkers are also unfamiliar with them.

Teambuilding activity:

It can be a great teambuilding activity to participate in group breathing session while using singing bowls. Or, it could be a fun Icebreaker activity to try with your team at work.

Use of a singing bowl into your yoga routine:

Subsequently, you may be helping them to Increase their own wellness outside of work. You may also want to incorporate the use of a singing bowl into your yoga routine. Much of yoga is about breathing and the balancing of your body with your environment.

A singing bowl is incredibly effective at improving both of these two aspects of the yoga methodology. Even If you only have a few minutes a day re-center yourself, the singing bowl can help you do so much more effectively.

The pros and cons of playing a singing bowl:


  • Increase in promoting positive feelings.
  • Reduction of general stress.
  • Reduction of high blood pressure.
  • Increase in Improved circulation.
  • Reduction of inflammation due to improved circulation.
  • Re-synchronization of cell function in the body.
  • Decrease In tension headaches.
  • Improved coordination.
  • Enhanced states of meditation.
  • Deeper meditative experiences.
  • Improved alignment of chakras.
  • Greater connection to self.
  • Greater senses of self-awareness.


  • Frustration at the beginning of the learning to play process.
  • Some people may need to experiment with a few Different singing bowls to determine which will produce the most pleasing sound and vibration frequency for their individual needs.
  • Some individuals may be sensitive to the ringing sound If they already experience tinnitus or other such hearing disorders (however, It likely will not bother everyone with this condition).
  • Not everyone will find playing the singing bowl to be beneficial. Those who do not embrace alternative methods of healing may especially be skeptical and may try to dissuade others from experiencing healing from using a singing bowl.

Don’t let them discourage you If you are interested in learning how to play a singing bowl, as It may be one of the best Investment you can make for your own well-being.

Where can you purchase singing bowls for beginners?

Singing Bowls For Beginners
Singing Bowls For Beginners

Singing bowls can be found almost anywhere alternative or Eastern medicinal products are sold. You can find simple handheld Tibetan singing bowls for around ten US dollars, or up to hundreds of dollars.

Factors Affecting Price of the Singing Bowls For Beginners

The price often depends mostly upon some factors like-

  • The material the bowl is made of,
  • The craftsmanship of the bowl,
  • Who made the bowl,
  • Where the bowl was made, and
  • What all comes with the bowl itself.

Recommended Singing Bowl Models:

Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 
Reehut 4.2” Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set
Innovahome Handmade palm-size Meditation Yoga Singing brass Bowl Set


As stated before, many singing bowls come in a set of bowls, a pillowed decorative satin or silk cushion, and a wooden stick or mallet to play the bowl with. You may be able to find a metalsmith in your area who design bespoke singing bowls.

If so, you could customize the design and size exactly to your own specifications. Keep In mind that this will probably cost much more to have your own singing bowl custom-made than mass-produced singing bowls that are available on many online websites, but the quality and story behind your own special singing bowl will be well worth it if you should decide to go that route.

Good luck with your new singing bowl adventure.

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