Fiberglass Violin Cases: The Ultimate Choice of Violinist

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Fiberglass Violin Cases


Violin cases are great products that are necessary to have if you own a violin, especially if you are considering transporting it. They are made from durable products that will last a long time and keep your violin safe, ensuring that you can use it for a long time.

That said, there are a lot of violin cases on the market and it can be difficult to sort through the good ones and find the perfect violin case for your situation. In this article, we will be going over the top 10 violin cases (including my top 3 favorite ones), as well as offering a comprehensive buying guide, and answering common questions.

My Three Favorite Fiberglass Violin Cases

1. Crossrock Fiberglass Violin Case

It is a professional quality violin case that will last a long time and is budget-friendly considering it comes with the violin and everything you need to get started. The case itself is made from high-quality fiberglass and has a soft interior with multiple compartments to hold your accessories and safely store your bowstring.


  • Beautiful looks.
  • Comes with some accessories included.
  • High-quality and durable violin carrying case.


  • You may want to upgrade the accessories down the road.
  • Case outer finish can scratch easily.

2. Yinfente Carbon Fiber Fiberglass Oblong Case

This violin case from Yinfente is a great buy that comes in under budget for most and is highly durable. It features a carrying case with compartments for your bowstring and accessories, as well as a sheet music bag. It is available in multiple color choices to choose from and has a strap for easy transportation. The case itself is made with a strong backing and soft interior, guaranteeing the safety of your violin.


  • Highly durable and resistant to falls.
  • Comes in at a great price.
  • Easy to use and carry around.


  • It may not be as durable as other products on the market.
  • For larger violins, this may not be the best option.

3. Tonareli Special Edition Fiberglass Violin Case

This case from Tonareli is a great option if you are looking for a higher-end violin case. It looks great with the white speckled design and has a strap for easy transportation. Construction-wise, it is made from high-quality fiberglass that is both lightweight and durable. This particular case weighs in at just over 5 pounds and has a scratch-resistant finish. Inside this case are removable compartments for your accessories, giving you more versatility and freedom.


  • Has removable compartments.
  • Overall a high-quality case.
  • Easy transportation.


  • Can run a little high price-wise.
  • There are no additional designs available.

Top Seven Fiberglass Violin Cases

1. Crossrock Backpack-Style Violin Case

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that has a solid fiberglass construction, this is a great product from Crossrock. It features a backpack-like strap that is easy to carry with you and transport. The construction is sound, and it is made from high-quality materials that are built to last a long time. This will keep your violin safe, although there are not any real additional features included.


  • Comes in at a great price.
  • Has good straps for easy transportation.
  • There is a separate compartment for your bowstring.


  • No additional features.
  • There are more durable products on the market.

2. Tonareli Fiberglass Violin Case 4/4

Another great product from Tonareli, this violin case comes in at a good price and doesn’t sacrifice overall quality. It is made from high-quality fiberglass and is lightweight enough to carry easily. This comes with two bow holders, and metal latches, and has a high-gloss finish that looks great. This is made for full-size violins and comes with back straps for easy commuting and transportation.


  • Easy to carry with you.
  • At a good price for the product.
  • Made from durable fiberglass.


  • No other color choices are available.
  • Only available for full-size violins.

3. Crossrock Full-Size Fiberglass Violin Case 4/4

A great balance between price and function, this full-size fiberglass case from Crossrock is worth looking into. It is available in multiple color choices and is made from high-quality fiberglass in a backpack design for easy transportation. It is lined with velvet on the inside to keep your violin safe and has compartments for your bow and additional accessories. The leather handles on the side and back make it easier than ever to carry this around with you, and it won’t become too heavy.


  • Easy to transport and carry.
  • A great balance between price and durability.
  • Available in multiple colors.


  • This is only available for full-size violins.
  • There is no section for sheet music.

4. Bobelock Blue Fiberglass Violin Case

This case from Bobelock comes with the case itself, and a protective carrying bag. The interior is made from a silver velvet that not only looks great but also has multiple detachable compartments for accessory storage. This is a professional quality violin case that is both durable and comes in at a great price for any full-size violin. This is a great value for the quality of the product that you receive and comes from a brand name that you can trust.


  • Comes with a plastic protective case.
  • Multiple compartments for your violin accessories.
  • Available at a decent price.


  • Not available for smaller violins.
  • The price may be high for some budgets.

5. ADM Professional Sturdy Violin Case

This modern-style violin case is easy and comfortable to carry around with you and will keep your violin safe. This comes with a detachable accessory bag to keep your accessories safe and within reach, as well as a place to store your bows. There are safety locks on this product as well, to keep anyone from trying to steal your violin while you are not around. This is easy to transport with adjustable straps and is lightweight enough not to get in the way.


  • Comes in at a good price.
  • Highly durable and made from great materials.
  • Has a place to store your accessories and bowstrings.


  • The accessory bag is not stored inside the violin case.
  • The straps included are not the best.

6. Tonareli Violin Oblong Fiberglass Case

This special edition graphite case from Tonareli is a great buy that will keep your violin safe through travel and storage. This is a beautiful violin case that has a lot of features and functionality, such as the instrument blanket, backpack straps, and leather handles. Inside the lightweight case, there is a soft black material that allows you to easily store your violin and bowstrings without worrying about them getting knocked around or damaged.


  • Removable accessory compartment.
  • Lightweight and durable design.
  • Comes in at a decent price.


  • The backpack straps can be considered to be flimsy.
  • This is for full-size violins only.

7. Bobelock Black Fiberglass Violin Case 4/4

Last but not least, this is another quality product from Bobelock that will keep your violin safe and has a protective bag for the case itself. This is covered with a fiberglass shell that is both lightweight and durable, with a high-quality velvet interior that has removable compartments for your violin accessories and bowstrings. There is a shoulder strap on the carrying bag for easy transportation and storage, and it is budget-friendly to fit in with your budget.


  • Easy to carry with the bag included.
  • Removable compartments for storage.
  • At a decent price for any budget.


  • The carrying bag for the case is not as durable.
  • There are no other options available.

What to Look for When Buying Violin Cases

Like most musical instruments, violins arent’ cheap. To prevent further costs when and to protect your violin, it’s important to protect it with a case. That said, there are a lot of different violin cases on the market and it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect one for your instrument.

In this section, we will be going over what you are going to want to look for when considering purchasing a violin case, and some things to keep in mind.


Because you are housing an expensive instrument that you are going to be using and want to keep it in good condition, the most important aspect of a violin case is the material used. You will want to find a case that is made of hard and solid material. Cloth carrying cases should be avoided, as they will not keep your instrument safe from bumping into or falling.

Most traditional violin cases were constructed of wood, which is very heavy to carry around. The best materials used that you want to find in a violin case are both sturdy and lighter weight. This makes fiberglass a great option that isn’t too heavy to carry around and will keep your violin safe.


The violin case that you are considering purchasing should be the right size for your violin. Remember, there is no need to purchase one that is bigger to accommodate your violin later, it won’t be getting any bigger. And it may be alluring to purchase a larger or smaller size case because it is on sale, but that won’t keep your violin safe or do you any favors.

Larger violin cases will allow for movement, which can shift the violin too much as you are transporting it and can ultimately lead to damage. Cases that are too small will also not help to keep your violin case protected if they can even fit inside comfortably.

Bow Storage and Compartments

Proper bow storage is also an important aspect, as you want to keep your bowstring safe without touching or rubbing against your violin. Other compartments are good to have as additional features, as you can store other items such as a wiping cloth, and other items that may not be essential to have in the case but will be nice to have.

Additionally, you will want to make sure that the inside of the violin case is made of a soft cloth fabric that will insulate the case and further prevent your violin from shifting around and getting damaged.


Like anything in life, it is important to find a good, high-quality violin case that fits your budget. Luckily, there is a wide range of products on the market, and the products listed above feature various prices and features that will allow you to find something that you will love.

I would recommend making a list of the features and qualities that you will want in your violin case, as well as having a low and high price point in mind. This will allow you to find a violin case that you will be happy with while staying in a price range that won’t break the bank for you.

What Type of Fiberglass Cases Should you Avoid?

Unfortunately, there are several violin cases on the market that state they are fiberglass but are only fiberglass coated. This won’t offer the needed protection and should be avoided. When you are looking to purchase a fiberglass case, the following should be avoided:

  • Generic branding, or no branding at all
  • A price that seems like a steal
  • Too lightweight

All of the above equates to a cheaper “fiberglass” violin case that won’t do well in protecting your violin, and should all be avoided if necessary.

Do Cheap Violin Cases Protect a Violin Properly?

The phrase “you get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to violin cases. Unless you find a really good deal on a brand-name violin case, you should not shop around for the cheapest option. Even if they claim to be made from a high-quality material like fiberglass, this is probably a cheap fiberglass coating that won’t protect the violin as well as others.

The best practice is to find a high-quality violin case that has a high customer rating overall for durability. Cheap cases will not protect your violin properly and should be avoided.

Why Should you Choose a Fiberglass Violin Case?

Fiberglass is a great material for keeping any musical instrument safe and is a great option for your violin. It is perfect for violin cases, as it is both durable and lightweight enough to carry around. Fiberglass has been used for years as an alternative to wood-carrying cases because it is as durable (if not more) and is far lighter to transport around with you as needed.

Fiberglass Violin Cases: FAQs

Q: How Heavy Should a Violin Case Be?

A: A general rule of thumb is that the lighter the violin case is, the more expensive it will be. However, this is mostly true for fiberglass. You can find cheaper lightweight violin cases, but they will be made from low-quality materials that won’t do well for keeping your violin safe.

Q: Are Hygrometers Necessary?

A: Although they are a nice feature to have, Hygrometers (humidity sensors) are not necessary for most violins. If you are not planning on storing your violin in an area with high humidity, it may be a good idea to invest in a case with one installed.

Q: Do I Need a Case With a Combination Lock?

A: That all depends on where you are planning on using the case and storing it. If you are in a highly-populated area and are concerned about security, it may be a good idea to find a case with a lock on it.

Q: How Durable Should a Violin Case Be?

A: A good violin case should be durable enough to protect your violin as you are transporting it, as well as being able to protect the violin from bumps and falls. A good rule of thumb is that there is no durability rating that is too high.

Q: What is a Good Price for a Violin Case?

A: That will depend on the features, quality of materials, and durability of the case. Generally, you will want to expect to pay anywhere between $150-$300 for a durable case that will keep your violin safe.

Q: Are Fiberglass Violin Cases Good?

Fiberglass violin cases are among the best on the market that you can buy for your violin. They are lightweight enough to carry easily while being durable to protect your violin adequately. While they may cost you more than cheaper alternatives, they are well worth the initial investment and are far less costly than repairing or replacing your violin down the road.

Q: What is the Best Violin Case?

That is dependent on your personal needs and preferences, but I would recommend this product: Tonareli Fiberglass Violin Case. It is a great balance between cost, durability, and function. This particular case is made from high-quality fiberglass that is lightweight enough to carry with you, while being durable and can withstand being bumped into or falling over.

Appearance-wise, this looks nice and will be a great product to have on hand. It has enough storage to keep your bowstring separated, and some additional compartments for your violin accessories.

Q: What is the Clear Tube in My Violin Case For?

This clear tube will generally have a base and a top, either made from a screw-in design or with a type of cork. This is made to store your additional violin strings without the resin drying out or getting damaged. This clear tube is great to have on hand, and it may be good to invest in another one that you can keep at home.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was helpful, and that you are able to find the perfect violin case that will suit your needs. All of the products listed above are made from high-quality materials and will last a long time. Additionally, we made sure to add a wide range of products with varying prices to fit in with your planned budget while offering the functionality that is needed.

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