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The Ukulele has a very rich history that dates back to the 19th century; it originates from Hawaii and has gained great popularity over the years. It has been used by many famous music gurus who have been admired for their Ukulele skills like Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, Zoey Deschanel, and even retired president Barack Obama. Some of the famous songs that have been recorded containing the Ukulele include ‘Hotel California’ and Hey Soul Sisters.

The Ukulele comes in four main sizes, the smallest is the Soprano with a high pitch, then Concert which has a mid-range tone, followed by Tenor which is large in size and has a deeper tone, and lastly the Baritone which has a distinct tuning and the deepest tone. This article will focus mostly on the Concert Ukulele.

The most important aspect of concert ukuleles is that they are easy to learn. Even if you are a beginner you will not find it hard to learn and begin to play this. There are different models, sizes, and designs of this kind of ukulele on the market today. It may not be easy to make a perfect choice for the learner.

However, any learner looking for this kind of product would consider a number of factors which include the sound quality, wood used in making it as well as price. You also have to consider the kind of construction as well as the playability of this product when you are choosing one for the beginner.

My Three Favorite best concert ukulele for beginners

#1. Kala KA-C Mahogany Concert Ukulele Bundle

Kala KA-C is one of the best concert ukuleles for beginners. It is easy and very simple to learn. It is designed with the best mahogany wood. The model also comes with a gig bag as well as a tuner. Furthermore, it comes with Austin Bazaar instructional DVD as well as polishing cloth. There are other interesting features that set it apart from others. This is very attractive because of the satin finish as well as cream binding. Most importantly, this product features a walnut fingerboard and the concert size design makes the best for beginners and learners.

The bundle arrives with all the accessories you need to learn it and play it as well. You get everything right out of the box. This is a wonderful product and you can learn and perfect the skill within the shortest time. The concert ukulele that arrives when you order this product is the best product for beginners and intermediate users. The mahogany neck and body as well as the rosewood fingerboard and bridge make it perfect for learners and beginners.


  • *Concert size ukulele.
  • *Comes with mahogany body and neck.
  • *Comes with instructional DVD for fast learning.
  • *Great bundle deal.


  • Some users complained it is not worth the price.

Check the model before you make your order to get the correct model.

#2 Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba is another great concert ukulele for beginners. It is 15cm in size and comes with mahogany on the top sides as well as the back. It is also very attractive because of the wonderful design as it comes with a fingerboard and well-finished body. There are some remarkable differences between this product and others and one of the outstanding features is the abalone rosette as well as the satin finishing. These make it exceptionally good for beginners and other users. There are other fantastic features that set the product apart from others out there.

The other interesting feature is the ease of tuning. This product comes with pearl button tuners and makes it easier to tune the ukulele and the playing quality will remain uninterrupted.

The satin finish is the additional feature that makes it great for beginners. It comes with silver tuners, a sleek satin finish, and pearl buttons. All these are great because beginners will not find it difficult to start playing with it.

Beginners will like the exceptional looks as well as ease of playability. Its size makes it acceptable to beginners.


  • *Concert size ukulele.
  • *Composed of mahogany top, sides, and back.
  • *Abalone style rosette makes it great for beginners.
  • *Satin finish makes it attractive.


  • A few users complained of the quality.
  • The setup might be a bit difficult.

#3. Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele Bundle

Lanikai is another maker of concert ukulele bundle. It comes with wonderful features that make it great for learners and some of the features include a gig bag, as well as a clip-on tuner. The other great and outstanding feature is the Austin Bazaar and instructional DVD. Furthermore, it comes with a polishing cloth. Here are some of the outstanding features that stand the product out and which makes it the best for learners.

The first thing you notice about it is that it comes with a gig bag as well as Austin bazaar instructional DVD material. Furthermore, it comes with a polishing cloth and clip-on tuner.


  • *Best for learners and the product is affordable.
  • *Excellent and great sound quality
  • *Great features and most useful for beginners.
  • *Features a digital tuner.


  • Fret and fretboard can disappoint.
  • Poor tuners.

Top Ten (10) best concert ukulele for beginners

1. Kala MK-C Makala Concert Ukulele Bundle

Kala is known for the manufacture of quality Ukulele musical instruments. It is another concert size ukulele bundle and it comes with facilities that help beginners to perfect their musical skills. The model comes with a hard case as well as a tuner.

To facilitate the learning, it comes with Austin Bazaar instructional DVD and polishing cloth, and so on. There is no doubt that when you use this product, it will add value to your purchase because everything you need to use this is made available to you when you place your order.

Safety of the musical instrument is one of the most outstanding features. It comes with a hard case that will secure the instrument when you are on the go and when you are ready and willing to use it.

To ensure that the instrument is always in tune, it comes with a clip-on tuner. The instructional DVD is to help you learn how to play a musical instrument and become perfect with time.

It is obvious from the features described above that this wonderful product is the best for beginners and for intermediate users as well. Even though it is one of the best concert ukuleles under $300, the quality is still one of the best you can get from that industry.


  • *Good quality accessories for beginners.
  • *Great product and solidly constructed.
  • *The sound quality is outstanding.
  • *It is a perfect deal.


  • *It could break.

Some users are questioning the craftsmanship of the product.

2. Luna Tattoo Mahogany Soprano Pineapple Ukulele Bundle

It is of the Soprano size but it is great for learners and beginners. You can see from those accessories that arrive with it that beginners can begin to use it right out of the box. It comes with a gig bag as well as a tuner and Austin bazaar instructional DVD. Moreover, it comes with a polishing cloth, and so on.

When it comes to design, it comes with the best design features which make it durable and great for beginners. It is 21 inches’ soprano size and designed with the best mahogany wood. It uses 12 frets and a Polynesian tattoo laser etched design.

There is no doubt you will have real value for every money you spend on this product. Even if you have not used it for the first time, playing the attached Austin bazaar bundles DVD will teach you everything you need to start using this right from the box.

The aim of the gig bag is to secure the product when you are using it. You can easily take it along with you as you go and that is possible because of the safety bag it comes with. The tune will continue to be better since it comes with a clip-on tuner. The playing instrument is meant to be in mint condition due to the polishing clothing material.

If you are interested in quality learning, this is another best ukulele for beginners under $100. When it comes to design, there is hardly any other similar product that can compare with it. This is a right-handed ukulele and the mahogany material wood means that it can last you for a long time. Any investment you make on this is an investment for the future. Its satin natural finishing makes it highly attractive. You can buy with confidence and you have real value for your money.


  • *A beautiful instrument with fantastic tunes and sound quality.
  • *Because of the beautiful case and bag, you can go with it anywhere.
  • *It is well padded and of superior quality.
  • *It is also affordable and easy to use.


  • It can fall out of pretty tuning easily.
  • May not be the best for the money.

3. Kala 1KOA-T Elite Tenor Ukulele Satin Natural

Kala is known for the famous ukulele musical instruments they introduce to the market. This model comes with the most striking features that make it the best for beginners. It is captivating to the eyes because of the outstanding beauty. As with most of its current offering, the company still relies on the Hawaiian koa. This is observable in this unique design. When it comes to sound quality, the incredible clarity clearly makes the leader in this industry.

The UV finishing makes it good for the environment. Besides, the instrument is lightweight and this makes it playing easy and simplified. Furthermore, it is very durable and that means that it is going to last for a very long time. This is designed to offer the best and clearest sound quality. The sound quality from the top and the rest of the body resonate very well.

The braces are made in such a way that the weight of the product is significantly reduced, and offers the best in strength and stability than similar other designs out there.

To ensure that the sound quality remains the best, the product features fluorocarbon strings. The strings are designed in such a way that it produces the best sound. You are sure of maximum performance and resonance due to the string vibration. It is good for the user, the learner, and the beginner.

The design makes it easy and simple to use. Its fret spacing is another outstanding feature and it is designed in such a way that it offers the best you can get from a ukulele of any kind and size. It is not surprising that it makes the list of the best concert ukulele for beginners under $1000.


  • *Great quality sound.
  • *UV finishing process make it outstanding.
  • *Sold at great prices.
  • *User friendly and comes with easy learning features.


  • Many users are happy with this product, there is hardly any negative reviews about this product for now. This could be because it is relatively new to the market.

4. Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

A top beginner concert ukulele with a difference. It features Hawaiian Koa wood construction. This comes with abalone binding as well as a rosette. Other interesting features include the Grover chrome tuners and several others. The model is handcrafted for years and it comes with playing enjoyment.

This is good for beginners. The length is 15 inches and the body size is larger and this is good because of the deeper tone that comes with it. It also makes for more volume. The sound will always remain outstanding and you can easily recognize it.

Furthermore, the model comes with the most wonderful sound because of the top quality Hawaiian Koa on its top, sides as well as back. The natural gloss finishing is equally striking. When it comes to beauty, it is outstanding and the abalone binding, as well as rosette, are some of the outstanding beauty attributes. It is not only beautiful to behold; the product is also beautiful to hear.

When it is played the tune is not only deep but it is always in tune. It was well inspected before it was shifted and it ensures that it satisfies the demand of the market. There are other outstanding features that set the product apart from similar products out there.


  • *This comes with select Hawaiian wood which is good for the body and top of this musical instrument.
  • *The abalone binding and quality rosette on the top enhance the sound quality.
  • *This also comes with Grover chrome tuners.


  • Poor fret.
  • Some users are concerned with the sound quality.

5. Electric Acoustic Ukulele Solid Spruce 23 Inch Concert Ukulele Uke Hawaii Guitar

Electric acoustic Ukulele is one of the best concert ukuleles for beginners. It comes with solid spruce and this helps in the product’s sound quality. The sound is sustainable and it is bright enough and full sound. Furthermore, it comes installed with EQ and because of that, it makes it easier for the instrument to be played like an electric guitar.

The product does not come with a scratch hand. This hand makes it easy to hold it smoothly and with this, you can easily play the ukulele very well and comfortably. Most importantly, it is composed of a bone nut and saddle. Because of the lossless sound transmission.

This enriches sound quality. It also comes with Aquila string and the high quality as well as a prestigious string made from Italy makes the product outstanding. It makes for better intonation and stronger vibration. This user-friendly best concert ukulele for beginners under $300 is one of the best for beginners and it comes with the necessary instructional materials that can help begin using it.


  • * High-quality Aquila string.
  • *Easy to use.
  • *The sound quality is outstanding.
  • *Comes with all the necessary beginner features.


  • *Annoying buzz sound.
  • *A customer complained of poor packaging.

6. Martin C1K Concert Ukulele Natural

Another high-quality concert ukulele for beginners under $100. The size is that of a concert body which means that it will be suitable for beginners. Furthermore, this is designed with the finest quality solid Hawaiian Koa top, sides, and back. It comes with wonderful features beginners want to perfect their skill. Furthermore, it consists of a select hardwood neck as well as a dovetail neck joint.

Furthermore, high quality sating lacquer is another great beginner feature available with this product. To ensure that you travel with ease using this product, it comes with a gig bag. This does not only protect it from damage, it makes it easier to move it from one place to another place. This brand is one of the best and it makes the list because of the quality.


  • *Beautiful product.
  • *Affordable price.
  • *Superior sound quality.
  • *Easy for beginners.


  • Great sound quality, users are satisfied with the product and there is no complaint so far about this musical instrument.

7. Mitchell MU70 12-Fret Concert Ukulele Natural

It is another concert ukulele for beginners, and the top is composed of laminated spruce. The other sides of it are composed of laminated rosewood. Besides, the inlay patterns are composed of mother of pearl mini dots. The tuners are composed of a traditional buttons and the binding is composed of white and abalone purfling. These are great features that make them comfortable for beginners. The quality is the best and it is one of the most affordable.


  • *Great quality for beginners.
  • *Beautiful look.
  • *Great sound.
  • *Affordable.


  • Tuners are not tight.
  • Fewer flaws.

8. FLEA Ukulele (NATURAL, Concert) + FREE CASE

One of the finest products in the market. this US-made FLEA concert ukulele is one of the most reliable in the market. It is a genuine product and a natural finish makes it very attractive and improved sound quality. This product features a hard maple neck as well as Grover tuners. The soundboard is equally outstanding.

Moreover, the concert scale as well as the wider fret spacing makes it easy to play the musical instrument. The product is also one of the most durable in the market. Thanks to the polycarbonate fingerboard as well as the molded body. It can upstand for a long time. This product is more than the ordinary, the superior quality design stands it apart from others out there. It is very simple and easy to setup. It comes with all key features and the sound quality is very outstanding.


  • *Easy to master for beginners.
  • *Superior quality sound.
  • *Came with a big bag for travel purpose.
  • *Portable.


  • It is a great product and users are happy with the performance

9. Kohala, 4-String Ukulele, Right-Handed (AK-C)

The last but the least of the best concert ukulele we are reviewing here is the Kohala. It is composed of 4 string and it is also right-handed. This model is concert-sized and composed of 18 frets. Furthermore, the easy playability is one of the key features. There is nothing like an extensive learning curve before you can use this product.

Furthermore, it features a die-cast tuners. If you are looking for a smart beginner concert ukulele, you can always think of this product. It comes with all the important accessories which will help you to use the product. It is designed with the finest quality eastern mahogany wood, and this improves tones coming out of the system.


  • *It is a smart and clear product.
  • *It is handcrafted and designed with the best quality materials.
  • *This is great for beginners and experienced users.
  • *It is affordable.


  • Fewer complaints about the product. It is a sign that users are happy with the sound quality and durable design.

10. Kala KA-C Mahogany Concert Ukulele Bundle

Kala is the maker of a high-end concert ukulele. This model is great because it is designed for beginners in mind. It is composed of high-quality mahogany wood which greatly enhanced the sound quality and the tune. For travelers, this features a gig bag that you can use to travel with the product.

Besides it comes with the most useful accessories especially Austin Bazaar instructional DVD and polishing cloth. The model is attractive and comes with every feature you require for customized use.

You can start playing with the tool right from the box. It features a digital tuner and you can monitor what you do and perfect your skill in real-time. This is recommended for every learner.


  • *Concert size ukulele.
  • *Features mahogany body and neck.
  • *Features instructional DVD for fast learning.
  • *Wonderful bundle deal.


  • Some users complained it is not worth it.
  • Check to ensure you make the correct order.

Best concert ukulele under $100

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

This is a wonderful and great concert ukulele for beginners under $100. It is 15cm and features a mahogany top, back as well as sides. The design makes it very attractive. Perhaps the most outstanding attribute of this product is the abalone rosette. Furthermore, the satin finishing makes it a very attractive and wonderful beauty to behold. Beginners and students find this product interesting.

The rich and bright sound is an exemplary quality that stands this model apart from other designs out there. This model is very easy to tune. The playing quality can hardly compare with any other product you can think of. The abalone feature apart, the model features silver tuners, sleek design as well as pearl buttons. If you are looking for the best concert ukulele for beginners under $100, think of this product.


  • *Concert size ukulele.
  • *Made of mahogany sides, back and top.
  • *Abalone style rosette makes it great for beginners.
  • *Satin finish is attractive.


  • A few users complained of the quality.
  • The setup might not be easy.

Kala 1KOA-T Elite Tenor Ukulele Satin Natural

This sells below $100 and it is made of the best quality solid Hawaiian wood which is composed of the back, sides as well as the top. The other interesting feature is the Koa Fingerboard width as well as the Indian rosewood bridge.

It is one of the most durable and comes with the most fantastic features. UV finish makes it safe to be used in the home and so on.


  • *Composed of the best mahogany and Hawaiian woods.
  • *This can boast of modern UV finishing.
  • *Very friendly to the environment.
  • *Outstanding quality.


  • *No negative reports so far.
  • *You have real value for your money.

Best concert ukulele under $300

There is a wide range of concert ukulele under $300. This means that you do not need to spend your whole money before you can gain access to the product. Here are some of the best products you can buy at that cost.

Luna Tattoo Mahogany Soprano Pineapple Ukulele Bundle

This is of Soprano size, and one of the best recommendations for beginners. It comes with user-friendly accessories and you can begin to use it out of the box. For portability, the product comes with a gig bag which you can use to move it from one place to another. It is also durable and easy to use. It comes with the most fantastic features.


  • *Beautiful and great sounds.
  • *portable because of the carry bag.
  • *Comes with learning and beginner instructional materials.
  • *This affordable.


  • Sound problem.
  • Durability question.

Electric Acoustic Ukulele Solid Spruce 23 Inch Concert Ukulele Uke Hawaii Guitar

This is another great ukulele for beginners playing instruments. Its sound quality is the most important asset. Comes with EQ that helps a lot in improving the sound quality. Playing this tool is not difficult and it is pretty easier to be played with an electric guitar. Besides, it comes with other wonderful features that stand it out for beginners. To facilitate the learning process, it features instructional materials that can assist you to master it professionally.


  • *Superior quality string.
  • * User-friendly design.
  • *Outstanding sound quality.
  • *Comes with the most useful features.


  • *Poor packaging problem.
  • *Disappointing buzz sound.

Ultimate Buying Guide of a Best concert ukulele

What is a concert ukulele?

A concert Ukulele is one of the four types of Ukulele which has been in existence since 1920; it is ranked the second in size after the Soprano Ukulele. The larger size and longer scale of the concert Ukulele enables it to provide more volume and sustain a much fuller sound when played. The longer and wider neck of this Ukulele also makes them sound great for chords and playing notes. The concert Ukulele measures approximately 58cm or 23inches in length. It is well sized so that they can easily fit in the palms of a person hand.

The concert Ukulele is beginner friendly due it is bigger size and produces brighter sound that resembles the traditional Ukulele. Its size makes it a more preferred choice of Ukulele than the Soprano and the Tenor by players and it has also been deemed to be a versatile instrument than either.

Best Materials for best concert ukulele for beginners

Very many different types of woods to construct concert Ukulele depending on the Luthier and company. The most common material that is used to make Ukulele is Koa which originates from the Ukulele native makers Hawaii, Koa is known to be the best as it produces a very balanced tone. Though, it is a bit expensive it is the best material for the best concert Ukulele for beginners who are not on a budget as it will give quality results and will last longer.

Another preferred wood for a concert Ukulele is Mahogany; it is also another best material for best concert Ukulele for beginners. This brand is preferred because it is dark in tone and is mostly used for the concert Ukulele necks. It is important to consider the type of wood even if it’s a beginner because it will influence the quality of sound. If a beginner is looking for a more affordable Ukulele then they should settle for Mahogany because it is price friendly.

Apart from these two woods some Luthier constructs their Concert Ukulele from Maple which is also good as it is hard dense and produces perfect fretboards and bridges. So, if a beginner wants to buy a concert Ukulele it will depend mostly on their budget but the best material is Koa.

Factors to Consider When Buying the best concert ukulele for beginners

Nowadays there are very many concerts Ukulele in the market, some are quality and others are not. There are various factors that should be taken into consideration so as to purchase the best concert Ukulele for beginners.

1. Wood

When buying a concert Ukulele the number one factor that a beginner should consider is the wood used in construction. This is important because the type of wood used affects the sound and tone produced by the Ukulele.

For the Ukulele to produce the perfect sound and be long-lasting it has to be made from good wood. Concert Ukulele constructed from KOA wood gives the best sound and are very durable even though they are a bit expensive they will be worth every dime spent on them.

2. Budget/ Price

The amount of money is also another factor to consider when buying a Concert Ukulele. Cheap doesn’t always mean low quality, so when looking in the dimensions of price the beginners should be vigilant so as not to be duped into buying poor quality instruments that are cheap $75 dollars so doing research well before settling for a concert Ukulele will be imperative. If buying on a budget then consider concert Ukulele made of Mahogany, they produce a beautiful sound and are pocket friendly.

3. Size

Concert Ukes are perfect for beginners in terms of size; they have a wider fretboard which makes them easy to play. Considering the size is very important because some can be very tricky to use, the concert Ukulele is very beginner friendly in terms of use.

4. Sound

The sound produced by a concert Ukulele is largely dependent by the kind of material wood that is used in making them. If there is need for the perfect sound then a concert Ukulele made from KOA wood should be considered or mahogany which is also fairly good. The Concert Ukes have deeper tones and their longer necks enable them to hit wider ranges of notes.

5. Fretboard material

A fretboard is the long part covered by strings in a Ukulele. Mostly, the fretboard is made with the same material that is used on the rest of the other parts of the concert Ukulele, this is perfect because it will produce good sound and also for aesthetic reasons.

However, if the body is made from softwood then the fretboard should be made from a much harder and studier wood material, this is because a simple strain or chip of the fretboard of a concert Ukulele can destroy the integrity of the instrument and thus low-quality tone and sound. Therefore when a beginner is buying they should a Concert Ukulele that is made from one type of wood so as to keep it sturdy.

What are the best concert ukuleles?

Luna Tattoo

The Tattoo Ukulele is ranked among the best concert Ukes, its design resembles the traditional Hawaiian body which is tattooed in black against brown body cover. It is mahogany build which makes produce best sound .Its layout and pattern are geometric and has multiple shapes and symbols, it also comes with a branded travel bag.

Cordoba 15 CM Concert Ukuleles

Cordoba is also another perfect choice of a concert Ukulele; this among the most popular particular brand has been produced since 1997 and has a very strong reputation for making quality instruments that produces sound great. The Cordoba 15cm is the most popular among Cordoba models and is known its traditional appearance, great sound and quality. Its body is made of Mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard that has 18 frets in total.

Martin C1K

The Martin Ukulele brand has been the top Ukulele brand for over one hundred years, so buying this brand means getting quality. It has a traditional Koa tone makes it fantastic and produces a very rich and bright sound. It is designed with Koa sides, back, top with a longer fretboard which makes it easier to play especially for bigger hands.

Kohala KO-C

Kohalo KO-C series can also be ranked as the best concert Ukulele for beginners; it is very good budget pick for people who look for affordability. Kohalo KO-C series ukulele is robust and full sized with very good projection. It is made of mahogany and is very popular among intermediate and beginner concert Ukulele players.

Ranch Concert Ukulele 23 inch Professional Wooden

The Ranch concert Ukulele is also another perfect choice of concert Ukulele; it is designed with a sapele top, sides and back. It comes as a set that has a gig bag, digital tuner with a battery, extra strings, polishing cloth and a strap.


1. Is a concert Ukulele good for a beginner?

The concert Ukulele is a very suitable instrument for a beginner to learn on, it Is smaller in size and thus much easier than the larger size Ukulele. The strings on the Concert Uke are easily reachable and not much flexing of fingers will be needed when learning to play.

2. Which wood has the best concert Ukulele?

The type of wood that a Concert Ukulele is made of can greatly influence the tone and sound that it will produce. So, if looking into buying one then one should consider the wood that is made from. Some of the best woods that are known for perfect sound Concert Ukulele include:

KOA-A type of Acacia tree which is only found in Hawaii, it is traditional choice and the best for making Ukes

Mahogany-a perfect hardwood that has been used for centuries to make not only concert Ukes but many others instruments. Others include spruce, Mango, Zebrawood among others.

3. How do I tune a concert Ukulele?

The most common tuning for a Concert Ukulele Is GCEA, which is a also referred as ‘reentrant C tuning” this is because its G string is always tuned one Octave higher than what is normally expected.

4. How do I hold a concert Ukulele?

The ways of holding the Ukulele is varied with different factors, like whether you are standing or sited when playing, whether you are male of female and the hand size. If sited it is good to balance the Concert Ukulele between your legs or one your thighs, if standing hold in between the forearm of your body and also on the underside of the fretting hand.

5. Is the concert Ukulele easy to learn?

There is no definite answer to this question because normally the learning of playing an instrument is dependent on the dedication and interest that the learner has and the work they will put on it.

6. How much does a good concert Ukulele cost?

The cost of a good Ukulele is also one of the most frequently asked questions by beginners. A Ukulele can even be as cheap as $25 but the catch is the quality not the cost. When looking for a good Concert Ukulele it is good to consider buying a somewhat expensive one that is of good quality. Cheap Ukes might have cheap tuning pegs and cheap string which may make it difficult to stay in tune.

7. Is it important to learn how re-stringing a concert Ukulele for a beginner?

It is important to learn how to re-string a Concert Ukulele because you never know when your Ukulele might break a string and also the Concert Ukulele that are always in constant use needs to maintained by restrung every six months.

8. What is the minimum age requirement for a beginner to learn how to Play a concert Ukulele?

For most instruments interest is what drive the urge to learn to play the concert Ukulele, but the minimum age for beginning to learn how to play is 6 years because then a child has more awareness.

9. Are plastic concert Ukuleles inferior to wooden concert Ukuleles?

Plastic Ukuleles are mostly used in places where the conditions does not favor wood.

10. What are the best strings for a Concert Ukulele for a beginner?

When buying a concert Ukulele it is good to go for strings that are durable, smooth and give great tone, there are many strings in the market but the nylgut strings are considered to be the best.

11. Is a concert ukulele good for beginners?

The concert Ukulele is good for beginners because it is quite simple to learn, it is constructed in such a way that it has a longer neck and wider fretboard which makes them easy to play and learn. It also has a perfect size which can easily fit on the palms of a learner hand and also it producers’ brighter sounds that was produced by the traditional Ukulele. The choice of Ukulele for beginners is dependent on many factors.

12. What is the best ukulele for a beginner?

A beginner can either choose between the Soprano and Concert Ukulele, this is because they are both of suitable sizes and easier to play than the other bigger Ukuleles.

Soprano Ukulele is portable, small and affordable which makes them popular among beginners. These Ukulele are also mostly for kids. They also have a higher pitch due to their small size.

The concert Ukuleles is bigger than the Soprano and produce mid-range bass sound; these are suitable for adult beginners.

13. Do I want a soprano or concert ukulele?

The Soprano and Concert Ukulele do not have so much difference; the Soprano is a bit smaller in size and is mostly suitable for beginners because they are easier to play. There are a lot to consider before getting either of the two like sound, the soprano has more pitched brighter sound than the Concert Ukulele. Another factor is also size, the choice should be based on the size of your hands, soprano Ukulele are mall and hence suitable for people with small hands especially children. In order to choose either the above factors should be consider.

Some Final Words:

The concert Ukulele is a very suitable for beginners; they come in different types, prices and quality though and when choosing one that is perfect sufficient research knowledge on Ukulele should be done to establish a company that produces the best.

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