Best Strings For Cello: The Ultimate Guide In 2020

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Best Strings For Cello


Cellists are known to spend more time than the violinists with their instruments. This is due to the difference in their easy combination of strings. Cello strings are getting popular every single day. But the problem comes in when you want to find the right cello string for yourself. Having the best strings for your instrument especially best strings for cello is very essential. This will even make a beginner look like a pro.

Choosing the best strings for cello in 2020

Name of the Cello StringsRecommended For
1.  LarsenIntermediate/Expert
2.  Thomastik versumIntermediate/Expert
3.  Pirastro – ObligatoIntermediate/Expert
4.  D’Addario- hellicoreBeginner
5.  PrimBeginner/ Intermediate/Expert
6.  JargarIntermediate
7. Pirastro PassioneExpert
8. WarchalIntermediate/Expert
9.  Pirastro evah pirazziIntermediate/Expert
10.  Thomastik-Infeld SpirocoreBeginner/Intermediate
11.  Thomastik-Infeld – DominantBeginner/Intermediate
12.  MeranoBeginner

It should be known that cello strings can last up to a year so long as you have high-quality strings. Different strings are made from different materials, this will bring different qualities even if the maker is the same. Below are some of the best cello strings that you can choose to have for your cello.


This is one of the most popular strings known among the cellists. This is the string that is made in Denmark. It has a steel core hence one of the best. This is because it is known to produce one of the best tones due to the steel core.larsen are known to be bright. They are also popular due to the full-bodied thus making them one of the best cello strings for your cello.

Larsen has been highly reviewed by cellists around the world. Furthermore, Larsen released new magnarcore strings which is the best replacement of spiracles. Larsen becomes the best when it comes to the quality of the string and also the tone that it can produce.

Thomastik versum

This is another set of strings that are so great. The core is made up of steel spirals hence it will provide one of the best sounds. These strings are sturdy enough therefore it provides you with a humble time of playing it. You can practice using these strings for a long time without getting bored.

The strings are known to produce a high-quality sound that will not bother the audience. The strings are a bit costly but they will prove to you how your cello can be versatile. If you aim in improving your cello skills, then these strings will surely get you to the next level of your playing.


These strings are made with a synthetic core in their G, D, and also the C strings. This is the best alternative to steel core strings. They don’t last the same but their quality is unquestionable. They are known due to the quality sound they produce. Its soloistic sound is so great. If you want a perfect alternative for your steel cello strings then this will offer better results.

The good thing is that these strings are braced with tungsten thus allowing better stability on the lower end of your instrument. If you love the string core then you can opt for the obligato that has a medium steel core A-strings.

D’Addario- hellicore

These are the best strings that are also affordable. These are the cello strings that sound great fro. The bottom to the top. These cello strings have a lower tension hence making them easier when depressing. Since these strings will sacrifice some power that the lower tension offers. Then this power can be used for other strings. The hellicore strings are good when in the higher on the fingerboard.


This is another affordable choice when it comes to the cellist. These strings are good for all levels of the strings. This tone is great for bright and also the warm tone. These strings are so great for orchestral and even chambers ensembles. They are known to be the most popular choice when it comes to folk style music. This is due to their quick response and also the low cost.

They are also known for their durable nature hence easing the tuning double stops. these strings are made from a solid steel core. It is also wounded with chrome steel. They are the best affordable strings that are prefdered by most cellists.


These are the other affordable cello strings in the market. They are also the best strings that one could get. They are k own to be great and also responsive. Jagars are known to produce some of the complex sounds that you can get. If you require the complex sounds, then this will offer excellent results. It has its silver sound line which is so great.

This is a string made by the skilled string makers. The core has been made with a flexible steel core. It is one of the best strings which produces a well-balanced tone and it is also very easy to play. The strings are known due to their distinguished sound in every genre of music.


It is one of the best strings with a balanced complexity and also stability. The passion G and C strings are gut. These strings are made from steel. This makes it durable it is known to be warmer than the metal core strings. It has a good response and also the great power projection. The transition to the upper registers is so smooth.

It is also an affordable set of strings that offers a great sound projection. It is used by a good number of cellists due to their exciting features. Its quality is also good and it can last a good period. Its power projection is also huge hence they are the best set of cello strings.

Warchal cello strings

These strings are made of a synthetic core. It also features a medium gauge that will produce a full and also a rich sound. When it comes to tension, they are known to be softer than the metallic strings. The soft tension enables the strings to work amazingly especially if you want a softer side of playing. For the strings to reach their full potential, you have to give them a 3 to 4 days span.

If they don’t sound well the first time you play them just be patient a bit. After a few days, you will love the sound projection of these strings. They are the best synthetic strings in the market. If you want a softer playing ability then these strings are the perfect type for you.

Pirastro evah pirazzi

These strings might make you fall in love with them. This is because they have a variety of strings with each string having a specific sound projection. These sets will make you enjoy a versatile instrument. These are the strings that are said to be the most coveted set. The strings gs have been made with a synthetic core hence offering a quick response. It also gives the ability to be played with ease.

Some cellists have said these strings produce a louder sound so if you are looking for the set with a louder sound then this is the best for you. They are the best set of strings with great quality and they are also durable. It also offers a broad dynamic range and a sweet sound projection.

Full set high-quality cello strings

They are steel core cello strings. It is ideal for those who are learning to play the cello. It is also great for improving the existing skills that you have. They have a great ability to produce a warm sound. They are resistant strings that you can get. Its price is also an affordable one.

Resistant nature enables it to withstand the learning process. This is why these strings are very ideal for learning. This set of strings has different sounds and also the sharpness. This will help you in developing your cello style of playing.

Best cello strings combinations

1Spirocore TungstenSpirocore TungstenLarsenLarsen
2Spirocore TungstenChromcorChromcorLarsen
4Evah PirazziEvah PirazziLarsenLarsen
5Spirocore SilverSpirocore SilverLarsenLarsen
6HelicoreHelicoreEvah PirazziEvah Pirazzi

Best cello strings: Buying guide

Best Cello Strings

Choosing a cello can be a daunting task especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. They form the largest group in the strings family which implies you need to be precise in what you want. I have provided some factors that you need to consider before you buy one.

Cello categories

Before you begin buying cello it is important to understand that it comes in various categories which include professional, intermediate, and student. This depends on the expert level. Therefore you can take the student if you’re a beginner or intermediate if you are at least you have some skills. Professional is for the experts those who have mustard its craftsmanship and they can play cello professionally.

String type

Cello has two types of strings; steel and nylon. The string that you choose depends on quality and durability. For instance, nylon strings are flexible and comfortable hence it can facilitate an effective learning process .they are also durable and offers finger comfort. On the other hand, still, string types are a little bit difficult to play but they produce louder volume and bow response than their counterparts.

The material

The material used is a very important consideration that you should also focus on before you choose to buy one. the top parts should be made using spruce wood for durability and beauty. Marple can be used on the sides of the neck and the back. Additionally, ensure that and pin is adjustable and the tuning pegs are made using ebony. There are other quality woods such as boxwood and rosewood which can also be used to enhance durability and appearance.


Cellos come in various sizes that is why it is important to choose the right size. Therefore to use a full-sized cello you should be at least 5ft tall. However, if a child is under 5 feet they are other smaller sized sellers that are comfortable for them .you can choose a ¾ size cello or ½ size cello depending on the comfort and the size of the child.


Thickness is also another important factor that you should also consider because these cello strings come in various gauges which determines the sound produced. Therefore, thicker strings are better because they provide a rich and full sound.


Just like any other device you need to have a good budget so that you can buy one with the best products in the market that will meet your needs. You can find the strings for less than $100 for a full set to $200 depending on your budget.


Having a cello is great but also the strings have a great way of springing your cello to life. Selecting the best strings is essential for cello playing. Also, know what you want to achieve with your cello to find the perfect strings. The above strings gs are some of the best set and it will be great if you tried them.

Best Cello Strings: FAQs

Q: How are cello strings made ?

The concept of making these strings is to ensure they are flexible and they can vibrate properly. This is because of flexibility and enhances proper tuning and responsiveness to ensure the vibration modes are effective to provide a harmonious sound as they respond to the bow.

Q: What are cello strings made of ?

In the past cello strings were made using the intestines of sheep, goats but due to modern innovation, the strings are made using metallic materials such as chrome, titanium, aluminum, and silver .others are made using synthetic products to enhance the volume and durability.

Q: How to tighten cello strings ?

Tightening the cello strings is a straight forward process that requires you to turn the peg in an anti-clockwise direction and you will notice there is some tightening of the strings.

Q: Why are cello strings expensive ?

Cello springs are expensive compared to the ordinary guitars because of the materials and the process used in making them. Besides, the pricing of the strings depends on the skill level because professional tends to be more expensive than the beginners due to additional features and quality levels.

Q: Where can I buy cello strings ?

Cello springs are available in both local and online stores. the most important thing is to ensure that you are buying them from a certified and authorized dealer who complies with the manufacturer policies and warranties. This is to ensure that you are in a position to purchase a quality product that will serve you for long.

Q: Why do cello strings break ?

Cello strings can also break if it is not properly maintained because majority or breakages occur when the tuner pinches the strings causing breakages.

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